For Better For Worse episode 3

For Better For Worse 💘


“You know if you should call him, he might still be angry and you know typing and conversation on phone is two different thing entirely. You might be chatting with him without knowing how angry he is but if you should call him that is when you will start hearing what you’re not supposed to.

“You are right Sha.” I reasoned to what she said.

“And secondly, since you’re angry with him for what he did, you can just use that as an excuse.

“ooh boy, Sewa you have a degree in thinking logically. Your sense too full abeg.” I laughed.

“That is why I studied counselling in school. I have to think in every aspect at the same time.

“I think the noodles is burning.” I said perceiving the smell.

“it is not burning, it might be the pot.” She said and returned to go check.

I balanced myself on the bed and started typing replying peter message.

Me: Good evening…..(I deleted it because there’s no need of greeting him again)
Hey….no!. (I deleted it again because I don’t want it to be as if I’m happy)
I didn’t know my phone went off and because I wasn’t happy, I didn’t know it was off.

I sent the message and it delivered immediately tickling blue. Just when I was about going offline his message entered. I peeped at it with one eyes to know what it was.

Peter: Are you still angry?

Me: Not anymore.” I giggled because the trick really works.
Peter: Have you charge now?
Me: Yeah, it’s plug.” I lied even though my phone percentage is 75%
Peter: I hope you have eaten?
Me: Not yet, but my roomie is cooking noodles.
Peter: noodles? Is noodles food? 😅😅
Me: 🤷then it’s what?
Peter: I don’t know why you and your roomie eat noodles a lot 🙄
Me: Because it is what we like and moreover it’s night and we can’t be eating heavy food.
Peter: 😅😅😅
That’s you ladies. Men eat anything eatable.
Me: That’s why you men get fat anyhow 😁
Peter: But I’m not fat.
Me: you will very soon, it’s just a matter of time 😜
Peter: 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
Me: Have you eating?

Sewa entered and gave me my food while she also sat on the carpet to eat.

“Thank you.” I said.

“So as he replied?.
“infact we are both chatting right now. It works on him like he didn’t even get angry at all.
“You know I told you.” She shrugged smiling.

I continued with my conversation with him.

Peter: you should trust me that I don’t joke with my appetite 😅😅
Me: What did you eat?
Peter: I ate pounded yam and Egusi 😋
Me: Are you kidding me 😳 why will you eat such this night.
Peter: That’s men for you. Anyways see you tomorrow by 3pm if you close from work.
Me: Alright, but please next time don’t eat such in the night again, this is not the first time I will be telling you this.
Peter: I have heard you.
Me: babe can my friend follow me?
Peter: Which of your friend?.
Me: My roomie.
Peter: you mean Sewa?.
Me: yes na.
Peter: But why?
Me: Because she asked for it.
Peter: must she followed us?.
Me: please naaaa 😭😭
Peter: oooh stop it babe, you know I don’t like third party in my affair.
Me: But She is not a third party, She is my blossom friend.
Peter: blossom friend that doesn’t like me and all of a sudden wanted to follow you out. But I hope it’s not what I’m thinking Temmy.
Me: Then what are you thinking 🤔.
Peter: I hope you haven’t told her about where I took you today because I don’t want to imagine it.
Me: Why will I tell her.”. I felt guilty instantly for lying.
Peter: Are you sure?.
Me: I am.
Peter: Then while the sudden interest?.
Me: She said she just wanted to go out because she will be bored all alone at home.
Peter: is this her first time of staying alone at home because I don’t get you 🤷
Me: babe just forget about it, if you don’t want her to follow me then forget about it.
Peter: typing….
Me: Goodnight.
Peter: She can follow you since that is what you want.
Me: really?
Peter: you just typed goodnight why?.
Me: I thought we have finished talking.
Peter: I know it’s because of what I said about not wanting your friend to go but it’s fine if that’s what you want.
Me: Thank you 😘😘😘😘😘
We ended up with night pleasantry and I moved to answering my customers.

Next Day

I called sewa after waiting for so long already in our hostel for her to return from work , peter won’t stop complaining about waiting for her. She eventually showed up on a bike and she alighted hurriedly with apologies and ran inside to change. If I had told peter to go ahead without waiting for her she will definitely be disappointed and I don’t want to ruin our friendship because of a little thing. She came out some minutes later and was dressed gorgeously as if going out for a blind date. She even dressed up more than me that she is following. Her skin was all showing and can seduce a man if such man his a flirt.

“Sorry guys, good afternoon peter.” She entered the back seat, closing the car door.

I looked at her again and she smiles at me with a look that she’s sorry for coming late. I was expecting her to get my signal and she wasn’t paying attention to it at all. I relaxed back and looked at peter face who seems not to be taking by her dress. He turned the ignition and drives away. I increased the volume of the song playing in the Car and before I knew it Sewa has started singing along, trying to make the journey lively.

To be continued.

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