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    1.The zebra is one of the most surprising animals we have never tamed. In fact, in a sense, it’s quite surprising. After all, horses and donkeys have been tamed by humans for years, and zebras seem to look a lot like them. However, no matter how much effort we make, we can’t tame these animals. This is because zebra behavior is less predictable, they are likely to attack people, and they do not perform well under stress.

    2.Although humans have been using elephants for about 3,000 years, contrary to popular belief, elephants can never be domesticated. The fact that an animal is kept in captivity does not make it domesticated; they have never been tamed in the way that dogs have been. Elephants will always try to escape, and they have even been held in captivity for 12 generations in order to bring them closer to domestication, but have never really succeeded.

    3.Rhinos are huge, and despite being herbivores, they have a fierce temperament and never back down in a fight. This temperament means that rhinos are almost impossible to tame, not to mention domesticate. They are simply unwilling to accept humans as their masters, and if someone gets too close, they may hurt or even kill them. On the other hand, it takes 12 years for them to reach sexual maturity, which adds even more difficulty to breeding and reproduction.

    4.Tigers are not house cats. No matter how many people have tried to tame tigers, they have never really succeeded. Even those who grew up with tigers can’t tame them well. No matter how you look at it, tigers are big and scary animals that can easily deliver a fatal blow to humans, especially when they are hungry.

    5.Pandas seem to be the best animals to domesticate. They are big, but they look super cute. But people have not yet found a way to domesticate pandas. One of the reasons is because there are not enough of them left, there are only about 2,000 of them in the world. You need to have a lot of bamboo to domesticate pandas, they are extremely picky about their food, and pandas can be very troublesome to breed. Of course, as mentioned earlier, this is all impossible to do for modern people because they are protected animals and there are so few of them.

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