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    Adanna 2: Seed Of Adanna.
    Author: Akhigbe Oziegbe

    After considering my encounter with the queen mother of all demons I thought my plight was over only to find out that it was just a starting point…. adanna is gone but obviously her seeds still exist…

    Chapter One
    Sister B: Ozes you don ready finish!
    Me: e remain small oh, time don reach?
    Sister B: e remain ten minutes oh, quick abeg or else you go miss direct motor oh.
    Me: okay ma.

    oh yes I just finish my 1 year IT and it’s time for me to return to school, I don spend one month for my elder sister house time don reach for me to go meet my mates for school, them don resume Tey Tey but the sweet EBA and black soup wey my sister dey cook too sweet for me to leave am, intact as I dey go so I carry full bag of garri, even my sister say make I leave am say I go buy garri there I disagree because once i reach there many things dey wey I go buy, so many many things that I can’t even count though I wrote them down.
    I arrange my files finish for my bag and pocket my phone I put my hang bag on my back and carry my ecolac bag for my right hand.
    Me: sister I don do finish.
    Sister B: na how you wan come take carry this bag of garri?
    Me: I go use wheel Barrow.
    Sister B: who go come carry the ecolac bag?
    Me: you, “I said grinning”
    Sister B: you nor well.
    Me: no worry make I carry the ecolac go park first with wheelbarrow I go come back come carry the ecolac bag.
    Sister B: yeye boy, give me the ecolac bag joor.

    she carry the ecolac bag from my hand while I enter back go carry wheel barrow I carry the bag of garrison outside and put am inside the wheelbarrow, my sister lock door and begin draw the ecolac bag they go while I dey follow her for yashwith my wheelbarrow sweating like mumu, una go dey ask why I dey sweat? well the place I dey carry the wheelbarrow pass na heavy hill so una go understand.
    we reach park come see sweat for my body like say I just finish play 2 hours ball for Emirate stadium, we reach Afuze park by 6Am three motors don move already and the fourth wey wan commot don full already that means I go be first person for the fifth motor chai see badluck, as badluck don start with me this morning I hope no be badluck go follow me reach aba town, I rebuke badluck in Jesus Name Amen.

    I carry my big garrI bag put for boot and bade my sister goodbye, she don give me money already so I nor expect anything from her again, she carry the wheelbarrow and start going home after telling me ten times that I should not kill my battery with games, of course she know say I be game freak and once I don enter bus to portharcourt na to start game sharperly.
    I sit at the front of the station wagon motor (oh yes this one no be car na motor) I plug in my ear phone and begin listen to one latest mixtape wey I download from, the song were so interesting that I didn’t know when our motor full, oh yeah I forget I never pay for my ticket I quickly dash out after putting my bag in my seat so that nobody will seat there, I go meet the yeye girl wey dey give ticket and guess the number wey she give me, number 8 the last person.
    Me: wetin bring this one na, no be me be first person?
    Girl: I nor see.
    Me: idiot.
    Girl: mumu.

    I go back to the motor the yeye girl wey get number one don even remove my bag put for back, I nor blame her joor and I nor get anoda choice so I jejely enter the back sit wey they tight like say na prisoner we be, well thank God say Auchi no far from here within 20 minutes we don reach, as everybody don enter finish the driver start the motor as we drive commot from Afuze town, na Auchi I go follow go portharcourt, then from port to Aba city were my school day, I pray for safe journey mercy oh as I put my ear phone for my ear and begin listen to one song wey them title ” fucck me hard”

    Chapter Two

    I continue listening to music as the motor speed off, before we get to
    Ihievbe police stop us for road and of course they collect fifty naira
    as usual, their daily payment but those guys they enjoy oh, imagine if
    they collect fifty naira for every motor wey they pass by the end of
    the day them don get feeding money be that and at the end of the month
    them carry their salary go use buy land for Otueke, i wonder whether
    them no they sleep wey them go they road by this early morning.
    We enter Auchi and everywhere was lively, i was even surprise to see
    so many people awake by this time of the day, well they really obey
    the word “no food for lazy man” so everybody gat to hussle for food or
    remain in bed with no food.

    Motor drop us for AP filling station so i enter okada go where i go
    enter bus go Portharcourt, i reach there them say #3200, i was
    surprise because last time i check it was #2800 or maybe fuel don
    increase again?
    I paid for the ticket because i have no other choise oh, i nor want
    enter bending bending so its better i just go direct.
    After like ten minutes our bus don full, they charge me extra five
    hundred naira for my garri, as we enter road they go portharcourt i
    look at my left hand and saw Auchi Polytechnic na that school i be wan
    go before but too much wahala too they.
    On our way to portharcourt i took out my phone and call Mercy.
    Mercy: helloo “how i miss that voice”
    Me: lovie lovie “come see as them they look me for inside the bus wey
    they run as if police they pursue am”
    Mercy: sweetie sweetie.
    Me: whats up.
    Mercy: sky is up.
    Me: whats down?
    Mercy: soil is down.
    Me: hehehe and whats middle?
    Mercy: Noun.
    Me: really? Thats new.
    Mercy: how you they, you don enter road?
    Me: yes oh, i just they enter road now.
    Mercy: hmmm safe journey, i they here they wait for you.
    Me: i hope you don clean that room and mob am.
    Mercy: i be your servant?
    Me: no na, but just try na.

    Mercy: if you come you go come wash am, if you want make i they help
    you wash your room come pay for my head.
    Me: haa na sure thing i go do am soon, but why una they cost like that?
    Mercy: na so we meet am and beside we deserve am “for her mind”
    me: hehehe no wahala na im make many of una they old for house by 40
    una still they look for husband.
    Mercy: hahaha na you sabi, the way you dress thats how you will be
    address, so those wey them never marry by forty na their own be that.
    Me: okay oh, prepare something for me.
    Mercy: of course i prepare your favorite.
    Me: that means you don clean the room hahahaha.
    Mercy: na you sabi, ehen what about Adanna are you still seeing her in
    your dream.
    Me: hmmmm thats something we will discuss face to face dear.
    Mercy: okay love please make sure you reach here safely because i have
    alot to tell you and because of that the God i serve will make sure
    nothing happen to you on the highway.
    Me: thanks dear, you gat alot to tell me, whats it about?
    Mercy: just a dream dear i dont want us to discuss it on phone, when
    you come we will talk.

    Me: hmmm i hope is not something i should be worried about.
    Mercy: you dont suppose to be worried of anything because God is
    always watching over us.
    Me: sure and i have you as my prayer warrior so i should not be
    afraid, whether they come by sea, land or air, i nor fear.
    Mercy: thats the spirit, all we need is the faith not just faith but a
    bigger one, and we just have to believe.
    Me: thanks alot.
    Mercy: you welcome dear, where are you now?
    Me: we still in Edo state.
    Mercy: okay goodluck and make sure you sleep.
    Me: sleep, why?
    Mercy: because if you come here i wont allow you to sleep.
    Me: oh fucck.
    I dont like sleeping when traveling i always open my eyes wide to know
    the route we are taking even though the bus is comfortable enough i
    still wont sleep.

    I open my eyes wide as we leave Edo state and enter Delta state, from
    Delta state to Anambra state, from Anambra to Enugu, From Enugu To Imo
    then from Imo we enter the treasure base of the nation oh yes na
    really treasure, because na here all the treasure hide.

    Chapter three

    We reach portharcourt and i stop for where i go see motor go Aba city,
    i cross to the other lane with my garri even though wheelbarrow
    pushers they disturb me make them help me carry my load, i nor gree oh
    i dont have money to pay so i took it by myself.

    I stand for bus stop they wait for all those agberos boys wey call
    themselves drivers, e nor take long before i see one wey they go
    oshisioma for Aba so i enter inside and the fee na 400 naira, as usual
    the bus they rough with old glass wey no they even screw self, the sit
    na joko once you sit down five minutes your yash don they pain you be
    that, no side mirrors and no horn, the bus is painted yellow, is
    hardly you see nice bus going to Aba except all those stingy car
    owners wey nor they gree help fellow country man except you be find
    babe, well i nor blame them sha very soon me too go they drive my own
    hummer jeep.

    i dont even know whats wrong with the driver because him they drive
    nonsense see as him they speed as if na him papa get road, the one
    wey they fear me na the way him they overtake big big motor, and our
    bus no get side mirror or horn oh, i just they pray for my mind make
    we quick reach Aba Make i disappear commot for this yeye motor.
    Conductor: Back sit bring your money.

    Na only that word them sabi talk, their own no they pass money them
    fit die for fifty naira self, you go give them money now and you go
    begin beg them for change again, sometimes self them go they argue say
    them no hold you change, so if i they travel i they always find change
    for house before i enter road oh, no time for trouble cause as you see
    me i be gentle boy wey no like kasala, if you wan know me better go
    meet baba Buhari, i put hand for wallet and give the yeye conductor
    him money, after him don collect all the money finish the driver stop
    for Ibibio and he come down while the conductor enter the drivers sit
    and took off after him don settle the former driver finish, hmm that
    means na the conductor get the bus or maybe him borrow am,
    as we they commot for Portharcourt they enter road to Aba after we don
    pass police checkpoint my phone started ringing in my pocket, i look
    at the screen and i saw my love mercy.

