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Episode 3
Oga!! I sold electronic of forty thousand, I gave your wife twenty
thousand, remaining twenty thousand. “Stanley explained

“I don’t understand all this, in a day we use to sell more than
500,000, I was expecting you to bring a big bag of money, and you
are here giving me change and later you will expect me to pay you
money for the month, does it mean that customers are no more
coming to this shop? festus asked in a angry tone
“sir!! since you travelled, all the customers are going to oga
Nicholas shop to buy electronic, they don’t come here again to buy
something. “Stanley said
Are you sure of what you are saying? festus asked because he
thought that Stanley was lying to him
Oga! I swear they are not buying from us again .”Stanley said
Through out that day, customer did not come to festus’s shop.
meanwhile Nicholas was in his shop happy because he was selling,
when he sighted festus sitting in his shop putting hand on his check
feeling worried, Nicholas smiled wickedly at the state he saw festus.
“you have not seen anything yet, I will deal with you, and also make
sure that no customer step their feet into your shop again, you will
regret the day you came to this market to sell, I will make life
miserable for you I swear .”Nicholas thought to himself while in his
The same thing keep on happening to festus, he will go to his shop,
at the end of the day he will not sell anything. So one day he
decided to call one of his customer on phone to know why they are
not buying from him again.
hello….. good afternoon customer “festus said immediately the
customer whose name was mattew picked the call
“Afternoon, who am I speaking with? mattew asked
you are speaking with the owner of festus holding limited .” he
Ah…. good afternoon sir, this one you called, I hope all is well?
mattew asked again

yes ooo…. all is well, I was just wondering why you are not coming
to my shop to buy goods as usual again .”festus said
Am sorry, I don’t want to involve myself in any trouble, so that was
why I decided to be buying from another shop. “mattew exclaimed
“Trouble!! I don’t get you, how do you mean by that? festus asked
you think I don’t know that you are selling a stolen goods .” mattew
said over the phone
stolen goods? I still don’t understand what you are saying, can you
please explain better. “festus said still confused
“They told me that you are selling a stolen goods, that was why I
stopped buying from you. “mattew explained
oh no!! that is not true, I import all my goods from China, don’t listen
to any false news I have all the receipt to all the goods I bought,
please I beg you come and be buying from me. “festus said calmly
on the phone
Alright, I will see what I can do. “mattew said and after that he
dropped the call
Two days later, festus started investigating to know who was behind
all that have been happening to his business and later he found out
that it was Nicholas, with anger he went to his shop to confront him.
what the hell are you doing in my shop? Nicholas asked frowning
his face
“so you have the guts to ask me that stupid question when you are
about to ruin my business, how could you do this to me, why will
you tell my customers that am selling stolen goods when you know
that I do import my goods from China .”festus said furiously
hahaha…. you have not seen anything yet, this is just the beginning.
“Nicholas mockingly said


Episode 4 & 5
You are very wicked Nicholas, that is why you don’t progress in
anything you do because of your wicked mind. “festus said and that
made Nicholas to got angry and he punched festus on his face
How dare you say that to me, who told you I don’t progress in all I
do ” Nicholas angrily said
“you think taking all my customers will make you get what you
want? no way because the God I serve will not forsake and he will
not allow your evil plan to work towards me. “festus said and after
that he left with anger
Later that same day night, Nicholas was with his wife Mary in the
sitting room gisting and laughing.
that reminds me, how was business today? Mary asked
“business is fine, the problem now I have is that idiot called festus,
can you imagine that he came to my shop today telling me rubbish
that I have taken all his customers, that animal have not seen
anything yet, all the customers buying from him I have taken all the
customers from him, now they are buying from me, by the time I
finish with him he will regret the very first day he came to the market
to sell. To be added to WhatsApp group Msg me on zero eight one
thirty-nine seventy seven seventy eight eighty seven. “Nicholas said
That is why I love you so much because you are smart, don’t give
him that space to over take you. “Mary said

