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    Under the rain
    Category comedy
    Episode One

    On that faithful day, I had to attend a party. It was my friend’s friend uncle’s birthday, that kind party no
    dey my jurisdiction though but base on sey I dey high one girl for our area and she happens to be a
    cousin to my friend’s friend, so that was what stimulated me to attend the party. But unfortunately for
    me, I wasn’t that prepared but I still wanted to pull that off. Let me give you those reasons why I was not

    I am an I.T student at International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), we resume work at 7:30am
    and close at 4:30pm…….those international Institute hardly leave time for you to rest except weekend.
    Secondly, we just moved into that house, and I got home late the previous day coupled with the fact
    that I have not done any laundry for almost two weeks. I am not as dirty as you are thinking right now,
    because I know you guys would have started having that impression. RAMSEY IS NOT A DIRTY BOY!! It
    was because of the preparation to the new house, and you know I only have little time to prepare
    because of my work place.

    Back to the story, it was raining on that day like I said it started very early in the morning, my friend has
    called me very early that his friend had confirmed that my crush is going to be there. I jump up
    immediately, went outside and knock on our landlady’s apartment, the door was opened by a pretty
    damsel, our landlady’s daughter……her name is Foyinsola, I got to know later in the night because that
    was the first time I am seeing her.
    Foyinsi: good morning, can I help you?
    Me: yes good morning, I am one of the new tenants at the second apartment.
    Foyinsi: oh! Nice meeting you, but hope there is no problem?
    Me: not at all, I just wanted to ask if you know a place I can get soap this early morning.
    Foyinsi: but it is raining, am afraid you have to wait till the rain stops, but if you are in a hurry I can give
    you a sachet of detergent.
    Me: that would be great.

    She went inside and brought out the soap, I collected it but I was so much in a hurry and I couldn’t say
    ordinary thank you. I could hear her saying THIS ONE IS VERY RUDE O! I ignored her and dashed into my
    bathroom and started washing my cloth, including the one I planned to wear to the party later in the
    day, it was an evening event so that gave me the leverage for my cloths to get dried, without knowing
    the adventure that is going to happen afterwards.

    Episode two

    I washed the cloth I planned to put on first, it was still raining heavily outside so I hung it inside the
    bathroom. I finished washing after two hours……this time, the rain has stopped but the weather was still
    cloudy. I went outside to spread the cloths…..i met my landlady’s daughter and I apologised for what
    happened earlier and I explained why but excluding the party part. I told her how kind she was but
    forgot to ask her name.

    Afterwards, I went inside to cook rice and stew, this time it was 11:30am, the food was ready by
    12:30pm. I was the only one at home because my brother travelled the day before for his MSc project at
    UNILAG. After I had eaten, I went outside to check my cloths…..they were getting drained but not fully,
    the thick ones especially the jean trousers. I was relieved so I headed back inside with the aim of drying
    the one I am to wear to the party with iron because our light is very stable. Immediately I got inside and
    laid straight on the chair, I slept off.

    It was an alarm that woke me up after two hours, was still thinking about going outside to check the
    cloths when the rain started again, I quickly ran outside and unhanged my cloths. I ironed the one I was
    to wear to the party as planned and started preparing for the party. It was now 3:45pm, I put a call
    through to my friend and he said its almost time. The rain was still pouring down heavily so I went to
    take my bathe, I got dressed but it was still raining outside. I was reminiscing about the girl I was to hunt
    at the party when my phone started ringing, I picked it up it was my friend calling
    My friend: hello guy, how far?

    Me: I dey o, I don set but the rain still dey pour heavily o
    My friend: yes I know, e dey rain for here too, just manage come cos the girl don arrive o
    Me: wa sere!!……I go look for one umbrella now
    My friend: ok, will be expecting you….bye!
    He hung up, I went inside my bro’s room and I picked up his umbrella, I dashed out not minding the rain
    collaborated with storm and lightning. The adventure begins!!

    Episode 3

    Episode Three

    I stepped out, lock the door but I forgot to do something, you would know as the adventure continues.
    Battle between Me, My Umbrella and The Storm
    As I stepped outside, still by the roadside waiting for taxi. Suddenly, the storm increases it force, it was
    like Centrifugal Force…….i lost my umbrella as a result of the increase of the storm, it was carrying my
    umbrella Centripetally towards a gutter which was full of water, unfortunately for me…..i wasn’t aware. I
    was chasing the umbrella, while dirty water as a result of the rain was busy staining my black chinos
    trouser, I was about to fall inside the gutter before a man shouted; GUTTER MA WA NIBE YEN!!
    (meaning: there is gutter over there), fortunately for me, I still had time to get hold of myself but not too
    fast to catch my runaway umbrella. That was how I lost the umbrella.