    Me: hello dear.
    Mercy: how far, i don wait for you tire oh.
    Me: no vex we don they come already.
    Mercy: na where una they now?
    Me: we just commot for Portharcourt now, we will reach Aba before six.
    Mercy: okay dear safe journey oh.
    Me: thanks alot, i don reach Aba finish so nothing fit stop me now,
    not even Adanna.
    Mercy: hahahaha stop mentioning her name.
    Me: what? Am not afraid.
    Mercy: oh yeah i know you are not but its better we let the sleeping dog lie.
    Me: okay i wont mention her name again.
    Mercy: better, so do and come am eager to see you.
    Me: me too dear, oyaa throw me kiss na, “i don begin they get
    attention again from people inside the bus”
    Mercy: yeyeboy bye bye joor
    Me: okay lovie
    Mercy: wait please.
    Me: okay whats it?
    Mercy: sweetie please the bus you enter is it painted with yellow colour?
    Me: yes a yellow colour with white stripe lines on its body, how did you know?
    Mercy: sweetheart do me a favor please.
    Me: whats that dear?
    Mercy: please come down from that bus now.
    Me: but why we are already half way?
    Mercy: sweetie just listen to me, get out of that vehicle now i will
    explain things to you later.
    Me: okay i will

    as i drop the phone wanted to call the driver to stop, we were about
    to overtake one big dangote lorry so i open my mouth to speak but i
    cant, it seems like my mouth were locked with key, i try again but no
    success, i try to talk to my neighbour but she don sleep already, i
    dont know what to do and as our driver they try overtake the lorry,
    the back tire of our bus burst and behold our driver hold break at
    once in front of the big lorry, oh dear the mess that happen that day
    is something i cant really explain, the big lorry use its big head
    carry our bus go throway for inside bush, na there i remember reach
    till i go see myself for Abia State University Teaching Hospital
    (Absuth) in Aba sleeping on a patience bed with all my body plastered
    like dead person.


    Chapter Four

    I saw myself in a big hospital with beautiful design, it was dark in
    the night so i cant really capture the colour of the room but i know
    am in a hospital because of the medical equipment and the way i was
    bandage also, i dont know why they off the light oh everywhere come
    they scary, i try to move my leg but i cant because it was as if i
    cant even feel it, i try to recall what happen all i remember is that
    i was on my way to Aba when suddenly……..oh an accident…..i
    remember now, but na who come carry me come here.

    Thank God say i still they alive oh, because with the way that motor
    do summer slam who would have thought anybody will survive it, i
    believe its a miracle and Gods doing, hmmmm but what of my phone? i
    guess thats not really important now, but i need it to call my people,
    and i really need to call Mercy and explain things to her oh, i was
    thinking deep inside the room alone, i wonder why them no assign nurse
    to they watch me, i try to shout but i cant because i was too weak
    like dead person, i cant even move my leg or my hand, na only my head
    i they manage move small small, i wonder wetin make that tire burst,
    but the tire they old na so its expected, abi na Adanna wey i mention
    cause am? E fit be oh because that girl is a demon even though shes
    gone shes still tormenting me in my dream, talking about Adanna
    somebody open the door and walk in, the girl wear white gown maybe na
    nurse, but as the person come closer she look like my mysterious
    Adanna (god forbid not my),

    Me: Adanna? “i ask already afraid”
    Nurse: sorry?
    I look well and saw that shes nothing like Adanna, maybe na my mind
    don they play game with me.
    Me: sorry nurse.
    Nurse: am Nurse catherine, how are you feeling now? “she said and
    touch my cheeks to feel my body temperature”
    Me: i cant move any part of my body except my head.
    Nurse: you are even lucky you are moving your head, when they brought
    you we thought you wont even make it.
    Me: who brought me here?
    Nurse: by a good samaritan, you were involve in a terrible accident.
    Me: yes i remember that.
    Nurse: oh Good you have quick memory, though am not interested in that?
    Me: what do you mean?
    Nurse: what am interested in is how come you are the only survivor?
    Me: i dont know oh, so you mean everybody die?
    Nurse: not just die but got burnt to ashes, you were found far far
    away from the accident.
    Me: waoh thank God for my life oh.
    Nurse: oh yeah you really need to go and do thanksgiving when you leave here.
    Me: where is the person that brought me?
    Nurse: she left after she brought you in.
    Me: hmmmm thanks alot nurse.
    Nurse: she also paid for your bills, so anytime you recover you are
    free to leave anytime.
    Me: okay thank you.
    Nurse: you welcome.
    She changed the drip and gave me some drugs to swallow, i swallow the
    drug and after like two minutes i slept off.

    I woke up in the morning and was surprise to see my loving Mercy at my
    side, she was smiling as if she win award.
    Mercy: hello dear.
    Me: sweetheart.
    Mercy: bless God for your life and am so sorry.
    Me: sorry for what?
    Mercy: for not telling you on time.
    Me: thats no issue dear, what we should be doing is thanking God that am alive.
    Mercy: yes oh, when you didnt pick the call again i was very worried
    that i continue calling, i didnt sleep at all last night, is this
    morning i hear the news and when i heard that only one person survive
    i believe it was you because GOD wont let me down.

    Me: am sorry for making you so worried.
    Mercy: thats not important dear, when are they discharging you?
    Me: i dont know maybe next week or more.
    Mercy: hmmmm, i will stay here till they discharge you before i leave
    “i look at her face and i believe something is disturbing her”.
    Me: what is it dear?
    Mercy: am just so happy to see you imagine if it was worse than this?.
    She stood up from where she was sitting and kneel down on the ground
    and raise her two hands up as she look at the sky, she started praying
    and thanking God for my life, i look at her and i started shading
    tears of Joy, i really dont deserve this kind girl, shes is a heaven

    Chapter Five

    Throughout my stay in the hospital Mercy never left my side except if
    she want to go and buy something, my parents called and i lied to them
    nothing happen that am okay in school, whats the need of telling them
    i dont want them to be worried expecially my mum wey once she don hear
    this kind news na toilet first, and beside the bill have already be
    taken care of so no need telling them, i stay in the hospital for good
    two weeks before leaving.

    I was grateful to the person that paid the bills even though she didnt
    come to visit me so that i will express my gratitude, i pray God will
    continue to bless her wherever she is.
    We left the hospital on friday and everybody in my compound welcome me
    like family, they all show me love and care and they support me very
    well, i was glad i have somebody like mercy because if not her hmmm
    wahala for they oh, early saturday morning i was sleeping when i heard
    her receiving a call, she was sad after that call so i engage her to
    Me: whats the matter dear?
    Mercy: nothing to worry about.
    Me: come on tell me, i can sense something is wrong.
    Mercy: really?
    She left what she was doing and jump ontop me on my bed “so tell me
    Mr, since you can sense something is wrong tell me whats bothering me”
    Me: i dont know oh, thats why am asking you.
    Mercy: hmmm, see your wide mouth.
    Me: but my mouth no wide like your own na.
    Mercy: taaar, you wey get big mouth like vampire wey wan s**k blood.
    Me: hmmmm really but your mouth they swallow my own if we they kiss na.
    Mercy: reall, let me see.
    She carry my head and started kissing me very well, she knows how to
    kiss now you can give me credit for that because am a good teacher
    lol, the way she they kiss me tell me say she don really miss me and
    yes i miss her too but not much, i believe we dont have future
    together because shes too good for me and i dont deserve her, oh well
    lets see how that goes.

    I turn her around and remove her clothes completely, i remove mine
    also and lay ontop her kissing her two breasst while she m**n and fold
    her hands around my nech robbing my head like say she they rob me
    cream, she forward her left hand down my dicck and stroke it hard with
    her hands, i bend down the haven and open her leg wide, i put spit
    before burying my mouth inside there, i s**k her so well as she rob my
    head and bend like snake, i locate the c**t of course and continue
    tissing with my tongue, after some minute and i believe she cant take
    it anymore she situp and make me to lay down, she sit ontop me and
    inseert my dicck inside her, oh yeah there dont tight well well,
    evidence of no s*x since i left, but i cant say the same of me, she
    put my dicck inside and started going up and down like jangolover, i
    was enjoying it very well even though we didnt use condom it wont be
    bad for her to have my baby na abi?
    “i miss you so much dear”.
    Me: i miss you too love.
    She continue fuccking me, then later i turn her over and raise her leg
    up very well, i insert my dicck and she shouted maybe i too insert am,
    i started fuccking her as she continue shouting, come see as i they
    wine my waist me wey nor well.

    We f**k for some time before i explode inside her and fall on her body.
    Mercy: you release inside me.
    Me: i know.
    Mercy: why?
    Me: because i love you.
    Mercy: how is that a sign that you love me?
    Me: because i want to plant a seed inside you.
    Mercy: hmmm then be ready for responsibilty oh.
    Me: Oh yeah i am, even though am not my mum they ready to accept any
    girl i impregant.
    Mercy: you nor well, so you expect me to go stay village with your mum.
    Me: e bad?
    Mercy: e nor bad but i nor they comot for my mama house till i marry officially.
    Me: okay oh, so please tell me whats bothering you.
    Mercy: hmmm you wont be happy.
    Me: tell me please dont keep me in suspence.
    Mercy: i told you i will try direct entry right?
    Me: yes.
    Mercy: i have been admitted into school of health in Dumez.
    Me: waoh, thats good news (even though i nor happy).
    Mercy: yes but i will leave you.
    Me: leave me ke, you are going to my state and you are saying you will
    leave me, but i thought you said you will do it here.
    Mercy: yes but i just feel like doing it in Benin.
    Me: hmmm thats good, when are you going.
    Mercy: next weekend.
    Me: like seriously?

    Chapter Six

    Mercy: yeah i know is too early, we have already resume since i just
    stay back because of you.
    Me: you have tried, am really happy for you and at the same sad also
    because i will be lonely and bored.
    Mercy: yeah me too, i will really miss you.
    Me: i will miss you more my angel.
    Mercy: i will always be with you my archangel.
    Me: so have you started preparing?
    Mercy: no oh, i was waiting for you to join me.
    Me: to join you arrange your things?
    Mercy: no i mean to help me pack my things but with your condition now
    i guess i will have to do it alone.

