Her Father’s Daughter episode 2

Episode 2

Her Father’s Daughter

I stayed indoor all day, crying out my heart. I couldn’t believe my own little sister would do such to me.

Laura came knocking and calling on my door many times but I didn’t respond.

The only time I left my room was when I heard dad’s car honked on the gate later in the evening.

I didn’t wish to spoil his day with my mood so I quickly entered the bathroom to wash after which I applied some makeup before coming out of the room.

Laura was leaning on my door when I came out of the room. She tried to hold me but I brushed my hand away and walked passed her all the way downstairs.

“Please, sister, don’t say anything to dad”. She said, running after me.

Well, I didn’t tell. Not because she pleaded, but because I never planned to. I knew my dad must definitely have Charles arrested that very night if I had opened my mouth to to say what my eyes saw. And I didn’t want that.

That night, our dinner was taken with unusual silence. I had no appetite but had to force myself to eat for my father.

He noticed our unusual quietness but we smiled over it when he demanded to know what the problem was.

I stayed with dad for a while in the living room after dinner before going up to my room. Laura was already seated on the bed when I entered.

“Leave my room!”. I commanded, using one hand to hold the door open for her.

She stood up and came closer to me. But instead of leaving, she pushed the door closed and lean on it.

“Please, sister, you have to listen to me. She paused.
…I know what you’re thinking now, but you have to believe me, there’s nothing going on between brother Charles and I, he was only playing with me when you entered, there is nothing more to that”. She continued.

“You’re done, right?, now leave”. I said.

She shook her head.

“Sister, you have to believe me, you’re only imagining things, even if you can’t trust your fiance, you should at least trust your sister”.

“Laura, please, leave”. I said again, trying hard to control my anger

She finally opened the door and left.

I leaned on the door for a while before going to bed.

That night, I couldn’t sleep a wink. My heart was broken. A man I have given a good six years of my life has broken my heart and to think that I was already pregnant for him made it more complicated.

Charles called multiple times that I had to switch the phone off. His voice was the last I wanted to hear that night.

After dad had gone to work the next day, Laura was in my room again, pleading. But this time, I didn’t send her away, I just listened on even though she wasn’t making any sense to me.

Alone, at last I made up my mind to listen to Charles. If not for anything else, at least for the pregnancy which I haven’t spoken to anyone about.

I was resting my hands on the rail in the balcony later in the afternoon, sipping my drink when the gate opened and Charles drove in. I watched him got down from the car, looked up to me for some seconds, before he proceeded in coming into the house.

But something happened… something I didn’t plan.

The glass cup I was holding, slipped off my hand at a very wrong time and of all places, landed on the center of his head just when he was directly under the rails.

I watched him scream in pains, with his hand holding his head. He looked up to me with anger in his face.

“Gina!”. He screamed

At this point, my sister ran out. She was confused initially, seeing him there holding his head with broken pieces of glasses around him. But when she looked up and saw me staring at them, she shook her head.

Just like Charles, she too thought I intentionally did it.

She apologized to him and I watched her walked him back to the car, still muttering something to him.

I watched on as he entered his car and drove off. I didn’t speak. What happened was an accident of which I didn’t know how to explain.

I was pained. But I refused to show it

Charles is the one who owes me an apology and not the other way round. I don’t beg anyone…..

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Story by ⛔ Joy Ifunanya

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