    The Taxi Disappointment
    I started getting wet because the rain was still falling but has reduced small. I saw a taxi going towards
    my destination, I entered and gave a sigh then the taxi started moving. I put a call through to my friend
    to inform him that I am on my way. After 15min, the taxi stopped as a result of empty tank. The driver
    quickly picked up his jerry-can and started his hunt for fuel, I was getting angry cos I was running late for
    the party but I kept my calm. About 6min later the driver returned and said he is unable to get fuel so
    we have to look for another taxi, I did not even say anything, just alighted and started looking for
    another taxi. My cloth is getting more wet, I had to run to a nearby shop for the rain to stop because I
    cant afford to get more wet because I have already accepted my fate that I am going to be late for the

    Episode Four

    I got to the party with the help of my former neighbour, he was going towards my destination. I forgot
    to tell you that the party took place at my former area, so the man was on his way home and dropped
    me at my friend’s friend uncle’s house, where the party took place; I guess I was so lucky, but not lucky
    In a nutshell, I got to the party……I called my friend, he told me to enter the compound and I should
    head towards where the tank is. I oblige and headed straight to where the tank is, it was where the
    caterers were running there things (I know you know what I meant). When I got there, I couldn’t find my
    friend so I was about picking up my phone when I felt water on my body, I turned around to confirm
    how and why I got wet again, to my greatest surprise; it was my crush that waterized me accidentally (I

    don’t know if that English is right, I know its not!) I don’t even know if I should be angry or not. she was
    so surprising with the way she reacted;
    Adeboyin: oh! Ramsey, I am so sorry!
    Me: No pressure dear, am ok! (I said to myself; na love water she pour on ur body o)
    Adeboyin: let me get you what you are going to use for the clean-up.
    *She started going inside, I saw my friend coming from another angle of the compound with his friend*
    Me: O boy, see wetin u caused now!
    My friend: wetin happened?
    Me: u know see as I wet?
    My friend: I think sey na rain na
    My friend’s friend: Ramsey, how far na? wetin happened?
    *You know its my former area, so almost everyone at the party knows me and also knows my name….so
    no dey wonder o*
    Me: Na Adeboyin pour water on me
    My friend: kikikikiki!! Na luv water na, sebi na because of her u dey here
    My friend’s friend: na true na, e no even reach the suffer wey Romeo suffer for Juliet matter…where is
    she sef?
    Me: she went to get something dat I can use in cleaning up
    My Friend: dat one na gud tin na, use dat opportunity enter ahm
    Me: before nko……just find me wetin I go put on o, my cloth is out of it.
    My friend’s Friend: ogbeni! Na talk to her he meant o…..no enter my cousin o.
    The three of us were laughing, when my crush started coming towards where we are. My dear Adeboyin

    Episode Five
    I just realised what this girl is putting on, damn!! she looks so beautiful; this is what I was thinking about
    before she said to me:
    Adeboyin: Ramsey, have this towel.

    Me: thanks dear (collecting it).
    Adeboyin: and I am truly sorry for the other time…..
    Me: its all good, am okay……okay?
    Adeboyin: I got you this to change into (handing over a polo top and jean trouser to me), am sure you
    wouldn’t want to step on the dance floor with your wet cloths.
    Me: thank you so much, I appreciate it (checking if it is my size). Wow! It is exactly my size, how did u
    know my size? And besides, who owns it?
    Adeboyin: it belongs to my twin brother
    Me: (surprised and eyes Opened) don’t tell me you are a twin
    Adeboyin: yes I am, you guys don’t know him because he grew up in Ghana
    Me: no wonder…..so I guess we have the same physique?
    Adeboyin: yes…..you even resembles him. But we are not identical twins.
    Me: (this na green light o, I said to my self) for real?
    Adeboyin: yea, and dat is why I am going to the dance floor with you.
    Me: wow! And I will be very glad to have you with me on the dance floor *winks*
    Adeboyin: go change in that room because its almost time.
    Me: ok (I ran inside the room she pointed at)
    After I had changed into what she gave me, I came back to where she was standing and we both went to
    the dance floor holding each other’s hands. See how it worked out, I did not even express my feelings
    before she gave the greenlight. Mission almost accomplished with ease. I guess I did not suffer for

    As we got to the dance floor, my friend and his friend’s eyes were on us, they both were giving me a you
    don finish the job look.
    It went well on the dance floor, I learnt Adeboyin has also been looking forward to get closer to me, just
    because I resemble her twin brother; we later exchanged number and I left the party.
    I had the shock of my life! It was really shocking…..
    I got home, opened the door and dashed inside my room, I almost fainted when I jumped on the bed.
    My bed is full of water including those cloths that I had washed earlier in the morning. I looked at the
    window…..oh! no! I forgot to close the window in the morning before I left in the morning; that is what I

    said that I forgot to do. I got devastated but the thought of Adeboyin came to my head, how it worked
    out between me and her. At least, the trauma wasn’t for nothing. I sighed, smiled to myself and I said:
    Raining Season Trauma

    THE END……

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