    Me: i wish i can help.
    Mercy: oh yeah you will because you will help me do the minor ones.
    Me: okay, so when are we starting?
    Mercy: i will go home tomorrow and arrange with my roomate, on monday
    i will start packing them to your house.
    Me: okay thats better because mine is closer to main road..
    Mercy: yes, on friday next week we will take it to pack in the morning
    direct to benin.
    Me: thats a nice plan, i will talk to my neighbour and see if he can
    use his motor to pack the things to park.
    Mercy: thanks dear that means i will just arrange them in my house he
    will come pick them there instead of stressing myself bringing them
    Me: better but let me ask him first.
    Mercy: okay, but e go hard me for Benin oh.
    Me: oh dont worry na my place na me get there, you will charter a bus
    to school to health direct i will call my friend there so that you
    will stay with her till you get your own house.
    Mercy: that will be splendid, i will really appreciate that dear.
    Me: yeah, i will try my best.
    Mercy: thanks love.

    Me: dont mention, now give me a nice kiss.
    Mercy: no na i havnt brush.
    Me: but you kiss me just now na.
    Mercy: oh did i?.
    Me: see this girl oh, infact commot for here go they do wetin you they do joor.
    I push her away and she laugh hard saying i dont even have power to push her.
    Me: but i have power to gbog you.
    Mercy: oh yeah am glad your dickson was intact.
    Me: hahahaha, yeye girl.
    She went back to what she was doing before, i look her and smile at
    the same time sad also, i will really miss her, what will happen to me
    and i hope and pray i dont meet anybody like Adanna again because this
    time she will really kill me because no Mercy to save me this time,
    but how can i be so stupid for falling like that, in the point that i
    wanted to kill myself just to be with her, how can i be so stupid?
    I was thinking out loud that i dont even know when sleep enter my eye.

    i saw a moving white cloud moving around, i dont know how but the
    cloud has different colours like red black and white, as the cloud was
    moving the cloud start sheding the colours away starting with the red
    one, after the red one the white one, i was expecting the black one to
    vanish also but no it keep on coming till it get to a signboard, a big
    signboard very giant and gigantic signboard, the black cloud paused, i
    saw on the blackboard the word “ABA” in capital letter, then the
    black cloud start changing to something else like a human being coming
    down, i didnt see the face but i know that the person is a lady, then
    as if she knew something was watching her she turn and face me and
    swipe her hand on my face, then i woke sweating and breathing heavily.
    Mercy: whats thats? “she said as she saw me breathing heavily, she
    pause what she was doing and join me on the bed.
    Me: a dream.

    Mercy: and i guess its a bad one.
    Me: i dont know, nothing bad happen i just saw cloud with three colours.
    Mercy: what colour?
    Me: white, black and red.
    Mercy: cloud only have two colours white and black.
    Me: so how come about the red.
    Mercy: its a message which i cant decifer for now i will have to pray over it.
    Me: okay dear ” i relax on the bed again thinking about the dream”
    Mercy: am going out to buy something, i will be back soon.
    Me: okay buy plantain chips for me oh.
    Mercy: you don come with your plantain chips again, i nor know whether
    you be small pikin oh.
    Me: so na only small pikin they eat am?
    Mercy: yes na.
    Me: na u sabi so far you buy am for me.
    Mercy: okay but na if i see am oh.
    Me: if you nor buy am no come this house oh.
    Mercy: hahahaha, then get ready to drive me.
    She open the door and walkout while i remininsce about the dream, i
    was thinking about the girl who i dont even know, she covered her face
    with something when she turn around to look me thats why i cant know
    who she is, hmmm so many things on my mind, i think its a mistake
    coming back to Aba again to continue my school, first of all na
    accident, then this dream again, hmmm i just hope and pray that am not
    in for another horror drama oh because this time no Mercy to help me
    oh, after next week now i will be on my own or maybe not, i still have
    Blessing and Others, oh yeah let me even call Blessing to see if shes
    back or still in Portharcourt, she be Enugu girl but reside in

    I took my phone and dial her number, she pick at once as if shes
    expecting my call.
    Blessing: hello.
    Me: sweetheart.
    Blessing: thunder fire your mouth.

    Chapter Seven

    Me: wetin happen?
    Ble: you they ask me abi?
    Me: so na bad thing say i call you wan ask of you abi?
    Ble: abeg go sit down for gutter, since wey you they do IT wetin stop
    you from calling me?
    Me: see this one oh, so if i nor call, you nor fit call abi?
    Ble: na you sabi, wetin make you they disturb my phone?
    Me: you don change oh, so me nor fit call my love and say hi abi?
    Ble: ooh, so because Mercy your girlfriend no they here again you wan
    use my punny replace her abi? (na how she take know say Mercy they go)
    Me: no now, me and she don breakup tey tey self.
    Ble: and na who go believe that one?

    Me: na true oh, i tell her say if she leave me go another school i
    will break up with her because i dont like long distance relationship.
    Ble: of course i know that you prefer the close ones so that you can
    always dig the hole abi?
    Me: forget that one joor, see na only you be my sherikoko now, so no
    dodge am oh.
    Ble: i jump am pass by fire by thunder.
    Me: why you they do like this na, you nor they fucckup before oh.
    Ble: na before you talk, thank God say you mention the word “before”
    and between i nor be your girlfriend then and am still not your girl
    now, so swerve abeg.
    Me: na like so you wan do am?
    Ble: they go joor i nor get your time i they busy.
    Me: busy they do wetin.
    Ble: busy they fucck your head.
    Me: weey……….and there she goes she cut the call, but seriously
    whats wrong with herself, Abi she think say na only she get kpomo?
    Kpomo full everywhere oh, infact my backyard here them they sell kpomo
    there, so make she nor form for me oh, well i never get her time, make
    i wait small make Mercy leave before i treat her fuckup.

    I was lost in thought when Mercy walk in,
    Mercy: my dear how far
    Me: i they as you leave me.
    Mercy: hmm really, wetin make you they smile?
    Me: i they smile? well i they happy to see you na.
    Mercy: thats odd.
    Me: forget that wetin you buy for me?
    Mercy: i go buy Akpu i wan miss am with garri,
    Me: okay what of my plantain chips?
    Mercy: dear i nor see buy oh.
    Me: like seriously “getting angry”
    Mercy: yes i nor see buy am sorry i know you really want it.
    Me: alright na no problem, when food go ready?
    Mercy: very soon dear just hold on for like ten minutes.
    Me: no problemo.
    Mercy: thats my dear.

    I watch her as she remove the Akpu from the small black nylon and put
    it inside kettle before putting the kettle on fire, i was quiet
    watching her, thinking how i will survive without her, i really dont
    want her to go oh but i dont have a choice, studying nursing has been
    one of her dream and now that she have the chance to study it the best
    i can do is to support her, afterall i love nursing too just like how
    all my sisters are nurse, i wanted to study Medicine in the universiy
    of Benin but jamb fall my hand, so na here i find myself and i tell
    you guys i dont regret it a bit, i love the igbo lifee because its
    very simple and they are very understanding and always ready to help
    incase of any emergency, the only thing am afraid of here is Adanna,
    and i believe shes gone for good and never coming back, but i have to
    do something about this dream oh, since we depart i have been having
    nightmare about her, different dreams with different meaning i even
    approach my pastor when i was in Edo state and he told me to fast
    about it, of course i fast and pray for three days after fasting the
    week i stop seeing Adanna in my dream, but after sometime she started
    appearing again, “what are you thinking” i was shock when Mercy touch
    me and bring me back to life.
    Me: see as you shock me.

    Mercy: i don call you three times now you nor answer, wetin you they think?
    Me: i was thinking how i will cope without you by my side.
    Mercy: oh come on man is not even time yet, please dont put me on a
    bad mode this evening oh.
    Me: but am already on a bad mode.
    Mercy: okay so do you want me to stay and shun the admission.
    Me: not so dear, of course you will go.
    Mercy: cool then cheer up is not the end of the world, lets eat abeg.
    Me: okay love.

    I sit up and join her on my red rug-like carpet to eat, she always
    know how to cook Afang soup so am really not surprise, i enjoy the
    soup because i have really miss it, i didnt eat it since because of my
    IT, whether they sell the okasi leave in Edo i dont know but assuming
    i saw it then in Edo state i would have bought it and cook the soup.
    Me: the food is delicious.
    Mercy: thanks.
    Me: i know say you nor they fuckup.
    Mercy: thanks to you for your encouragement.
    Me: oyaa wait let me feed you.
    Mercy: okay, “she drop the one in her hand and open her mouth wide i
    started feeding her and feeding myself too.
    Mercy: why dont you let me feed you.
    Me: no just stay, my princess shouldnt stress herself.
    Mercy: hmmmm this one you are acting nice, i know what you want.
    Me: what is that?
    Mercy: s*x before sleep.
    I open my mouth smiling like a smiling smiley.


    Chapter Eight

    Oh yes i think she read my mind very well because there are two things
    that you cant use to joke with me “S*x and Food”.
    Mercy: why you they open your teeth like that?
    Me: you know why na.

    Mercy: hmmmm after the one we do just now no reach you abi?
    Me: i nor they tire for that kind thing na.
    Mercy: tomorrow na sunday abeg make we just sleep like new born baby
    and wake up like soldiers (see her head like tomorrow na sunday, when
    she they s*x just now she nor know say tomorrow na sunday abi?).
    Me: forget that one joor, tomorrow no s*x okay today na still saturday.
    Mercy: na your own you they talk.
    Me: so you nor go give me?
    Mercy: nope.
    Me: okay na thank god self say pioneer they my back here.
    Mercy: you they craze abi?
    Me: but you say you nor go give me na?
    Mercy: shotup and focus on the food.
    Me: yes my love.
    We finish eating and she packup the plate and wash them very well.
    Me: abeg turn water for rubber for me make i take baf.
    Mercy: yes oga.

