For Better For Worse episode 8

For Better For Worse

Episode 8

“And why will I report you to your husband? What did you do that will make me go and report you.

I gave her a thunderous slap and she still looked at me innocently.

“You must be very for trying to fool me Sewa! Ooooh is this what you want to do to me after everything I have done for you ehn Sewa.

“You slapped me Temmy?.

“And I will slap you again for acting innocently in my front. You goofy föôl!.

“You slapped me without telling me my offense Temmy right? This as never happened before?.

“Why will you tell my husband that I said you you should go and change your dress? Is this the first time I will be telling you about it abi? Nooo na answer me Adesewa, you allowed my husband lay his finger on me ha! I can’t believe this.

“You better stop all these if it’s a joke Temmy.” She talked to me annoyingly. “How will I do such! Where is your husband let me go and confront him, what nonsense is this.

“Go and look for him na, at least you have sent him out of the house because of you. Infact I’m tired, I think it’s high time you leave my house because this as never happened before and it will be better we sort it out and let it die down immediately. By tomorrow morning you are leaving Sewa.

She started crying and went on her knees begging me not to allow little misunderstanding break our friendship.

“I am now fed up of this friendship! And that’s final!.

I left her alone and started calling my husband to know if he might be around the house. I opened his private room and he wasn’t there. I return to my room and started dialing his number repeatedly and yet he won’t pick. I became confused about started crying, I don’t even know where I can start from.
One hour gone
Two hours gone
There hours gone and my husband didn’t return home or bother to return my calls. I couldn’t sleep, I became restless. I was even expecting Sewa to come and ask me the whereabout of my husband but she feels less concerned about it in her room. I got down from the bed angrily and walked to her room to let her know her wrong and all for me to get to her door and hear some giggling and moaning. I thought my ears were hearing differently, o placed my ear on her door and listen attentively.

“Go harder baby! Go harder!! Yes! Yes! Yes!! Come on!.

Those are the words I was hearing, my legs began to trembled, my lips were shaking and my eyes are filled with anger. I banged the door aggressively to distract whatever they might be doing. The man that I have been looking for is right in my friend room having s.ex with her while I’m sucked up in my room worried about him.

“Peter!!! Peter come out from this room, I know you’re inside. Sewa I can’t believe you just fooled me not quite long. Open this door!!!.

They didn’t answer as the moaning and loudness of their screaming even increases.

“She is at the door.” Peter said as he ride Sewa from behind.

“Let her be baby, she will leave the door when she’s tired.” She mumbled.

I sat down crying profusely thinking what might have happened while I was away. But my husband said he didn’t come home and Sewa also said he didn’t come home. Then what happened? How can Sewa do this to me. Someone I trusted as a blo.od sister and here she just stabbed me behind by taking my husband of many years. I was still in my drooling thought when the door opened and I fell back inside her room. My husband came out without looking at me as he walked passed me. I stood up immediately and confronted Sewa who is not putting on any cloth. Before she could utter anything I jumped on her and we started fighting. I pinched every part of her body since she’s not wearing anything. We dragged ourselves around the house scattering everywhere.

“You are a blo.ody liar and a devil Sewa.

“Call me anything that comes from your mouth, it doesn’t matter to me.” She answered back.

“I am very sure that you have bewitched my husband for him to have succumb to you. There’s nothing you can tell me to claim your holiness.

“I didn’t bewitched him, he found another sweet pu.ssy and he fall for it. So why is it paining you!.

“I regretted bringing you into my matrimonial home. And my husband warned me but I was deaf to listen to my husband all because I wanted to help a friend.

“Who is your friend? I’m not your friend and we are no longer friend from now henceforth.

“You will leave my house you foolish girl! Ashawooooo husband snatcher!!.

My husband entered and pushed me away from Sewa, I bounced at his front for trying to separate me from her and he slapped my face repeatedly with a stern warning.

“If you don’t know your limit in this house Temmy, I will deal with you.

