Her Father’s Daughter

Her father’s daughter

Everyone thought I had gone crazy when the news of my marriage to honourable spread like wild fire.

But, I didn’t blame them…like, what else would they think was the reason a 26 year old beautiful daughter of a politician found solace in the arms of a 68 year old man?. They knew it was never for the money , because dad is well-to-do.

But the truth was that I married him because I couldn’t find a better way to punish my ex and my sister.

I believe Charles was going out with my younger sister after I have found the both of them in a compromising position in the living room one afternoon. I was shocked and disappointed at my sister.

My major problem those days was my ego. I never apologize to anyone, no matter who you are, even if I discovered I was wrong.

I had gone to the hospital that day to do a test because I was feeling sick. I was so excited when the pregnancy result came out positive and couldn’t wait to break the news to my fiance.

Since I forgot my phone at home, I drove straight to his office but was told he left an hour before. I drove down to his house and he wasn’t home either. So I decided to go home and make use of my phone instead.

But on getting home, I found him and my sister together in the living room. I think he was about to kiss her when I bagged in on them.

My sister stood up immediately.

“sister, welcome, how did it go?.

“Babe, where did you leave your phone, I have been calling you all day, I even had to leave office to come here and check on you”. Charles was explaining, coming close to me but before he could get any closer, I gave him a resounding slap.

Like what was he thinking?, that I’m blind or what?.

“sister, what have you done?”. My sister screamed.

I dropped my handbag on the couch and went after her but she escaped and ran all the way up the stairs. I took my handbag and went after her, leaving Charles still holding his cheek and staring at me in disbelief.

I didn’t bother looking for her when I went upstairs because I knew she must have locked herself in her room…as usual. I did too.

Mum left us.. or rather, dad kicked her out of the house when I was 4 and my sister was just an infant. As we grow, he explained that our Mom cheated and would never be forgiven.

So we grew under our dad and a live-in caregiver

As a child, I used to ask dad to get us a mother.

“All my friends have mom”. I had cried, innocently.

But he kept promising.

Now, we are adults, we don’t talk about that anymore, we have gotten used to living without a mother. And I think we’re better off with each other and dad by our side.

Laura took me as a mum, and I in return treat her as my daughter.

We have shared so much together in the past and now she may be thinking I will also share my man with her?. I’d rather leave him for her…

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Story by ⛔ Joy Ifunanya

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