    I got up and pull my clothes and use towel to round my waist she was
    looking at me while i took water outside i look back and saw her still
    starring at me.
    Me: na wetin you they look?
    Mercy: they go jooor.
    Me: hehehehe i know say you nor go fit resist me.
    Mercy: for your mind.
    I took the water to our backyard and enter bathroom, since wey i come
    i never see Favor oh, i hope you guys remember the crazy girl that was
    m**********g while i was taking my bath outside, oh yes shes the Favor
    am talking about, her door is lock maybe she leave that time sha but i
    heard she return back after she found that this place is much cheaper
    than the others, i took my bath in silence and scrub my body very
    well, thanks to God and Mercy my injury don they clear small small,
    after spending like ten minutes inside the bathroom i heard somebody
    knock on the door.
    Me: na who they there? (no answer).
    Me: Mercy na you? (still no answer).

    I quickly clear my face with water and peep through the door i didnt
    see anything, then i continue bathing it didnt take long before i
    heard the knock again this time no soap in my eyes so i quickly peep
    outside i saw something crawling inside the bush oh yes its a snake a
    black small one, though day don dark small but i was able to see it
    clearly no doubt its a snake, i quickly clean my body with towel and
    ran out of the bathroom.
    I nor know wetin snake they find for were i they baf oh, hmmmm e be
    like i go park commot for this house oh because i dont want any
    brouhaha to mess with me again, i enter inside room and immediately
    Mercy ask whats wrong.
    Me: i saw a snake.
    Mercy: snake for where?
    Me: for backyard na as i they baf.
    Mercy: no surprise na there they bushy so its a possibility.
    Me: but somebody knock for the door twice before i see the snake they
    run as i open the door.
    Mercy: so wetin you they think?
    Me: i really dont know.
    Mercy: no fear nothing they happen.
    Me: i hope so oh.

    I clean my body and told Mercy to rob cream for me, of course she was
    doing it so well that my dickson started gaining attention, thats what
    i want for sure so i turn and face her, she was breathing fast and i
    understand why, i grab her melon and push her to the bed i tore her
    shirt and as we started wrestling inside the bed, oh guys am telling
    you it was damn hot after we don s*x for good 30 minutes we slept off
    only for Mercy to call me in the middle of the night that she want to
    go and baf that the heat is too much.
    Me: are you serious, by this time?
    Mercy: i cant sleep the heat is three much.
    Me: but you for baf since na.
    Mercy: i plan to baf but i was too tired to stand up (why she no go
    tire after she don s*x for almost an hour).
    Me: hmmm eleye gidi gan.
    Mercy: if you nor go follow me make i go by myself.
    Me: of course i will follow you oyaa stand up lets go.
    She was damn serious because she immediately uncover herself and stood
    up to carry bathing rubber.
    Me: you are damn serious arent you?
    Mercy: am not joking.
    I look at the time eleven thirty in the night, this one na complete
    mission impossible if na before this one na small thing but now hmmm i
    no go talk first.
    Mercy: are you standing up or not?
    Me: oyaa na fetch water make we they go.

    Of course i dont have a choice i cant let her go alone and me too i
    they feel the sweat so i understand afterall na for her to just pack
    water put for body nothing else, she turn water for rubber and open
    door i follow her for back as she comeout and walk to the back of the
    house, na so everywhere dark like dark ages i was damn afraid i wont
    lie though i nor they fear before but after Adanna experience the fear
    rise from twenty percent to eighty percent, she reach back and remove
    her nightgown and hang for rope, me i stand for favor window they
    watch her like watchman, as she start they baf my fear rise when i see
    something moving toward us the thing small na so e eyes they shine
    like flourecence bulb

    Chapter Nine

    Me: Mercy something is coming (i shouted).
    Mercy: where?
    Me: there (i pointed at the small thing moving toward us like slow motion).
    Mercy saw the thing and pause, then she took stone from the ground and
    stone it, the thing shouted and ran away (from the sound nobody need
    to tell me that its a cat).
    Mercy: you see its just a cat.
    She continue to they baf while i continue watching like watchman she
    baf for two minutes before we all enter inside room of course i thank
    God for mission completed.

    As we enter inside room she didnt even clean herself she just lock
    door and quench for bed facing the bed, her nightgown they transparent
    so i they see her a*s as e pump out, me wey nor wear anything apart
    from boxer and the boxer don they grow small small, thats why i like
    my dickson because e no they fucckup, i sleep beside her and put my
    leg and hand on her body.

    I jejely draw her nightgown go up and na so her well shaved pusssi
    pump out, looking a it alone they make my dickson rise am telling you,
    i remove my boxer and stay ontop her she face bed turn her head go
    left side while me stay ontop her using my kneel to support myself,
    then i put my hand inside there and i was happy there they sleepery, i
    arrange myself well and insert my d**k, na so there they warm and
    sweet, i started pumping in and out na so she just remain there like
    dead person she didnt make any sound i was surprise, i decided to go
    faster i know my Mercy that she cant bear it and for sure she started
    m*****g little by little.

    I sleep for her back and use my two hands to press her b***s then i
    continue pumping in and out of the well, i must confess that position
    they sweet well well because my dickson they go deep deep well well, i
    pump and pump and pump till i release inside her colapse on her body
    na there both of us sleep till next day.
    We woke up to a beautiful sunday i wasnt too happy because i know she
    will be going home today till further notice, we pray morning prayer
    and she arrange the room, after cleaning up we took our bath and went
    to church together, we go All Saint Cathedral for Aba/Owerri road Aba,
    we go morning mass thats six o clock own before nine we don close
    thats why i love the church because them no they tey at all, they have
    morning session, afternoon session and Igbo session (meaning na Igbo
    them go speak throughout for that session) i love the church no doubt
    expecially the beautiful building and the big compound, we close by
    nine exactly, we got home and Mercy start preparing to go home, i talk
    to my good neighbour and he told me he will help in carrying Mercy’s
    property from her house to park i was glad and i promise to beer him,
    me and Mercy gist, play and watch film from my laptop till four in the
    evening, when she said that its time for her to go i was very sad and
    angry because i know we wont have time to see like this again before
    she leave, we kiss passionately for ten minutes till she freed herself
    and disappear from my room she said i should not escort her so i stay
    behind and continue disturbing her phone with calls, i always want to
    her hear her voice because her voice they give me Joy and Blessing,
    she even enter keke and we continue to they talk for phone till she
    reach house i for continue with call oh but my credit come finish
    meaning no more call for now, i have money to recharge but i say make
    she rest small and i need to start preparing how to move on without
    her because very soon now she go be history, i was thinking all alone
    in the room when i heard that nonsense generator noise outside again,
    then it occured to me that the light is gone, i unplugged my phone and
    laptop and took my bag i arrange all my files and document that i will
    carry to school tomorrow plus the money also i wont stay long in
    school tomorrow because na to just carry the HND form and come house,
    school never resume fully i guess that would be next week, i hope and
    pray we truly resume next week oh because that would make me not to
    miss Mercy too much, i was thinking away my sorrow when i heard the
    ringtone of my phone, i look at the screen and saw Faith my loving
    sister i pick the call at once.

    Me: hello how far Faith.
    Faith: Oziegbe Ogbei abeg come MCC junction come help me carry load.
    Me: you know whether i they house?
    Faith: i know say you go they now abeg come now now i they wait.
    Me: no wahala i they road.
    I cut the call and put on some normal wear i lock my door very well
    and set out to go meet Faith my sister, i reach MCC i look around and
    i didnt see her then i call her phone.
    Faith: hello wey you.
    Me: i they MCC which side you they?
    Faith: i they front of First Bank.
    Me: okay i they come.
    I cross the road to the other side and walk to the first bank there i
    saw Faith with a big tummy standing alone waiting for me, now i see
    why she cant carry the load by herself because there is a seed growing
    inside her.

    Chapter Ten

    I dont know she was even pregnant that means na enjoy she go enjoy for
    this one year IT but she still fine sha no doubt.
    Me: how far (i said as i approach her).
    Faith: i they oh how your people?
    Me: fine fine oya make we commot for road first.
    Faith: okay.

    I took the big ghana must go bag and also carry the small echolac bag
    she only took her small handbag i dont want her to stress herself we
    cross the road together and journey to her house, of course i told you
    guys her house is not that far from my house we gist along the way we
    talk about her IT and my own too, i always like her because shes
    always nice and cool.
    We reach her house and she open the door and we enter.
    Faith: thank you very much dear.
    Me: no wahala but you get cleanup to do oh (for sure everywhere is
    dusting and dirty).
    Faith: yes and i go they do am jeje no haste.
    Me: but how far about the stomach how come, you marry?
    Faith: i know say you go ask that question.
    Me: for sure na you be my sister and you be my responsibilty.
    Faith: no worry we go talk but no be now at least make i rest small.
    Me: no wahala make go house i go return tomorrow for full gist.
    Faith: gist for wetin abeg they go joor ameboy.
    Me: hahaha take care dear.
    I left her alone and i was thinking what happen, Faith no be person
    wey i know say she they waka waka she be cool gentle girl so how come
    shes now pregnant? hmmm this is confusing though is not my business oh
    but i believe i deserve the right to know because people go ask me for
    school wetin happen, many people know say we be one because of say we
    come from the same state.

    I got home and warm my food, i eat the eba wey remain and enter bed
    and sleep, my phone woke me up around eight in the night i look at the
    screen and i saw my love.
    Me: hello dear how we they?
    Mercy: am fine oh just arranging my things oh.
    Me okay.
    Mercy: you don eat?
    Me: yes what about you?
    Mercy: food they fire i will eat later.
    Me: okay make sure you eat before you sleep oh.
    Mercy: yes sir,
    Me: alright na make i go back to sleep.
    Mercy: alright dear.
    I cut the call and continue my sleep.
    I dreamt that somebody was pursueing me in my dream with fire when the
    person wanted to catch me i wokeup only to see thats its a dream, i
    look the time and its seven in the morning, waoh na which kind sleep i
    come sleep like that na?

