Episode 3

Exactly on the third month, Peter returned home earlier than expected, and he came back with flowers and the expensive jewelry and gifts he had bought specially for me and he had been practicing his apology speech the entire day, when he walked in to the room and saw me laying on the bed, he had no idea that I had passed out. as soon as he walked into the room, the first thing he sighted was the white neatly folded paper that says “Read me” it was a note I wrote few hours ago before my body gave up on me and I became unconscious.

“My love, I’m glad to be your wife and the mother of your children. I love you so much with all my heart and you’ve given me the best life I could have ever asked for, I am so lucky I got married to my CHILDHOOD SWEETHEART; you and it makes me so proud to be your wife and the mother to Alex and Kate, our children. My love, you are still the most handsome caring nurturing person

I’ve ever met… you are truly one of a kind… make sure you live life with happiness and that same passion that made me fall in love with you. Seeing you be the best Dad to the kids is the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced. I’m sorry I never appreciated you before now.
We grew up together, I have many memories, experiences, and life changes with you that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I remember you being there, just as excited as I was, when my brother was born. I remember holding you as you grieved the loss of your grandma. I remember moving to college together, and seeking your comfort when I was missing home. Graduations, first jobs, kids, all things I got to do with you, even though we suddenly drifted apart, I’m thankful for the time we spent together and that’s why, I’m not going to bear any grudge against you.
So I thank God, for the countless memories I have because we grew up together. I Thank God, for giving me my best friend when he did. I Thank God, for our story, I’m sorry for turning myself into a nagging and unsubmissive wife and for turning our home into a war zone. I’m sorry for everything I did wrong.
On the day, I wanted to let you know that I was diagnosed with Kidney failure, that same day you killed me before the disease had the chance to kill me because you asked for a divorce and I can’t live without you. Ever since then I stopped taking my drugs and today I’m letting myself die. It’s exactly three months, The doctor had told me that I needed a quick kidney transplant or else I will die. But i prefer death, since you will not be with me anymore. For the past three month, I stopped taking my medication and today, I feel very weird, weak and in a severe pain. please take care of our children, and be happy with your new found love. Goodbye.”

As soon as Peter was done reading the letter, he was in tears as he ran to me, he tried all he could to wake me but I was not moving, I was unconscious but some how I heard him talking to me, “My wife, my love, please don’t do this please wake up” Peter had said in fear. He was so scared, He walked closer to me and held my left hand and he noticed that I was cold, he was so frightened. immediately he rushed me to the hospital. All through the drive to the hospital, Peter was in tears as he regretted Everything he did wrong too.
“Oh my God, what have I done? Please Lord give me a second chance, don’t let My wife die on me, I’m ready to make amends and I’m ready to make our marriage work, please Lord, I need a second chance” He prayed.
When he arrived the hospital, I was rushed into the intensive care unit. With the look of things, my chance of survival was very slim but the doctor didn’t disclose that to Peter because he saw he was devastated already. The doctor asked Peter if he knew about my Kidney disease and the needed kidney transplant and he nodded yes.
“I guess it’s now or never, we need to get a donor” The doctor said calmly.

” Doctor I will give my wife my kidney, please what can I do please tell me”Peter entered at once.

I wasn’t surprised that Peter will give me his kidney, I knew how much we love each other.

But the doctor told him to calm down, “I will make sure your wife is stabilize first before the surgery, she is in pretty bad shape and some tests will be run on you, to confirm if your kidney will be compatible, what we don’t have is time but we will be fast as possible” The doctor concluded and he walked away.

Just as the doctor walked away, Peter fell into a deep thought.

He wondered when things became so bad between us

“I remember Fidelia had been the center of my world, when did we stop being friends, Fidelia didn’t even tell me that she had a kidney disease and to think I also demanded for a divorce, at the same time, oh God, please save my wife, I promise I will never leave her, I have realized that I love her as always, I now understand why she was loosing so much weight, I thought she was on a diet” Peter thought.

In few minutes, the doctor returned.

“Doc, how is my wife? When will I get to donate my kidney to my wife?” Peter asked coldly. “I tried all I could but I’m sorry, we lost her” The doctor said calmly
“Lost who?” Peter asked as held the doctor’s shirt with one hand and dragged him with the other.

“Calm down, Mr Peter, please be a man, I understand how you feel but there’s nothing I could do for your wife right now, I’m so sorry” The doctor said sadly.

Peter was threw into sorrow, he was devastated, he rushed to the intensive care unit, where i laid lifelessly.
He began to cry on my body. I saw him clearly but I wondered why he was not seeing me where I sat, away from my body. When I couldn’t bear to see my Peter in pain, I tried getting back to my lifeless body but I noticed I couldn’t.
“It’s because you killed yourself” a familiar voice uttered and when I turned around, it was a little boy in a white gown.
“I didn’t kill myself, I just let myself die” I corrected and the little boy smiled faintly.

“By the way who are you?” I threw in.

“I’m Peter, little Peter, we met when we were 8 years old but I died ever since we stopped chatting and playing” the little boy replied and i stared in confusion.
“I don’t understand” I uttered coldly.

“Don’t worry you will understand. I swore to love you forever and I will always love you” The little boy added.
I stared at the little boy closely, and then I noticed he looked exactly like Peter when he was still a boy.

In few minutes, The little Peter disappeared but the real Peter, the man I married, was still crying on my lifelessly body
“Please wake up, my love please wake up, I promise I will never take our love for granted, how I’m I going to take care of our children, all alone, I’m sorry that I left the lion share of parenting to you, I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention to your complain, I’m sorry that I concluded that you were nagging and unsubmissive. I’m sorry for everything I did wrong, please don’t leave me, you are my only true love, please don’t leave me, I can’t take care of our children like you did, you are a wonderful mother to our children. I’m sorry please don’t punish me like this, I can’t cope without you” Peter said in tears. I began to cry too. I regretted letting myself die and I regretted the way, I lived my life.
I didn’t give myself a moment of Joy or peace. I was always bothered and worried. I let myself get depressed and frustrated. The Peter I thought was going to leave me was on my lifeless body crying, the whole time.
The doctors and nurses tried everything to Console Peter but he was unconsolable. But they had no choice but to take my lifeless body out of the intensive care unit.

I stood beside Peter my beloved husband and it was a pity I was invisible to him. When my thoughts went to my children, I almost ran mad.
“They will be hungry by now, they had not eaten anything ever since, they returned from school” I thought.
Everything felt like a dream and I was wondering if I will ever wake up from this horrible nightmare.

To Be Continue