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That was when it all started happening, just when I thought I have been engaged and ready to spend the rest of my life with someone I love. Five months after we finished our youth service we got married and infact Sewa was my bridesmaid and I held unto the vow to stick with my husband for better for Worse. We moved into his new house that he just bought, I was the happiest woman on earth ever since we moved in. There is no day my husband will go out and not bring something for me. It’s either he bought Shawarma or pizza just for us to eat before eating our main dinner. Then one day I received a call from my friend Sewa after a very long time, she was just crying non stop I had to tell her to calm down if she wanted to talk to me.

“haaa Temmy my life is ruined ooo ayémí tí bàjé.

“I reject such for you in Jesus name, your life will never be ruined. What is the problem?.” I asked.

“My mother di.ed five days ago.

“Jezus Christ! Your mother??? What happened?.” I asked opening my mouth in surprised.

“it was because of Cancer, she di.ed due to cancer and now I have been render homeless.

“Ehya, sorry.

“You know she’s my only support, the only one I’m always looking up to.

“eeho my friend this is really disheartening. May her gentile soul rest in perfect peace.

“I am shattered right now Temmy, I wish I can end my life. I have spend all my money on her and now I’m left with nothing (crying) who will I run to? Who will come for my aid? All my struggling in becoming someone great in life have all been tarnished.

“It is okay Sewa please don’t cry okay. Where are you now? I was even thinking of calling you that same five days ago but I was really occupied and ended up forgetting.

“It is okay (crying) I understand you. You are now married for over a year now living happily and I know you will be so engrossed in keeping your family now, so I’m not angry at all. Just look at me just…. Just look at me.” She was really crying profusely that I had to tell to rather come my house whenever she can. “I can even come today. But where is the money I will use to come, I don’t have at all.

“Don’t worry, just send me your details to forward you some transport money okay.

“Haa Temmy, you’re a good friend with a good heart and it’s only God that will reward you for all these your kindness towards me. I have never in my life imagine I would come across a friend like you even with all my craziness at times and you still received me with your open hands. God bless You dearly Temmy, I said God bless you.

“Come on Temmy, please stop crying you’re making me feel sober. We all have our odds but you know we can’t forgo a close pal because of the negative things of the past. It’s better we help when it’s necessary because they might also help us in the future and moreover you have been a kind person to me also. Is it your sacrifice you made for me during my wedding or what? You have truly try I won’t lie. So don’t worry just come and maybe sort off some things we can do together.

We ended the call that day and truly I felt pity for her because I know how she loved and cherished her mother. I know how she has rally round during our service year when her mother was sick just to provide for her and be well. I made sure I told my husband about it that night because I do not want the argument that erupted between us the last time when he proposed to me should happened in my marriage again. I eventually spit out the truth to him that day after the proposal and he was really angry with me but all thanks to the interference of his parents and my parents that settled it. It was not really funny back then that I had to cut ties with Sewa for more than 3months after he forgive me. We later reunited when she heard I wanted to marry so we became friends back and my husband didn’t say anything.

“Its so sad to hear that.” Peter said as we both eat our usual shawarma.

“I really know what she might have gone through just the few days, she would have cried her eyes out without anyone consoling her.

“Didn’t she have any relative or thereabouts?.” He asked, chewing the last shawarma on his hand.

“She don’t have. It’s only her and her mother.

“Including her father?.” He asked again.

“Her father is no where to be found after impregnating her mother.

“That is barbaric, what sort of man do that in this century.

“Thank God you said in this century, and moreover it’s still happening nowadays it might not be rampant just like then.

“That means her father is somewhere flexing why his daughter is suffering here.

“What if he has di.ed?.

He paused and look at me.

“Well, you’re right Sha but still he made a very huge mistake I won’t lie.

“I am very sure he must have looked out for them everywhere also.” I said.

“I don’t think so. What is even my own, that should be between her mother and her father.

“So honey what do you think we can do to help out? Don’t forget she has no one to run to now.

“What do you want us to do for her if not send her some money.” He said and look at my face.

“Why don’t we allow her live with us at least we have enough rooms in the house.

“Are you okay dear? I’m sorry to have asked.

“I am okay honey.” I responded without any other reasons.

“Why are we going to accept a grown up woman into our house. If we should give her money then she can go ahead and sort herself out.

“No na my husband. It’s just to help her stay for some few months until she gets herself and mentally stable to live on her own because as for now she’s still grieving and really need care and support.

He stood up without saying anything.

“Are you not going to say something honey? Please I beg you in the name of Jesus. At least if she’s around she can be my gist partner whenever you’re not around and don’t forget that you always traveled at times for days or months for work.

“I still don’t like the idea of wanting your friend to move in with us.

“And I said please, it’s just for few months and she will be gone. At least you have know her to be the only friend I have ever since.

After several pleading and persuading he eventually accepted and said I should just informed her to limit her doings in the house whenever he’s around.

“Of course, she’s not a baby that won’t know her stand. I trust her not to try any shit. I know the kind of person she’s and what she can do. If she is some wayward girls I wouldn’t dare talk to you about letting her stay in this house Never!.

“I have said my own.” He answered and went inside.

“Honey should I bring your food?.

“Not now.

“Why?? Are you still upset with me.” I went inside to meet him.
The next day Sewa came and brought her bag along because I have called her in the morning and told her that when coming she should prepare to come live with me. She hugged me tightly and appreciate me for helping her out. I told her it’s not my final say that it was all because of my husband that accepted it.

“Where is he? Is he at home so that I can thank him.

“He has gone to work but he will be back in the evening.

“Okay, thank you so much again Temmy God bless you in all in Jesus name.

“Amen oooo my darling friend. I’m happy that you’re here and you will surely be fine.

I assisted her with her luggage to the room provided for her. It’s our visitor room in-between another visitor room and my husband private room. She was really excited and even went on her knees crying and thanking me for my generosity.

“Abeg stop all these naa stop making me feel somehow jare and please cheer up. Get up and let me show you everywhere. “I have beans at home ooo if you want to eat.

She laughed and I’m happy that she did.

“I will eat oo as if you know I’m even famished and haven’t eating since morning.

“Are you joking??.” I asked in a serious reaction.

“is it not someone that have money that will eat.

“How about the money I sent you yesterday?.

“I have used out of it to settle my mother’s house payment.

To be continued.

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