    I stand up and brush my teeth and also took my bath before i they do
    everything finish eight don sharp, i wear my clothes and rush to
    school, i reach school and hed to our science laboratory sharp sharp,
    i saw my fellow mate having lecture already i was surprise because i
    taught the lesson will start next week not knowing that they have
    already started, i rush to the admin block to collect the form for HND
    come see as the woman come they do small small i wish i know na to
    enter class and later come collect the form na im for make sense pass
    oh, after good thirty minutes the woman answer me and i collect the
    form and rush to the lab, i pass back enter the lab so that our
    lecturer no go see me, they are doing practical wey i nor understand
    of course i wont understand it because i was late, i meet my friend
    Emma and collect his note them never write many things e be like na
    introduction them still they do about equipment in the lab and how to
    maintain them, i was surprise because they taught us those things in
    ND i wonder why them they repeat am oh, i write the note finish and
    return it to the guy, sit no they again to sit down so i just perch
    for near window, the class was going on smoothly and i believe
    everybody was enjoying it like me when somebody distract the lecturer,
    somebody walk in a very beautiful girl with fine curve that you can
    compare with toolz, she must be between 17 and 18 she came in and
    greet the lecturer na so all of us they look her,.

    Lecturer: you want to see me?
    Lady: no sir i want to know if this is HND1 (see trouble oh na
    lecturer she go go ask?).
    Me: yes this is HND1.
    Lady: okay thanks sir, am new here thats why am asking.
    Lecturer: oh this is your first time?
    Lady: yes sir.
    I dont know whats wrong with our lecturer if na another person him for
    don dismiss am because him no they like interruption when teaching.
    Lecturer: welcome look for a sit to sit down.
    Lady: okay thanks sir.
    She look us wey they look her since, as she they waka commot the
    lecturer call her back.
    Lecturer: whats your name by the way?
    Lady: Adaeze sir.
    Lecturer: what is the meaning of Adaeze? (our lecturer na yoruba man)
    Adaeze: princess of the king
    Lecturer: nice name so your dad is a king?
    Adaeze: no my mother is a queen.

    Chapter Eleven

    As she dey waka go her sit na so everybody they look her especially
    her backside, she say her name na Adaeze that means Princess of the
    King, hmmm thats a nice name from my own perspective, she walk to the
    third role majestically and stand there (sit nor they again) me i they
    the forth one, am telling you guys everybody for that back sit just
    look her because of her beauty, and again her dressing is different
    from others, she dress like india and with the kind of beads she pack
    on her body you will think shes from india.

    Wetin the lecturer they teach no they enter our head again na the girl
    everybody for back they look and everybody for back role na guys we
    be, not only us even the lecturer they stare at her sometimes, after
    like one hour later lecture finish and everybody pack his or her bag,
    we started greeting each other because it has been long we see each
    other, though not all of continue here like Mercy wey they travel
    weekend am telling you guys if i they remember Mercy e they be like
    say them they use something jam me for heart.

    After the class i decided to wait and buy report book and manual for
    practical, the lecturer office they back of the laboratory as i go
    there people too many so i decided to wait at the back sit and charge
    my phone, the girl Adaeze was nowhere to be found after that lecture i
    nor see her again, no be say i they eye her oh but i wan just make
    sure say all those bad guys never corner her go oneside because i nor
    trust those Aba guys at all, i was charging my phone and playing game
    at the same time.

    Now let me explain my school for you, we have three big buildings with
    laboratory for chemistry, physics and biology practical separately,
    only we science student have access to the lab, we do normally study
    in normal class only when we have borrowed course, na ND we get many
    borrowed course like small business unit, citizenship, calculus and
    other mumu course, i wonder wetin science student they use those mumu
    courses they do oh?.

    As people don they reduce for the lecturer office small small i join
    the remaining ones wey they wait for line, after ten minutes e remain
    only me i enter the office only to see madam Adaeze sitted there like
    Me: good afternoon sir.
    Lect: errh Oz how are you?
    Me: am fine how family?
    Lect: they are very fine, how was IT?
    Me: fine sir.
    Lect: we will know that in time of defending.
    Me: we go defend am?
    Lect: no una go offend am.
    Me: okay sir i want to buy manual and report book.
    Lect: manual has finish you have to wait till next week oh unless you
    will buy the report book now.
    Me: no i will buy everything together.
    Lect: this practical we just did now you will submit it next tomorrow oh.
    Me: but sir we dont have manual na.
    Lect: but you jot something down.
    Me: yes sir.
    Lect: then use what you jott down, you are in HND now so dont expect
    much things in the manual lik ND.
    Me: na wa oh, what of people wey never come?
    Lect: na their own be that, infact am doing it to punish them.
    Me: okay oh na wa sha.
    Lect: na really na wa are you buying the report book or not?
    Me: i wil buy it of course.

    Lect: better make you nor go spend the money (the lecturer is very
    friendly, he can joke with you today to tommorow he wont tire)
    He brought out a book and told me to write down my name i did so and
    gave him the money he told me to come by four o clock for report book,
    na wa oh this man no want make i go house be that oh wey e be say i be
    wan go house go sleep na im they tell me say make i wait more four
    hours, hmmmm i dont have any choice sha.

    I left his office and stare at Adaeze one more time, oh gosh shes damn
    beautiful i wonder wetin she they find for our lecturer office, i left
    his office and the laboratory and hed to the first building i enter
    the room and climb the stairs to multipurpose hall i locate one sit
    and sat down there charging my phone, i brought out the HND form and
    started filling it after filling it i put them on my bag and took my
    phone to whatsapp, i saw my friend Blessing online and she was asking
    me about the lecture, i told her it was fine and we are submitting
    report on wednessday, she started begging me to come to her house so
    that she will copy what i jott down i didnt want to go but after she
    told me that she will cook rice with pepper and bonga fish omo i gat
    no choice than to go pay her a visit oh, around three thirty exactly i
    went to the lecturer office again and this time the report book is
    ready, he gave me one and i bought another one for blessing self, i
    wrote down her full name on the book and disappear from his office
    around after four i left the school and hed to blessing house, i hope
    no Adanna this time.



    Road to her house no change na just the road itself change honestly
    speaking the road need deliverance not just deliverance but total

    As i come out from my school street and cross the hospital road cloud
    start to they change, e be like say rain wan fall oh that means i nor
    go tey for her house at all i will just give her the note and the
    report book and maybe i will collect it in school tomorrow or better
    self she snap everything instead of writting them.
    I enter her compound and everywhere they quiet e be like say people
    never come back na we science student they always first resume, reach
    her door and knock.
    “who is that”?
    Me: mumu na me open door.
    Ble: i nor blame you (she open the door) how far oz, “she said and
    open the door for to come inside.
    Me: you don fine oh na wetin them they feed you for your IT?
    Ble: come inside joor and shut up.
    I enter inside and guys am telling you the room don change well well
    everywhere don upgrade as if na family wan they stay here, not only
    her room she too don fine put she don resemble queen, i look around
    the room as if i be stranger.
    Ble: you don become stranger here abi?
    Me: na who come butter your bread like this na?
    Ble: na God.
    Me: shatup you don catch one mugu abi?
    Ble: hahahaha you never still change abi?
    Me: change to what you nor like me like this?
    Ble: na you sabi abeg give me wetin una learn.
    Me: chai see as you don even fine put self (i sit down for her reading
    chair while she relax on her macho bed).
    Ble: i nor fine before?
    Me: of course you fine but now you fine pass mammi water.
    Ble: shot up no just talk nonsense here at all because i don repent
    and i nor get time for those nonsense talk again.
    Me: hahahahahahahaha
    Ble: wetin do you?
    Me: you repent?
    Ble: yes na.
    Me: if you repent that means fowl don get teeth be that na.
    Ble: na you sabi wetin una learn abeg?
    Me: wetin i go lem first?
    Ble: wetin you mean?
    Me: i they h na.
    Ble: ok no worry rice they fire e go soon done.
    Me: okay i dey here they wait.
    Ble: so make i see the note.
    Me: nothing much just things in the laboratory and their uses.
    Ble: but we don do that one before na for ND.
    Me: yes na so e go they easy to report (i brought out the note from my
    bag and gave it to her with her report book).
    Ble: waoh you buy report book for me?
    Me: yes you no go fit report without report book na so i just say make
    i use am welcome you.
    Ble: hmmmm thanks dear i appreciate.
    Me: no worry you know say you be my fine lady na, so everything
    suppose to be free for you.
    Ble: you nor they ever change abi?
    Me: lol abeg na when the food go done abeg.
    Ble: e go soon done no worry meanwhile use that grape wey they there
    they pass your time make i copy this note sharp sharp.
    Me: okay thanks love.

    She stood up and took note from her shelf she wore bumshot with single
    wey no get hand, her bum don big put also with her b***s i wonder
    wetin make her property come heavy like this oh like person wey don
    throway one (we call them after one).
    I was really starring at her a*s cause i think i need them now since
    Mercy they go at least she can satisfy me throughout our stay here.
    Ble: no even think about am at all.
    Me: wetin be that?
    Ble: wetin you they think for mind.
    Me: i nor think anything oh.
    Ble: better just concentrate on that grape wey you they lick.
    As a respectful boy i face the table on the wall and concentrate on
    the grape am licking, she gather her writting materials on the ground
    and went out to check the food she put on fire (their kitchen they
    back though she still they cook with gas cooker for inside sometimes
    but this time she they cook for outside).

    As she went out i took her laptop ontop bed and switch it on, after
    booting i saw enter password i type her name e no work i type her
    surname e no work too then i try both but e no still work, i pause for
    a minute and think for something as if i can remember i try different
    code e no word then i saw a hit below the box, the password hit is
    three word A.G.O, that AGO is my full name though i know the code is
    not my name but i just say make i try am, i type it on the box and
    surprisely the laptop open i was like waooh, why is she using my name
    as her password i was confuse because i dont understand, as i hear her
    voice from outside as she they greet her neighbour i quickly shutdown
    the system and drop it on the bed, i nor fear say i carry the laptop
    but i they fear say she use my full name as the password,if she see
    say i don open am she go they somehow and i dont want that she open
    the door and came in.

