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Episode 13
Good afternoon officers, do you want to buy electronic? Nicholas
“No! we are looking for one Mr Nicholas. “one of the police man
ok they directed you to buy market from me? so which one do you
want to buy, I have Sony product, Lg, Elepac, Tiger and Panasonic,
I have every product you want both big and small size, so which
one should I bring for you people, is it generator, DVD or deep
freezer, which one do you people want to buy? Nicholas asked

Are you Mr Nicholas the owner of nicho investment? 2nd officer
“Yes! am the one and only Nicholas, the hottest trader in this
market, any problem? Nicholas asked again
you are under arrest for selling a stolen goods. “4th officer said and
that moment Nicholas heart skipped
I don’t know what you people are talking about ooo .”he denied
you have been buying stolen goods from alhaji kazeem, who have
been sending his boys to rob people’s warehouse but unfortunately
for them they were caught, and they told us that it was alhaji
kazeem that sent them and also they said that you are their number
1 buyer and now alhaji kazeem is no where to be found .”3rd officer
“And when we asked the boys if you know anything about the
stolen goods, they said yes that you know all their activities. “1st
officer also said
please officers let me explain is not what you think. “Nicholas said
shut up your mouth, they even told us that you send them to burn
one Mr festus shop and goods. “2nd officer said and Nicholas was
speechless that moment
please have mercy on me is the hand work of the devil I beg you,
let’s settle this here I will give you people anything you want.
“Nicholas pleaded
Keep quiet!! anything you say now shall be use against you in the
court of law. “the 3rd officer said and after that they handcuff him
and took him away.
Two weeks later, festus became very rich and bought a new house,
he also bought two plots of land for his father in the village, he also
relocate with his family to the new house he bought, he also bought
a new expensive car for his wife and from there they lived happily.

Nicholas on the other hand was later sentence 14yrs imprisonment
with hard labor for selling a stolen goods and also responsible for
burning festus shop, he regretted everything bad he did and wish
he could have a second chance to change, but everything was too
late for him as he went to jail to serve his 14yrs imprisonment for his
crime and his wife Mary cried bitterly for him.


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