From Frying Pan To Fire episode 4

From Frying Pan to Fire

Episode Four

“Can you help me? I want you to buy rat poison for me. I want to use it tonight. There is a rat disturbing my peace in this room. I want to kill it.” I said to the girl who usually brings me food in the ritual room. She has come again today with her delicious food which always makes me to poop for Master. Master uses my poop with my blood for rituals.

The girl did not answer me as she was quiet as usual. She dropped the tray of food before me and left in silence.

“You there! I’m talking to you.” I shouted as she made to close the door behind her.
“Are you deaf? Why are you not talking to me?” I shouted but she paid me no attention. I grabbed the food and started eating voraciously.

It was rice and stew and it was very delicious. It was almost as if Master instructed the girl to feed me with good food so that I will produce good shit for his money rituals.

As I was eating, the servant girl entered the room again. I looked up in anger. I had started to hate her because she was not talking to me. I reasoned that she hated me too.

“Why are you so mute? Talk to me! I know we are in the same situation. Why are you not speaking? You are making angry and mad.” I said amidst mouthfuls of chicken meat.

“Are you hungry? You can join me. Take some meat.” She was silent again for some minutes and then she started talking.

“I was brought here like you. Master used my blood and poop for rituals for three months before I was brought out of this room. But I was not brought out alive. As he is taking your blood and poop, you will be dying gradually.” She said. As she spoke, her lips moved slowly and her eyelids were not moving like those of a normal human.

“The truth is that I’m actually dead. But Master is still keeping my spirit with his powers. He has refused to release my spirit. Can you help and set my spirit free? I want to go and rest.” The servant girl said. I became afraid. I dropped the food in my hand.

“How do I know you are not lying? How do I know you are telling the truth? How do I know you are not an informant for Master?” I asked. I wanted to be sure.

“Slap me.” The servant girl told me.

“Why should I slap you?” I asked. I was actually confused.

“I said slap me right now.” She said again.
I raised my right hand and delivered a strong slap, but my hand passed through her body as if nothing was in that space. I was shocked. I became more scared.

“Now, do you believe that I’m dead? Do you now believe I’m a spirit?” She asked. I nodded my head.

“The only way to free my spirit is to kill Master and only a human can kill him. Also, the only way to kill him is to attack him when he has turned into a dog to eat your poop. If you can kill him, then we are free. All his powers will be gone.” The servant girl said.

The servant girl put her hand in her pocket and gave me the rat poison that I requested.

“Use it wisely.” She said. This time around, she did not leave the room through the door. She simply disappeared into thin air. I was now more convinced that I was in true danger.

“I have to come out of this alive.” I vowed!

Soon, I started feeling pressed. Poop was knocking down my bom bom. As usual, I pooped into a plate and carefully covered it. I’m now sure that there is charm in the food I was usually served. If not, why did I always ‘shit it out’ immediately after eating? Why is it that I cannot poop any other place except inside a plate? Anytime I felt pressed for poop, it was always as if a force propels me to poop into the plate. It was shocking.

“Now is the time.” I said as quickly brought out the rat poison. I carefully tore it and sprinkled it on the poop inside the plate, and then covered it back. I went back to my sitting position and behaved normal.

Master soon entered the room. Just like he did the previous day, he took the plate of shit, mixed it with my bl0od and then changed into a black dog and started eating. Within a few seconds, he finished the poop.

When he finished, he remained where he was. Soon, he started barking. The dog barked very loudly and then a lot of whitish substance started gushing from his mouth. Soon, the black dog stopped breathing. Master was dead. I did it!

I stood up and started leaving the room. As I got to the door, the servant girl appeared to me.

“Thank you for setting my spirit free. Now, I can go and rest.” She said before disappearing.

“Now, I have another war to fight. I must go and face my Uncle, Roland who put me through this suffering.” I said as I snook out of Master’s compound.

Watch out for episode 5.

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