    Ble: hello dear how you doing.
    Me: waiting for my food.
    Ble: keep on waiting oh because e be like say na here you go sleep today.
    Me: how?
    Ble: come see as up dark as if nit don reach.
    I waka go door and look outside, oh men up don really dark oh i check
    time again four thiry.
    Me: this one na heavy rain oh.
    Ble: e be like say u go start to dey go now oh.
    Me: for wetin i go sleep here.
    Ble: u nor well.


    I sit down for inside house i don finish one plate of rice na the
    second one i they now, heavy rain they fall for outside and the time
    say six thiry in the evening, Blessing stay ground they watch movie
    since nothing to do na so fan they blow and light they shine for up,
    sometimes i nor they understand Nepa oh when rain they fall no be e
    them suppose take light? But na now light they scatter for ground well
    na them sabi sha na them know how them they run their thing.

    Me: Ble how far.
    Ble: i they oh you don finish am?
    Me: yes oh abeg you fit bring come again.
    Ble: Jesus Christ na tank they your belle?
    Me: no be my fault na the food sweet na.
    Ble: me i never chop oh food don finish for pot.
    Me: abeg na you go cook another one na.
    Ble: just carry the pot for there and pack stew put.
    Me: thanks love.

    I go where she put the pot and took it i annex stew put and went back
    to my sit and sat down consuming the food like say no tomorrow, i dont
    really know whats wrong with me anytime i see food wey sweet i nor
    they think of tomorrow i just want finish that food that day.
    I finish everything on the pot you wont blame me now would you? after
    all i never eat afternoon food so na afternoon own and evening own i
    eat so, na only night food remain (i believe 80 percent of nigeria
    student eat night food).

    After consuming everything i kept the pot for her, i look outside and
    see say the rain don they stop small small i went inside and sat down
    again looking at her big a*s like that of Mercy Johnson, her own nor
    too big like Mercy Johnson own sha Mercy Johnson own na Elephantiasis.
    I join her on the floor and we watch movie together, shes watching one
    old America film titled Tarzan, wey Jane go they call Tarzan e go be
    like say she they call cowbell (na her tongue sha).
    We watch movie till 7, 8, 9 before rain gree stop i wanted to sleep
    but i know Blessing wont agree so the best thing na to enter this
    kpotokpoto road they go house, she escort me reach her street road
    before she turn back, everywhere don dark as if na twelve midnight we
    they though light they shine for everywhere but i still they fear as i
    come out for Blessing street i meet two road, the one on my left lead
    to my school and kpotokpoto go they road well well, the one on my
    right lead to main road thats MCC road, so i decided to follow that
    road because light they road and the road them tile the road also, na
    there Adanna first for meet me when i they go come Blessing house now
    i they commot for Blessing house and i hope and pray no more Adanna,
    any Adanna in my life i rebuke in Jesus name Amen. (did i hear you say

    I was walking silently to the main road i cant walk fast because i
    will fall i use my infinix phone as torch i walk for two minutes
    before i reach MCC road, as i reach there i turn left they go the
    junction na before the junction you go meet my house because the road
    they tiled i begin waka fast though kpotokpoto still they enter my leg
    and rain still they shower small small, na to reach house and enter
    bathroom sharp sharp.
    I was walking fast till i get to burkingham college everywhere they
    quiet and no sound anywhere apart from that of owl and the raindrop,
    as i was going to my house at my front i saw people coming towards me,
    though them they far i never near them at all them be like five to six
    guys like that them hold something for hand, i nor know wetin e be i
    wasnt afraid because na guys like me, though that boldness disappear
    when i saw that the thing they hold on their hand is gun, when i see
    it i first pause then i jejely they waka go back small small, them
    they waka fast come meet me omo i gat to run oh e be like say na me
    them come for, i ran inside between two building and i hear them say
    “stop there” thank God say i know this area well well, i enter one
    corner for there and burst out for one big compound wey i fit follow
    go umuojima road i begin they go Omuojima road where that big erosion
    they, i think say i sabi road i nor know say i be ju as i they comeout
    from the third building i saw another guy with heavy gun standing on
    my front backing me, i quickly turn back but as i don pass the third
    building they go back i they hear the footstep of the guys wey they
    follow me they come, omo i dont know what to do oh, i they between one
    big building and one small one like student building though before
    them fit see me them need to search five houses wey they that area
    and e no they possible, so i decided to hide in the back of the second
    house, as i they waka they go somebody for the first house open door.
    “come inside” I was shock like hell because i dont know the person.
    Unknown: if you want to live come inside now.

    I dont really think i have a choice oh i have to take the risk so i
    follow the unknown to the room, i enter the room and the room they
    very nice, she on her rechargeable light and yes i remember her face
    the new girl. (Beginning Of Story)


    Me: Adaeze? (i was shocked like hell standing like a ghost).
    Ada: oh you are welcome by the way please have a sit (she said and sat
    down in her bed she wore complete jeans trouser and handless shirt i
    wonder where shes coming from)
    I wasnt afraid because shes a girl and my fellow mate in school what
    baffle me is that how did she know that am outside, i gently sat down
    at the available sit beside the window.
    Me: how did you know i was outside?
    Ada: i saw you from my window.
    Me: really, (i look the window and see say na those see me i nor see you glass)
    Ada: yes and there is light everywhere.
    Me: waoh, you just save my life i really owe you.
    Ada: oh you will pay in full. (i dont really know what she met by that).
    Me: thanks alot, but how come you recognize me you saw me only once in school).
    Ada: twice, i saw you in the class and also in Mr Wale office.
    Me: oh yes but am still sceptical how you manage to remember me.
    Ada: like seriously i dont forget people like that and by the way
    where are you coming from by this time of the night.
    Me: i went to see my course mate.
    Ada: oh really and you didnt look the sky abi? (she has a tender or
    rather slender voice i bet she cant even shout me from afar).
    Me: i did but i expect it to stop before nine.
    Ada: ooh, pls next time dont stay long outside because we need you.
    Me: you need me for what i dont understand.

    Ada: sorry i meant i need you because you gonna teach me everything
    about reporting.
    Me: oh but you suppose know that in ND na.
    Ada: i didnt really concentrate in ND (like seriously When e be say
    throughout ND na reporting things how she manage pass?)
    Me: (i dont want to hurt her feelings) okay thats no problemo i will
    teach you but did you cook anything?.
    Ada: oh sorry i dont cook.
    Me: shit am really hungry (i look around and i saw apple ontop frigde
    waoh she get fridge small student fridge with nice laptop and home
    theatre, na red rug they her room with lots of expensive things, hmmm
    me and she no be mate oh na those type they date rich man pikin i
    wonder how old she be.
    Ada: you can take the apple if you want. (i think she saw me swallowing spit)
    Me: thanks.

    I stood up and collect the apple from ontop the fridge i was tempted
    to open the fridge but i kick against it i nor wan fuckup, the girl is
    beautiful no doubt but i dont understand why am not interested or
    rather attrated to her, shes a beautiful girl and am always attrated
    to beautiful ladies but her case na different one, she get everything
    wey i they like for girl body but i still dont feel attrated to her.
    Ada: seems like you have not eaten since morning.
    Me: why do you say so?
    Ada: the way you are consuming that apple i pray you dont eat your hand.
    Me: kikikikikikikikikikiki
    Ada: what type of chinese laugh is that?.
    Me: Lol i learnt it from one of my whatsapp group fan.
    Ada: whatsapp group what do you do there?
    Me: i update stories.
    Ada: really why not just open a website
    Me: of course I have.
    Ada: whats that name?
    Me: ozilatales dot com
    Ada: Okay so what is lol.
    Me: nah is just a short form of laugh out loud something like that,
    you dont chat?
    Ada: i do chat but in my place thats not the meaning.
    Me: whats the meaning?
    Ada: well you will know soon enough.
    Me: hmmm you talk like someone i use to know.
    Ada: who?
    Me: you will know soon enough.
    Ada: hahaha, you are kind of funny.
    Me: i think i should be going those thug might have gone.
    Ada: i think so too let me escort you.
    Me: dont worry is midnight and my house is not too far from here so
    dont disturb yourself.
    Ada: oh come on i insist (she don already standup so i cant say no again).
    Me: okay.

    I stoodup also and walk to the door, she took her phone and collect
    something from her fridge, she put it inside black nylon and hand it
    over to me.
    Ada: manage it.
    Me: whats inside (i check it and saw that its bread) waoh thanks alot
    Adaeze. (wetin i suppose reject i nor ma do anything for her)
    Ada: you welcome.
    She lock her and escort to MCC main road then she return back after
    exchanging number of course her number look kind of strange, it start
    with 090666 and end with 999 well strange number for a strange girl, i
    dont even know where she come from but i believe say na rich family
    she for come but why she come this our small school for here, big girl
    like her suppose they madonna university, babcok university or rather
    bells university.
    I walk home safely without no trouble nor catacata i open my door and
    enter inside and immediately i took water outside to go and baf though
    fear they my mind but i nor get choice is rather i baf or i sleep for
    bed with dirty body, i took the bucket to backyard and shower myself
    for ten seconds and run inside house you go blame me? No you should
    not because if you don see wetin i don see you nor go even come out
    from your house for the rest of your life.


    I enter inside house and clean my body thank God say light they oh
    because this night go sweet well well or so i thought, i bring out the
    bread from the nylon omo na those type of bread wey they get butter
    inside oh and very big also this one go reach me for three days oh but
    you know me na, na one day i go chop am, i quickly open the bread and
    as i wan cut small put for mouth make i taste my mumu infinix phone
    distract me, i look the caller na Mercy.
    Me: hello babee.
    Mercy: you never sleep?
    Me: i just they watch film.
    Mercy: okay make sure say you pray before you sleep oh i feel somehow
    is like something bad is about to happen.
    Me: to who?
    Mercy: someone i love.
    Me: dont worry nothing will happen dear (but seriously why this girl
    they always see bad thing about me? ).
    Mercy: i pray so dear, what did you eat this evening?
    Me: just rice oh.
    Mercy: who cook it?
    Me: me of course who else do you think?
    Me: i find it funny you cooking rice when you have afang soup. (holy
    shit i never warm that soup and the soup they quick spoil if you nor
    warm am).
    Me: please give me some minutes i will call you back.
    Mercy: okay lovie am waiting.