“What?? Honey? You called my name ha! I’m finished oooo this witch have eventually captured you.” I wanted to jumped at her and she hide behind him.

“Please take her out of this room.” Sewa obligated and my husband dragged me out without second thought.

We entered our room and he closed the door and kept the key. I was still crying and imagining my husband sudden attitude. I took my phone and told him that I will Inform his parents and he dragged it from my hand and smashed it on the floor and it scattered.

“Why will you do that? Why will you smash my phone??.” I jumped at him and he pushed me back on the bed scattering the phone with his leg.

“You will not leave this house or even try to have access to anyone again. Even your mother will never hear from you.

“You must be joking honey! I’m very sure that you must be joking!. You better open your eyes and see that Sewa has manipulated your mind already.

“Get out!!.” He shouted at me and lay on the bed ignoring me.

I went on my knees and began to beg him that he shouldn’t be angry with me that I’m ready to do whatever he has always wanted to do that by tomorrow Sewa will pack out of our house. He raised his head and looked at me and chuckled.

“You are definitely joking right?.” He said.

“I am not joking honey, at least you have warned me severally about it before. It seems just that…that I was too stubborn not to listen to you. I’m really sorry my husband, please forgive me.

“I said don’t disturb me woman!.” He turned his back at me and started sleeping.

“Please honey, please!.

I climbed the bed and dragged his cloth as I cried. He turned at me and looked at my face and body and hissed at me.

“You have nothing to compared with her. She satisfied me very well.

“Ha! Is it about that one honey? Don’t worry I will learn more styles and be giving you differently please! Am I not beautiful than her? What did she have that I don’t have? Please…

“She has a very romantic moves and really knows how to turn me on.

“But you have never complained about all these to me before honey, if not I would have adjust.

“All you know is to just open leg and moan like cat without lasting longer.

“Ha! Honey me?.

“Yes you, and please leave me alone!.

“Okay fine, I will adjust now infact I have adjusted. You can come and have sex with me and see for yourself.” I said and he laughed aesthetically.

“I am tired.” He answered authentically.

I patted his back and he shrugged his shoulder ignoring me.

“God! Please help me in this situation please. What can I do Lord? I can’t loose my home for Lucifer to take control of it.

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I woke up as early as possible because I wasn’t able to sleep fine at all throughout the night. My husband is still asleep and I went out quietly, closed the door and headed to Sewa room. I opened her door and I entered. I look around the room and couldn’t see her. I opened the wardrobe and didn’t see any of her belongings. I felt at peace and delighted that she has finally moved out without allowing me to come meet her. “better”. I muttered and turn to go my room.

“You think I will be gone right?.

I stopped and looked back instantly seeing Sewa in her pyjamas, she was holding a glass of wine and smiling devili.shly. “I don’t think you should imagine that I, Adesewa will move out of your house just like that when I have found peace.

“And what peace are you talking about, because the last time I checked who you’re in this house you’re just a nobody! I mean no-bo-dy! So where did the peace of a thing comes from Miss husband snatcher.

She laughed mischievously and turned back at me. I followed her and told her to pack her things out of my house or else I will call police on her.

“if you insist I should move out then get ready to loose your husband also because he will surely move out with me. What am I even saying, you’re the one that will move out of this house föôl!.

“Me? Me??? Adesewa. Ha! Human being are wicked ooo it’s just cloth that is covering the wickedness. Just imagine someone I care for, someone I choose to disobey my husband for all because I want to help you. Is this the payback you are going to give back to me (crying) just imagine, just imagine you sleeping with my husband under my roof right in my presence! Is that not witchcraft? .

“If you like, call it juju it’s your own headache. So you think because your husband is rich so another girl should not enjoy him. I have been eyeing him right from the day you told me about his richness. I forgot about his ugly side and wanted to jump on his wealthy side hahaha who nor like better thing my dear. Well, just to shock you my mother didn’t di.e neither did she have cancer infact I rebuke it for her in Jesus name.

I stood dumbfounded looking at her.

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