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    Meet my friend Andy Dufresne!

    • His wife cheated on him.

    • He was convicted for the crime he never committed.

    • He was imprisoned in Shawshank for two life sentences, after he was convicted of murder of his wife and her lover.

    • When he entered Shawshank, he felt despondent without almost any hope of getting out, these circumstances would certainly break any of us, but not to my friend, Andy.

    • He started closely observing his surroundings, and eventually found a way – The wall of freedom.

    • Andy slowly started chipping-away the wall (with whatever little tool he could arrange).

    • He was beaten, bullied , tortured, and even raped by few of the fellow inmates.

    • Andy never complained. Never revealed his plans even to his closest buddy (Red).

    • Andy went against the crowd, when all his friends were minding their own business at the roof.

    • He took up the risks and even offered to provide solution to the officer on how to get a decent tax-cuts.

    • He even won the trust of the Christian Wardon.

    • All through the ups and downs, he remained stoic. Remained relentlessly persistent – “You either get busy living, or get busy dying.”

    • Finally, after 20 years of persistence, Andy escaped Shawshank.

    • And with that, Andy tunneled away to the freedom, he truely deserved.

    MY BIGGEST  lesson here is

    That, You’re a prisoner of your own mind. No matter what, keep digging.

    Photo by M Shiva on Unsplash

    ~Hope is a good thing~

    Courtesy: Shawshank Redemption , Google Image, Unsplash.

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