    I cut the call sharperly and tie the bread back, i took the stove
    outside and on it i quickly brought out the soup and put it on fire, i
    sit for my doormouth and they watch am, e be like say my neighbour
    never sleep because i they hear drama for there and also slippers full
    him outside, that means him get visitors i took the phone and dial
    Mercy’s number but they say the phone is switch off i wonder how
    person wey call me just now go come switch off her phone, as i wan
    drop the phone another call they enter i look at the screen and saw
    Adanna i was shock and quickly drop the phone on the ground the phone
    they ring i they look am for ground then i summon courage and as i wan
    pick am i see am for the screen say na Adaeze, oboy na which kind yawa
    be this?
    Me: hello Adaeze.
    Ada: hi are you at home now?
    Me: yes thanks alot.
    Ada: you welcome, please dont forget to come along tomorrow with your reporting.
    Me: i wont forget i promise.
    Ada: alright wanna crash now take care.
    Me: alright ma sleep well and dream of me (that thing just mistake
    enter my mouth and i regret am).
    Ada: dream of you, Now why will i dream of you?
    Me: slip of tongue i meant dream of God.
    Ada: which god?
    Me: the one you serve.
    Ada: i serve no god.
    Me: really? Then get ready i will take you to my church on sunday.
    Ada: what is church?
    Me: like seriously?
    Ada: what is church?
    Me: where you from come?
    Ada: from Aba.
    Me: you sure because you they talk like someone they born yersterday.
    Ada: thats rude.
    Me: am sorry slip of tongue if i may ask how old are you?
    Ada: twelve month.
    Me: hahahahahahaha you are really funny you wey don reach to be my mama self.
    Ada: okay sleep tight goodnight.
    Me: okay bye.

    She cut the call but i must say shes kinda strange, seems like shes
    one of the lost girls.
    I remove my pot from fire and enter house and lock my door i enter bed
    and pray for God guidiance.


    i wokeup in a big forest tied with rope with a big tree everywhere is
    bright with nobody around all i hear is the sound of bird i look my
    right and saw a running water, i look my left i saw desert i dont know
    where ali am but i know say na bad place, the kind rope wey them take
    tie me be like sacrificial rope with red colours, i was rub with white
    chalk all over my body and cowries on my head, now this is really
    strange i dont know what to do so i started shouting for help, i shout
    and shout and shout and shout but nobody answer, after like two hours
    of waiting the running water started boiling like kettle wey them put
    for fire the river they rise then suddenly somebody started rising from the water, the came out of the
    river a small baby like six years she has hairs all over her body
    like me and she have a golden hair just like the golden chain Adanna
    gave me she wear cowries all over her body, i was scared like hell
    because i never see this kind thing before she walk to me and say.
    Girl: hello daddy.

    I was surprise why is she calling me daddy? I look her face well and i
    must confess there is resemblance.
    Girl: dont be afraid am your daughter and am here to deliver you to mummy.
    Me: whiiiiiiich mumumumy (i stammmere).
    Girl: Adanna my mother.
    When she mention that name my heart skip to my mouth.
    Me: who are you.
    Girl: am your daughter and you are going to help me bring my mother
    back thats why we need you (now I have heard that we need you before somewhere)
    Then i started crying i mean heavy cry suddenly she blow breeze from
    her mouth and the rope on my body cut at once she hold me by my right
    hand and take me inside the river ( i was following her and i dont
    know why)


    I nor know wetin they push me oh i just they follow the little baby
    like say na charm she take they draw me or maybe its charm who know
    because i cant stay and be following somebody i dont know, we enter
    inside the river and the river begin swallow us small small, the way i
    they follow her be like say she wan go baptize me or maybe yes she wan
    baptise me true true, as the river don they swallow us reach our neck
    i was really afraid but i cant talk, stop, nor go back, the water don
    swallow the little girl wey she say she be my daughter and i nor even
    know her name oh, as we they go and the water wan swallow me then i
    draw the curtain.


    i woke up and saw that all my body is wet like hell, whether na the
    water wey i enter come make my body wet like this or na sweat wey i
    they sweat i nor know oh, i wake up and sit down for bed and i start
    to they think about the dream the little girl say she be my daughter
    but how come? Adanna never told me that shes pregnant and i never see
    any sign say she get belle na which kind yawa be this one now eh,
    hmmm na God go save me oh i took my phone and call Mercy, her number
    is still switch off, i throw the phone away angrily and relax on the
    bed looking at the ceiling, then i see see something they move for my
    ceiling i quickly run go on light and behold a mighty bat inside my
    room oboy na which kind wahala be this na? i carry my long broom
    begin use they hit the bat the bat they fly around the room while me
    they struggling to kill am, me and the bat they dance alingo for inside the
    room before e enter one small hole for my wall wey them pass put
    electric wire for my room, the bat enter there and disappear i search
    and search and search i nor see the bat, i even open door go outside
    go find am but i nor still see am i wonder how giant bat go take
    pass through that small hole wey they there.

    since i nor see am i
    close my door and enter inside house, i keep my broom and lie for bed
    i nor wan off light again oh Mercy tell me say she get feeling say
    bad thing wan happen, then this bad dream and this mysterious bat,
    hmmm something is about to hapen and i cant figure it out, i just hope
    and pray i will still be alive when e start because at this rate i
    dont think they will even attack me before i die.
    The little child said that she want me to help her bring back her
    mother thats something i can never do, i will rather die than bring
    back Adanna, i rebuke and ban her in the name of Jesus, i wont do it
    not now not ever unless she wan come use my dead body bring her back,
    bringing Adanna back wont only mean the end of me but also the end of
    everybody i love and am not ready to lose any of my friends nor
    family, she better remain where she is because the person that defeat
    her is still hale and healthy, she defeat her before and she can still
    defeat her now i was really trouble now and i need to sleep oh, i
    took my phone and look at the time the time say one o clock in the

    the next day everything happen smoothly Mr Wale change the submission date to Monday so all of us they happy at least no reporting this week or so I thought, I met Adaeze in school and teach her how to report I even give her assignment self make she summit on Monday, weekend reach me and my neighbour took car to Mercy’s house and pack her things, she left to Benin that day and I must say I cry that day she leave.



    I woke on Monday morning around
    seven A.M, my neighbours don already they use their speaker they
    disturb me na so the speaker they shake me for bed, hmmm maybe its
    time i go and buy my own loader oh no be only them sabi music, and
    the worst thing be say na mumu music them they play, i got up and pray to
    God for guidance and stand up to brush my teeth, after brushing i put
    my soup for fire while i go baf, before eight i don prepare everything
    finish, i took my properties and hed straight to school i look my
    phone and saw three miss calls maybe na when i they baf the person
    call me, i open the phone and look at the screen and i saw Adaeze, na
    why she they call me this early morning na or maybe she want to remind
    me to bring the report book for her i never even report the book
    self, na to they teach her and they report her at the same time oh, i
    call her line and they say busy, i try three times before i fit get

    Ada: hello good morning.
    Me: morning dear how was your night.
    Ada: twas okay and yours?
    Me: okay too, i saw your miss calls this morning.
    Ada: oh yeah i wanted to remind you about the report book.
    Me: no problem i didnt forget it and am even on my way now and the book is
    here with me, I hope you did the assignment I gave you?
    Ada: okay thanks alot and yes i did it, i will join you in school in twenty minutes time.
    Me: we have Aluta oh and hes very wicked.
    Ada: wicked?
    Me: yes if you late come him class him fit no let you in oh.
    Ada: thats his own, am coming to school just for the reporting.
    Me: hmmmm unserious student dont worry i will make you serious.
    Ada: and how are you going to do that?
    Me: just watch and see.
    Ada: hmmm okay catch you later.
    Me: okay please be quick oh.
    Ada: i will try my best.
    Me: okay bye.
    Ada: bye.

    She cut the call and i begin wonder which kind yeye student she be
    self, if i follow her na carry over things oh, its either i change her
    or she change me and as she come be girl now i nor sure say i go fit
    change her oh but i go try sha, no harm in trying afterall i fit they
    eat free food all the time, oh yeah the thought of food put hunger on
    my stomach even though i don eat for house i feel like eating again,
    i continue they waka go school i meet one of my classmate for school
    wey them they call Ijeoma, she na mama i wonder wetin she they find
    for school wey her mate don born three chidren i guess she go be 38
    years now we they call her mama for class that time for ND, she just
    return now and na her resumption be this she saw me and wait for me,
    the girl get yash sha like yatch, but my eyes no they there at all
    because she big pass me well well, if i go that side na only sit down
    she go sit down for my body and i go faint or maybe die self she get
    body wella when i say body i mean meat,.
    Me: my wife you don come back?
    IJ: my sugar boy how you they?
    Me: i they as you leave me you bring anything for me?
    IJ: of course i bring my b****t come s**k na.
    Me: hahahahahahahahahaha.
    IJ: how you they joor.
    Me: am fine oh.
    IJ: you dey go school?
    Me: yes.
    IJ: oya make we gather they go na.
    We walk to school together in peace, i look back and saw Adaeze coming
    then i fasten my footstep and behave like say i didnt see her.


    Me: make we waka fast abeg.
    Ij: yes oh na Aluta we get this morning abi?
    Me: yes and i believe say him don start.
    Ij: hia that man no get Joy at all.
    Me: no mind am.
    Me and Ijeoma come begin they waka fast oh because we all know who
    Aluta is a very strict man and he hate late comers, if you want to be
    his friend then always come to his class early,.

