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Episode 8 & 9
Two days later, festus went to China and bought goods then he
returned back after some days.
hmm…. so this man have gone to China and bought many goods,
look at how his shop is filled up with so many goods with different

product, while me am still buying from alhaji kazeem, ah… am even
talking, look at how customers are trooping in and out from his
shop, while me no customer have enter my shop since morning
apart from that credit man that called himself ebano, all he knows is
to buy credit without paying money, hmm God forbid I can never
live my life on credit like ebeano. Well as for festus I know next
thing to do. “As Nicholas was still talking to himself, his phone
began to rang and it was alhaji kazeem calling.
“Hello!! nicho my man “alhaji kazeem said over the phone
Alhaji! Alhaji!! longest time, I did not hear from you again, what
happened? Nicholas asked
Am sorry jare, just that my boys didn’t succeed in bringing the
goods from the warehouse I sent them to bring, they said that the
security there was tight, so I have to figure out another place that I
will send them, but finally they succeeded this time but was almost
caught. “Alhaji kazeem explained
“But I hope they bring the product I normally buy, because my
customers don’t like the other one. “Nicholas said
why not they brought all the products you want, just come for the
goods you like. “alhaji said
Alhaji my man I trust, that is why I normally buy from you because
you are a good business man and you sell in a cheaper rate for me,
don’t worry am coming right away .”Nicholas happily said over the
Alright, I will be waiting for you. “alhaji kazeem said and after that
he ended the call.
After Nicholas finished what he was doing in the shop, he went to
alhaji kazeem place and bought all the goods he needed, after that
he came back to his shop with his goods which a bus offloaded.
Later that afternoon festus went to Nicholas shop to see him.

Nicholas my brother is like you went to buy new goods? festus
asked smiling
yesooo…, since I don’t have much goods so I decided to buy new
ones .”Nicholas replied
Thank God for that, am very happy for you .”festus happily said
thank you my brother, so how is business? Nicholas asked
Business is fine ooo, this your goods look like a portable one, where
did you buy it from? festus asked
My brother! am buying it from Douglas .”Nicholas lied
Episode 9
wow! you mean Douglas the one that normally import his goods
from Japan and Dubai? festus asked
Exactly my brother “Nicholas replied
Eyaa…. but why buying from him, everybody knows that his goods
are very costly, how will you see your profit if you keep on buying
from Douglas. “festus said
what will I do if I don’t buy from him, where else will I buy? Nicholas
To my own suggestion, why not anytime that am going to China you
give me your own money to buy for you, because electronic are
very very cheap in China, with that you will earn a lot of profit.
“festus suggested
thanks for your concern, I will think about it and get back to you.
“Nicholas said

Alright, is for your own good “festus said and after that he went
back to his shop
Look at him, so because you are going to China to buy goods,
somebody will not hear word again, thunder fire 🔥🔥 you for telling
me that, you have see me that don’t use to go to China Abi, stupid
man, ah….. Nicholas you have suffered just look at how this man
was insulting me, you think I don’t have money to go to China?
don’t worry wait and see, me I will go to USA to import my own
goods, you are going to common China and be making noise up
and down nonsense. “Nicholas thought to himself
One week later, festus went to China again to buy more goods
because the other goods he bought have finished, so he decided to
buy more. After some days he returned .
Nicholas on the other hand saw how festus business was moving
and growing, he became very jealous.
Ah…. this man is looking for my trouble ooo, he is making me to feel
bad, Everytime he normally go to China to buy goods, does it mean
that the one he bought last week have finish? while the one I
bought from alhaji kazeem is still much, I don’t even think that I will
sell all that in the next two months because customers hardly come
to my shop to buy from me, no problem I know what next to do,
festus you are going down, I can’t take this anymore before I die of
bp .”Nicholas said to himself
One day, festus came back home looking very sad and worried, his
wife grace had broke down and cried when festus told her of how
fire destroyed his shop and goods.
Honey! how did it happened? grace asked crying
I went this morning to the shop, only to discovered that everything
was burnt down including the shop, am finished I just bought new
goods with my life savings. “festus sobbed