Don’t you trust your husband again, is me Nicholas the over taker, I
don’t take rubbish from anybody .”he said
“I trust you my husband, I know what you are capable of doing
.”Mary said and they both laughed
let’s forget about festus, and talk important things, so how is your
own boutique business going, I hope is moving fine? he asked
“business is fine ooo…. just that the customers are complaining that
my clothes are costly as if is my fault, they don’t know that things
are very costly this days, do they expect me to buy higher price and
sell Lower price for them nah .”his wife Mary said
“that’s business for you, anyway just take things easy, by the way
where is junior, has he gone to bed?
Nicholas asked
yes he is sleeping. “Mary replied
“Alright dear…..
meanwhile in festus house, he was in the room with his wife, they
were talking.
“Honey how is business now, has it improve? grace his wife asked
with a concern tone
Business is still the same, after all my plead to the customers they
still refused to buy from me, Nicholas have succeeded in taking all
my customers, no problem I leave everything in the hand of God
.”festus said
“Just have patient with time everything will turn around “she
assured him
I hope so, because if this bad market continue, am afraid i will not
be able to pay house rent, children’s school fees and also pay
Stanley his monthly salary, I just pray that things will turn around
.”festus said
Don’t worry honey, everything will soon be alright okay? his wife
said and after that they both went to sleep.

The next morning, festus went to his business place on getting
there his shop was still locked.
so this boy have not yet come to work to open my shop for me, no
problem I will call him now to know what is still keeping him from
opening my shop.”he said to himself and later he dialed Stanley’s
Hello Stanley!!! what is still keeping you to come to work, why
haven’t you open my shop? he asked raising his voice immediately
Stanley picked the call
“oga!! abeg am not working again .”Stanley said
But why??? he asked surprisedly
Oga! I no wan work free of charge, for the past two weeks we have
not been selling anything, I know if I continue working you will not
pay me for the month because of the bad market, so I have decided
to stop to avoid story month end.
Episode 5
Why will you say that, you know I don’t fail to pay you every month
end, do you think I will not pay you this month end because of the
bad market? please I beg you don’t reason like that, I will pay you
your money this month end as usual. “festus pleaded
Oga! Please am not working again, but am on my way to bring your
shop key. “Stanley insisted
okay, if you still insist on quitting your job no problem, am waiting
for the key .”festus said and after that he dropped the call. Not too
long Stanley brought the shop key and gave it to him then he left.
Meanwhile Nicholas was in his shop attending to his customer.

“Take this product, is good but don’t worry I will buy the other one
you normally buy. “Nicholas said to the customer
Ah, Mr Nicholas you and I know that I don’t like this product apart
from the other one I normally buy, well since you don’t have it let
me go to the other shop and buy it .”The customer exclaimed
Ahh…., you want to buy stolen goods and later end up in jail, if you
love yourself better manage this product am giving you than to end
up in jail, am just telling you as my good customer. ” said Nicholas
please am going there to buy the product that I want, even if is a
stolen goods I don’t care am just a buyer. “the customer said and
left instantly to buy what he want
customer! customer!! please come, but the customer was already
gone. idiot look at the person am even calling, instead of you to be
happy that a big man like me is begging you to buy market and you
are here misbehaving animal . Nicholas said after the customer had
Festus was in his shop when the customer came
Good afternoon sir ” the customer greeted
Afternoon!! what do you want to buy? he asked and the customer
told him what he wanted to buy and festus gave him the items he
needed and then the customer left
After that day festus started selling, customers began to trip in and
out from shop buying all kinds of goods that they needed and with
this festus became very happy once more.
Nicholas on the other hand was very sad because all the people
buying from him are no more buying again from his shop and with
this he vowed to deal with festus.
One day festus was in his shop when a group of police men came.

Good morning! we are looking for Mr festus ” one of the police men
Am Mr festus, why are you looking for me? he asked
you are under arrest for selling a stolen goods. “the 2nd police man
“For what? i imported all my goods from China, I even have the
papers for the whole goods I imported, let me get it for you to see
“he said and was about to go and bring the papers but the police
men stopped him.
where do you think that you are going? the 3rd police man asked
raising his voice
To get the papers nah “festus replied following his statement
Meanwhile Nicholas was in his shop seeing the whole drama
happening in festus shop and he laughed devlishly.
you have not seen anything yet, I will deal with you since you don’t
want people to be buying from me you want to take all the
customers to yourself, let me see how you will escape this one now
I have involved the police .” Nicholas thought to himself