Episode 2

When i visited my doctor for my test results, the results left me shattered.

“Mrs Fidelia, you have an End stage kidney failure, if you don’t get a kidney transplant in three months, you will die, please hurry as you have no time, get a donor” The doctor revealed and I was devasted. I wanted to share my pain with my husband but when i remembered all the wrong Peter had done to me, I ended up leaving him in the dark.
I decided to keep the bad medical report to myself.

One-day, Peter returned from work early, he prepared dinner and everyone ate quietly. For a moment, i was happy to eat the meal my husband had prepared, I thought I was going to get my husband back.

That evening, I had decided to let my husband know what was happening to me because of that single move he had made, he scored a point in my heart that evening; when he prepared Dinner.

After Dinner, i was taking out the dirty dishes, and I had sent our children to their rooms. I was busy doing the dishes, when my husband walked into the kitchen, we ran our eyes on each other without uttering a word like two strangers. Some minutes later, Peter cleared his throat and

walked closer to me

“Fidelia, this marriage is not working i think we should be free and be happy, I want to be plain
with you, I want a divorce, I met someone new and I feel I truly love her, Fidelia what we feel for each other is not love, is just a childhood infatuation, please let me go, I promise to care for our children and for you for as long as I live but I don’t want to remain in this marriage” Peter uttered and i almost lost my breath. I was devastated, i never believed that Peter could say all that to me.

“Childhood infatuation? You met someone new? Is that why you have been neglecting me? Is that why you forgot all about my birthday? Is that why you don’t care about me? I once had a job like you but because of the too many roles I have to play as a wife and a mother, I resigned from my job but did I get a thank you or well done, no! All you told me is that it’s my life and I can do whatever I want but I should ensure our children are well taken care of, when you barely spend time with your children not even on weekends” I managed to say.

I felt defeated as I spoke because Peter was not saying anything to console me and my whole body hurts especially my heart was broken, Peter stood there, with out uttering a word as he stared at me. Peter’s silence got me thinking, It was obvious that his silence shattered what was left of my heart.

I couldn’t even bring myself to tell Peter that I was sick and needed a kidney transplant to stay alive, I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that it was not a good time to demand for a divorce.

“I don’t want Peter to be with me out of Pity, if he doesn’t want to be with us, I’m letting him go” I thought within as tears dropped from my eyes. I took a deep breath and continued

“Peter, i can’t force you to be with me and your children but I will liberate you from this marriage, on one condition”
And Peter wondered what the condition is all about as he looked into my eyes

“Tell me what you want, I will do it, half of my wealth with this house? Anything you want I will give it to you, I’m not cutting you off my life, all I want is freedom” Peter uttered in a low tone but

I told him that I didn’t want his wealth or the house.

“sure, I’m liberating you from this marriage and All I want is for you to spend time with me and your children for three months, you will read our children, a bedtime story everynight, every weekend you will take I and the children out to nice places like the cinema or nice restaurant, and once it’s exactly three months, I will gladly set you free from this marriage” i said calmly
Is that all you want?” Peter asked surprisedly

I nodded “yes” and dried two tears from my eyes and then I managed to smile faintly but deep down I was shattered. I reminisced on how long I had been with Peter and it hurt me so much that it was so easy for him to replace me.

To my greatest surprise, Peter agreed to my condition and in no time, he began to execute his own part of the deal.
Everyday Peter and i spent time with our children.

Three weeks later, unknown to me, Peter had began to appreciate his family and he began to notice how much he still love me. All I noticed was that he became alot friendlier and more nicer but I was not paying any attention.
He had wondered so manytimes how he was going to explain to our children that he was going to divorce their mother- me

In two months, Peter began to have a change of heart but I was gradually allowing myself to die. I had given up on life, love and on my marriage. When I couldn’t find a donor, I decided to let myself die, I ate meals the doctor had asked me not to have and the worst I stopped taking my medication.

“What’s the need of staying alive when my husband wants to leave me, all I want is For him to be close to his children so that when I’m gone, he will still be attached to them and would take good care of them” i thought but I never imagined that the condition I set had healed my marriage and rekindle the love, we once shared.

In the third month, Peter was already sure of what he wanted but I had no idea that he wants to stay with me and our children because he was still in love with me, I had no clue that he had broken up with his lover, Bimpe after he had warned her never to contact him again. “I love my wife” he had told Bimpe.

I had no idea that he had plans to apologize to me and make peace. He had bought an expensive jewelry and other romantic gifts. He even planned a romantic dinner but that same day Peter had no idea that I was dying silently, my kidney were completely worn out and with a failed kidney I couldn’t function properly,

I was too weak and in a great pain but still I didn’t take my medication or visit the hospital and I kept quiet about what was happening to me, because I wanted to die and free Peter of our marriage as we agreed.

To Be Continued