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Episode 10
O my God, this can’t be happening, but did it affect other shops?
she asked
No!! is only my shop that got burnt, what am I going to do now?
where will start from? he said with tears dropping down from his
But what about the securities guarding the market, where were they
when all this was happening? grace asked
they said that they don’t know how the fire got to my shop, that they
were on duty that night, that nobody enter the place. “festus said in
sad countenance
but wait ooo, something is not right, did Nicholas shop also got
burnt? she asked again
no only my shop that got burnt, who could have done this to me? he
asked no one in particular
“Let’s just leave everything to God, he shall expose the person
behind all this because I have the feeling that somebody is behind it
and is only God that can expose that person. “grace said
After that day things became very difficult for festus, his wife grace
became the bread winner of the house through her supermarket

business and at that she was still submittive and faithful to her
husband no matter the condition.
one month after festus shop got burnt, Nicholas became the hottest
trader in the market, almost all festus customers are now buying
goods from him, he became very happy that he has succeeded in
his plans.
Finally am back to where I belong, now that I have succeeded in my
plans, let me see how that idiot that calls himself festus will go to
China again to buy goods, China man come and go nah let me see,
now I have all your customers to myself, I don’t even want you to
come to this market again so that I will be selling everyday, fool like
you .”Nicholas said to him self.
Later that evening when Nicholas got home, he was very happy.
Darling! you look very happy these days “Mary said
why won’t I be happy? ever since I succeeded in my plans, things
have turn around for me, that fool thought he was smart but he
don’t know that am smarter than him .”he happily said
“wow!! am very happy for you honey, that serve him right I know by
now he will be begging for food. “Mary said
He will not only beg for food, he will also beg for water, he have not
seen anything yet I will still deal with him more “Nicholas said
better do honey……



Episode 11 & 12
Festus was in the sitting room thinking about everything that was
happening to him, as he was still thinking his wife came in.
Honey you can’t continue like this all day, must you kill yourself
thinking? have told you before to leave everything for God, look at
the time 12am and you are still here instead of to come inside the
room to sleep, please honey come and sleep is late. “grace said
I can’t believe that all this is happening to me, I can’t pay our
children’s school fees, house rent and other things, you have been
the one doing all this which I suppose to be doing, I need to do
something about this I can’t continue to stay at home every time.
“festus said in a sad countenance
Am I complaining? remember you open the supermarket business
for me to be supporting in case of incasity which I am doing, why
worrying your self honey .”she said in a concerned tone
remember, am the head of the family is my duty to provide for you
and the children, I think I know what to do, I will go to Nicholas shop
tomorrow. “he said
To do what? his wife asked
To know if he can lend me money to start up a little business. “said
“That evil man?? no way I rather sell up my supermarket business
and give you the money to start up a business of your own. “grace
No! I can’t allow that to happen, I will go to Nicholas tomorrow
remember we are now in good terms, he is like a brother to me
now. “he said
well if you say so, but be careful .”grace warned
I will be careful dear “said festus

So the next morning, he went to Nicholas shop to know he can lend
money from him.
Ah festus my brother, long time no see, I hope all is well this one
you came to my shop? Nicholas asked smiling
All is well, just that I came to see you, since you don’t ask after me
and my family, so I decided to come and see you, like they said if
mountain does not go to Mohammed then Mohammed will go to the
mountain .”festus said
Am sorry that I haven’t called since to asked after you, just that
have been very busy, for the pass two weeks have not been
around, I travelled to China to buy goods, I just came back
yesterday .”Nicholas lied
wow! you are now traveling to China? festus asked
yes I now travel to China to buy goods. “Nicholas said
That’s good news, am really happy for you. “festus said smiling
Is God ooo my brother, so what brought you here I hope there is no
problem? Nicholas asked
if I tell you that all is well know that am lying, you know ever since
my business got burnt, have been staying at home since then, my
wife have been the one doing everything in the house, I need to
stand up as a man to take care of my family, so I decided to come
to you to lend me money to start up a small business, I promise to
pay back when the business is mature. “festus pleaded
eyaa…, I would love to help but the thing is that, I just returned back
from China yesterday and I don’t have any money with me, you
know what just come back in the next four days let me see what I
can do. “Nicholas said
Episode 12

Alright, I will come back in the next four days just as you said.
“festus said and after that he went home
The next four days, festus still went to Nicholas shop as they
agreed, but still Nicholas did not give him the money he asked for,
After that festus never bother and have anything to do with him
again since he don’t want to help him.
So things still became very difficult for festus that he could not
afford money to buy anything for himself or for his family, this
continues like this not until one day his father Nathan called him on
phone one evening.
“papa good evening sir. “festus greeted immediately he picked the
Evening my son, how are you and your family? Nathan asked
we are all fine papa, just that we are managing life, but this one you
called I hope everything is alright ? festus asked
yes my son everything is alright, I called to tell you to come to the
village in the next three days because I will be selling one of my
land and give you the money to start up a business, I can’t be alive
and watch any of my children suffering, I have bargain with the
buyer he said that he will be be buying the land tomorrow or next
.”his father said
but why papa? why do you want to sell your land because of me?
he asked
because you are my child, I will do anything for my children besides
remember I have up to three lands selling one of them is not a big
deal, just come in the next three days as I said okay? his father said
over the phone
ok papa!! I will come as you said, may God bless you for me.
“festus happily said and after that the call went dead.

Three days later, he went to the village and his father gave him the
money that he sold for the land, festus took the money back to the
city and start up a business in another market place, not too long he
started going to China to buy goods, things started turning around
for him and his family.
One afternoon, Nicholas was talking with one of his friend outside
his shop when a group of police men came, immediately he saw
them he stopped whatever he was doing to know what they want.