Her Father’s Daughter episode 3

Episode 3

Her Father’s Daughter

After Charles left, I went to my room to cry, with my face buried in the pillow.

I loved Charles so much and I felt bad that hurt him…like, why did I not go down to him earlier and make him understand that I never had the intention of throwing that glass at him?, why did I not at least say ‘sorry’?. I wished I could pick my phone and text him or even call him to explain everything to him, but I can’t…. I just can’t

I heard my door open but I did’n’t turn to know who it was.

“Sister, I’m sorry to say this, but you’re wicked, how could you throw a glass cup on a man you claimed to love just because of misconception?, do you want to kill him?… That was Laura’s voice.
…. it’s high time you stopped this attitude, I have tried so much to explain things to you but you won’t listen, you just want to use your hands and spoil your beautiful relationship, you better stop this now before it becomes too late”.

After that, the door slammed again, louder this time. She was gone.

She may be making some points, but I’m definitely not taking any advice from her. After all, she was the cause of everything.

When I didn’t receive any calls or texts from Charles after waiting for three whole days, I became more worried.

I cannot call him now and tell him I’m pregnant and I wouldn’t want dad or Laura to find out too, I know I had to do something before it is too late.

Abortion was never an option for me.

I sat in the living room that afternoon trying to cool off when honourable entered.

Honorable has been a regular face in our house as he and my dad were friends.

Immediately he walked in, a very wicked idea crept into my head…so wrong .

He was married but his wife died some years earlier, leaving him with a son and daughter who were out of the country then.

I started fantasizing starting something with him immediately. I knew he wanted me.. after all, he had once made advances at me in the past but ended up receiving the insults of his life from me.

I smiled seductively at him and it didn’t take long before he fell for it.

After his meeting with dad, he fixed another with me . And that was it.

Before the end of that week, I was already jumping in and out of bed with him. No one suspected anything, not even my sister

Two weeks later, I broke the news of my pregnancy to him.

He was scared when I asked him to let my dad know about us.

The first time he made his intentions known to my dad, he ended up being thrown out of the house that day.

I decided to do it myself.

“Dad, I have something I have been keeping from you for a while now… I paused
… the thing is, Charles and I are no longer together…we have decided to go our separate ways”. I continued.

Dad was shocked.

He lowered the volume of the television and sat up on the couch.

” I don’t understand, you have broken up with who?, Charles?, for what reason?, and why now..after the engagement?”.

I put my hands together and murmured something which only I can understand.

” Dad, I found out that I no longer have feelings for him and I thought it better if we split now before it’s too late”. I lied.

Dad stared directly into my eyes as though he was going to see the whole truth in there. I looked away immediately.

“Honey, you know you’re not telling me the truth, what actually happened between Charles and you?, did he cheat?”.

I shook my my.

“Dad, there is nothing… but the good news now is that I have found someone else, someone my heart beats for, someone who…”

“Regina!. He cut me short.
…. don’t tell me you’re seriously breaking up with a guy you have known for more than five years just because of some gold digger you came across recently”

I shook my head

“No, dad, he is not a golddigger, I have known him all my life and you do too”. I explained.


“Honorable Ferdinand”. I muttered.

At this point, Laura came down to join us.

Dad couldn’t believe he heard me well. So to be sure his ears were not deceiving him, he demanded that I rephrase. I did, louder this time.

He brought his hand close to my neck to check my body temperature.

“Laura, what is wrong with Gina?, did you hear what she is saying,?”. He asked, still in shock.

Laura was even more shock than he was because she was aware of the fight I have had with honorable long ago.

“Dad, you have to agree to this marriage because…. I’m already pregnant for him”.

And that was the end of the meeting that night. Because dad, rose and hurried out of the living room , all the way up the stairs, after my last statement.

From the way he left, I knew he was going to do something to honorable, but I was sure it would not go passed police arrest.

Laura too stared at me in disbelief for a while before she walked after him.

I knew I wasn’t taking the right steps but what could I have done?. Should I say…my ego has overcome my sense of reasoning, all I needed was how to get out of this mess without being seen as a weakling.

To be honest, I have no atom of feelings for honorable, my heart yearns for Charles’ love alone , but I cannot bring myself down to accept defeat… too bad

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Story by ⛔ Joy Ifunanya

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