    No be only that one make me they waka fast i nor want make Adaeze meet us,.
    After we don pass that police station wey they Umuojima we turn go
    our left hand side then pass one corner enter our school main road
    our school get many road so you fit follow anyone enter but if rain
    fall all of them go be like river.
    Ij: i think say all our lecture na by nine.
    Me: yes but Aluta change all him time to eight.
    Ij: that man things they always they different.
    Me: na so na, thats his way.
    Ij: but which time Mr Wale take teach una last week?
    Me: i meet say them don start, and i reach there before nine (i said
    as we approach our main gate).
    Ij: na wa oh.
    We show our ID to the gate men abi secuirty as usual and we enter
    inside compound and of course the man motor they under tree,
    confirming that hes already in school, we turn to the laboratory and hed
    straight to the physics lab, make una come see as people full outside
    while few they inside they receive lecture i ask one of my friend
    wetin happen and of course they are all late thats why they are
    outside and we dont have any other choice than to join them outside,
    after like five minutes we don stand for window they beg this yeye
    man he decided to lock the windows and door, we they see wetin him
    they do before but this time no way again, na so we begin they
    complain we nor fear about the lesson and practical na the attendance
    list they important pass because him nor they take that one play at
    all, i for tell my friend inside to help me write my name but after
    practical na that attendance list you go take come outside, i was so
    frustated not only me though all of us, i took my bag and go Biology
    lab another practical is going on there, probably the new ND student,
    the girls are beautiful i must confess as i they check the whole
    laboratory to know which one they available my phone start to they
    ring, i look the screen and see Adaeze i pick am “hello Ada”
    Ada: can you please come to room 303.
    Me: okay i will be there in a minute.

    I turn and hed to the first building i reach and climb up then i
    begin look for room 303, i locate and enter inside the room only to
    see Adaeze sitting alone in one corner reading her books oh sorry
    Me: Adaeze.
    Ada: whatsup.
    Me: what are you doing here alone?
    Ada: practising how to report the way you taught me.
    Me: seriously?
    Ada: yes, since that idiot man dont want us to enter i decide to come
    here and do something with my time.
    Me: thats nice (i said and join her in the bench).
    Ada: so are you ready to mark it now Mr lecturer?
    Me: of course am always ready my student (we both laugh)
    Ada: thanks oya let start.

    I check the reporting and i must say she did well I mark the book and gave her 10/10, she was
    so happy that she mistakenly hug me and kiss me, i dont know how as
    she wan hug na im our mouth just jam, na by then i hear the voice “so
    you guys are playing love hear “?
    We look door and we saw our rector standing by the doorpost with our
    dean our own don finish be that.


    I was so shock that i quickly stand up but Adaeze didnt even shake it
    was like shes not bothered at all.
    Rector: and the lady is still sitting down whats your name young lady?
    (she said walking towards us).
    Adaeze: am Adaeze.
    Rector: Adaeze whats your matric number?
    My girl didnt reply she just sit down there they look the rector,
    (woman to woman, the rector na our director daughter).
    Me: am sorry ma it was a mistake.
    Rector: oh dont worry young man give me your matric number.
    I told her my matric number and she took the Adaeze ID card after she
    took it she walk out of the class with the dean i wonder wetin
    come find because shes always in her office.
    Me: whats wrong with you? (i shouted at Adaeze after they left).
    Ada: wrong with me as in?

    Me: do you know that act can get us suspended or even expelled self.
    Ada: relax nothing will happen i can assure you of that.
    Me: you assure me hahahaha, abeg i they go joor i nor want any more
    gbege. (i took my things and started walking to the door)
    Ada: come on wait for me na.
    I didnt even answer her but she quickly took her things and run after
    me, she met in the stairs and started apologising telling me she will
    handle it and nothing will happen.
    Me: how are going to handle it?
    Ada: just watch and see my handwork.
    Me: what type of handwork (we came down from the building and saw our
    mate coming out from Aluta laboratory).
    Ada: they are through, that means we are through for today right?
    Me: yes we only have Aluta today.
    Ada: can we go home now?
    Me: no wait let me look for Moses.
    Ada: to do what?
    Me: to collect his note so that i can copy what they taught them.
    Ada: okay i wil be waiting for you on frontgate.
    Me: okay i will join you.
    Ada: dont be long oh.
    She left me and hed for the gate while i go to the lab looking for
    Moses, i saw him in chemistry lab and saw many people copying his note
    also, i join them to copy because i dont want to copy from another
    person, na Moses i trust pass and na im fit get the correct thing wey
    Aluta teach because him be physicist, after i copy the note finish i
    took my things and walk out of the class i believe Adaeze go done go
    house now because i don tey tey well well oh, well i was very wrong
    because as i reach gate i see Ada sitting alone at the front of Mama
    rice, she saw me and standup.
    Ada: what took you so long like that na?
    Me: the note many na.
    Ada: okay, lets go.

    As we they go na so everybody they look at us well i nor blame them
    sha, who nor go see beauty and look and me wey come handsome join, we
    just be like romeo and juliet because we fit each other die, but one
    thing is very sure i dont have any feelings for her and am not
    attracted to her at all, i dont know if she have feelings for me and
    if she do it will not be bad thing na who go see kpomo run, even some
    pastor go bow self.
    Ada: you coming to my house right?
    Me: do you cook anything?
    Ada: i dont cook i told you before.
    Me: why dont you cook.
    Ada: i dont like cooking if am hungry i just goboutside and buy snacks.
    Me: so you will be eating snack throughout our stay here?
    Ada: yes anything bad with that?
    Me: yes oh, na those kind things they cause appendix, sweet sweet
    things no good for belle na.
    Ada: appendix? Well not me.
    Me: hmmm so who cook at home.
    Ada: just stop asking about cooking things and lets get home first
    maybe you will cook since you love cooking.
    Me: hahaha no wahala i will cook so far you have everything at home.
    Ada: i dont even have cooking stove.
    Me: seriously?
    Ada: yes i told you i dont cook.
    Me: hmmmm na wa oh.
    We reach the street to her house and we turn enter, my phone they
    make noise for inside my pocket so i pick it up after seeing Mercy on
    the screen.
    Me: hello.
    Mercy: where are you?
    Me: am going home any show?
    Mercy: no i just want to tell you am okay here and your friend is very nice.
    Me: of course she’s nice I know her very well, I will call you later okay?
    Mercy: okay dear, there is something else.
    Me: whats that?
    Mercy: i had a bad dream again.
    Me: what is it about?
    Mercy: well i saw somebody tie you with red rope on a bed and a lady was
    s*****g your blood.
    Me: please we will talk about it later okay.
    Mercy: her name is Ad.

    I cut the call without letting her finish her word as we approach her
    house the sky change and a heavy rain started falling, well thank God
    we don reach her house finish, she open the door and i pull my shoe as
    we enter inside, her room is as beautiful as ever without doubt she
    really know how to keep her house tidy, as we enter inside and lock
    the door na so she just turn and started kissing me i was surprise and
    you know me na i cant say no to her because na food, so i nor fit say
    no to wetin i like, she kiss me passionately as we fall ontop bed i
    look at the ceiling and saw the fan rotating without light.


    She was kissing me as if my mouth na ice cream i wonder wetin enter
    her head oh wey she just bounce on me like this, i heard my phone
    ringing and it was Mercy, i know that because i cutomize her ringtone
    i wanted to go and pick it but she push me back to the bed and
    continue kissing me, she stood ontop me and remove her clothe oh men
    the b****t is gorgeous and beautiful just like her, she has a tatoo on her b****t
    the thing be like snake abi dragon I don’t really know what it is, she bend down and unbuckle my belt she
    remove my trouser and start s*****g me so hard, when my d**k was as
    hard as rock she remove all my cloths and stoodup to remove hers, me
    just they look her like dead person i nor even fit talk she remove
    her clothes and took four red rope from her bag na there fear catch
    me because of the dream.

    Me: what are doing?
    Ada: relax am just showing appreciation.
    Me: with that?
    Ada: just yo make it more interesting.
    Me: hmmmm (I don watch am for movie before and the s*x they sweet die Cus I don first do am, so qualms make she go ahead)
    I wanted to say something again but she cover my mouth with hers and
    continue kissing me while stroking my d**k also, she use the rope to
    tie my two hands to the cupboard, and she also tie my two legs with
    rope also she stay ontop me and started f*****g me.
    I cant move any part of my body and e be like punishment for me but na
    im they sweet pass, she fucck me for ten minutes before i release then
    she faint ontop me, I nor know how long I sleep because when I wakeup i
    nor see Adaeze again no sign of her, but my hands are still tied
    together i called her three times no answer, then i felt pain on my
    ribs i look my right hand side and saw blood dripping from my body a
    hole in my ribs, as i see am na by then i begin they feel the pain i
    started crying for help, nobody hear me then i forcefully untie the
    rope though it wasnt easy, i manage to stand up and check myself i saw
    a heavy hole on my ribs part, i dont understand she think say i don
    die? if she wan kill me why she nor just cut my neck.

    i use cloth tie
    my waste to stop the blood from coming out, then i took my phone and
    saw sixty four miss calls all from mercy, i check the time after nine
    in the night i was surprise how come i slept this long, i saw
    something like thursday on my phone, i look well and saw that yes today
    is Thursday that means i was here for three days, oh my God.
    I quickly carry my things and run home, i lock her door because i nor
    know where she go i reach house and carry my first aid box and treat
    myself, i started thinking what actually happened where is Adaeze and
    why did she put hole on my ribs this one na confusion oh, i cant
    sleep and i was thinking about the whole issue till twelve midnight
    somebody knock on my door and i was shock na who they knock by this
    Me: who is that?
    “is me Adaeze”
    i was afraid but i still need to know what really happened so i summon courage and stand
    up go open door, i was shock like hell when i saw Adaeze and another
    person standing on my door.
    Adaeze: hello dad.
    Adanna: hello love.
    Me: Oh My God.

    The end watch out for.
    Adanna3: The Sacrifice coming out soon.

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