For Better For Worse episode 13

For Better For Worse 💘

“How can you be so and foolish to bring in your friend into your matrimonial home because you want to help her? Are you that dumb or you don’t have sense at all. No wonder she was behaving strange when I entered. This is not a mere thing ooo that girl as bewitched your husband and it is just the truth.

“I know Mààmi and that’s why I have been pretending to be nice again with her. I just need to find something to do about it but it seems the charm have cleared from my husband eyes.

“Will you keep quiet there before I give you a hot slap to reset your coconut head. How can you do such without telling me and Even without telling me your Sense should work perfectly fine that you’re not supposed to do such. What if your husband is just pretending right now or what if she only charmed him in your house only that the charm only work in your house and not outside.

“Haa, you’re really making sense ooo mother because I was surprised also by her sudden behavior when she was talking to my husband like she talked to him like she does when she first came to my house.

“You are really funny Temmy, you trusted your friend in your house. What a nonsense!.

“I am sorry mother. What should I do now? Please.

“Thank God that you found a way to call me if not you will continue to live under her command, just imagine what she has turned you into ha! God knows that I will not take it easy with her at all. She must leave your home and husband alone, I hope you have been praying?.

“I do pray mother.

“You do pray or you always pray?.

“I always pray.

“I will call my pastor early in the morning tomorrow to tell him about it.

“Thank you so much mom.” I hugged her.

“Just pray she doesn’t get pregnant for your husband.

“It will never happen in Jesus name.

“This is really like some fairy tales like I have never seen it happened before. You’re trusting your friend hmmm it’s still surprising me.

I was happy that I was able to tell her. My mother is the only person I can confide in at the moment and I’m glad that I’m able to do that. My husband got discharged the next day in the afternoon and I didn’t bother to call Sewa about it so we went home. I was the one that drive and my husband won’t stop asking how I drove his car if I didn’t drive roughly. It was a great moment on our way home as we laughed and gist. I really wished it will continue to go on like this without anybody coming in between us. I don’t care whatever he might have done but I hope he will be able to forget Sewa and we will Continue to live like we do before. He was the one that opened the door for us to enter and as he also entered his countenance suddenly changed as he carried my mother load down and went straight to our room. I looked at my mother and she told me not to worry. Sewa came out and asked why I didn’t call her that we are coming and instead of me to talk it was my mother that answered her.

“And why must she tell you before coming home with her husband since you don’t have respect for elders.

“I am not talking to you Mama.” She answered her in surly manner.

“Are you okay Sewa? I hope you know it’s my mother you’re talking to or what is wrong with you!.

She hissed at me and returned to her room.

“You don’t need to fight her at this moment. Just leave her to display her stupidity.” My mother said.

I carried her load and carry them into another visitor room and I decided to go check on my husband and all for me to open my room and saw him and Sewa kissing passionately. Immediately she knew I entered she backed me and pushed my husband to the bed and he also complied and pulled her closer. I closed the door quietly, tears filled my eyes instantly and I return to the sitting room crying. My mother got up immediately and asked what happened.

“They are kissing mother (crying) she has gotten my husband again mother. He didn’t even look at my face for a second. Mother I can’t take this anymoreeee!.

She made me sit down and was patting my back that I shouldn’t cry that I was the one that caused it upon myself.
“I have called my pastor and he said he will be here soon.

“He will be here soon as how? Is he living around here?.

“He said he has called one of the pastor in our allocated church around here and the pastor is on his way here.


“Why the fake tears my dear friend and co wife.” Sewa said, coming out from the room with my husband.

“And who is your co wife you fool!.” I replied angrily.

“I thought we have agreed to live that way, so why the sudden change? Oh, is it because of your mother that’s here?.” She laughed. “ You should have told her we now live as wives in this house or is that not so babe?.” She asked my husband and he nodded his head affirming it.

“I see…I see.” My mother said nodding her head. “Peter are you not seeing me?.” She asked.

“I do. So what is the point in asking.” He answered hissing at her.

My mother stood up and held my hand and dragged me out of the house.

“It is clearly obvious that she has charmed your husband and he has been controlled by her.

“ehn, I know Mààmi! Let quickly find a way out to rescue my husband.” I grumbled.

I left her and return inside the house she later entered some minutes later and she sat down looking at me and checking her phone every minute. She stood up and started praying going to and fro in the sitting room.

“What is the meaning of this nonsense old woman! Is this place a crusade or what?.” Sewa asked aggressively coming out from the room.

“And what is your problem with that if she’s praying, is it not my house?.” I asked blocking her from getting close to my mother.

“And it’s not only your house! Is it because I have been so lenient with you in this house that gave you the audacity to bring your mother inside my husband house.

“Ha ha, égbàmi your house and your husband house?? Abeg when did you marry the man that made you think you have access to this house Sewa. You that I’m supposed to bundled out of my house and you’re here claiming to be rightful owner. Are you crazy!.” I pushed her away and she fell down.

“Honeeeey!.” She screamed and my husband ran out.

“What happened?.” He asked raising her up.

“Just imagine the nonsense you’re doing Sewa, someone that just returned from the hospital that is supposed to rest you have started manipulating him again right. Sha don’t k.ill my husband for me I use God to beg you.” I said to her and really pitied my husband because he is looking stressed already.

“I can’t take this anymore babe, you have to lock her and her mother up without allowing them go out and make sure you beat them up mercilessly. Just look at how she pushed me.

“You lied! I will not allow him do such to my mother you witch! Honey please don’t listen to her, she has bewitched you.

Someone knocked the door and I ran faster to the door and open it. Four men entered, two of them where holding bible. One of them asked if I’m Mrs peter and I said yes. My mother stopped her prayer and greeted them that how did they eventually get the house address without calling her.

“We followed the description you gave us and thank God we made it.

“You are welcome.” My mother answered them smiling.

“Ehn ehn, what is the meaning of all these? Who are they? Where did they come from? Who called for them?.

“I did and there’s nothing you can do about it.” My mother answered her.

She laughed clapping her hands and looked at my husband who is just looking like a moron.

“Dear let us go inside.” She said to him and hold his hand.

“you lied! You agent of darkness! You lied!.” One of the pastor said, stretching his bible at her.

“You must be very stupid for calling me that, is as if you don’t have what to do right, for coming to face me. You sugar cane pastors!.” She answered loudly in anger at them and pulled my husband angrily turning to go inside. I ran to her and pushed her from behind, she turned and we started fighting blowing each other and falling around in the sitting room.

“Leave them.” The pastor said to them from separating us. He asked my husband to knee down and he obey.

“Nooo!.” Sewa shouted and free herself from me and ran inside the room and came out some minutes later holding a calabash. I jumped behind the pastors as they were praying, the pastor opened his eyes while the rest continue to pray.

“I said it.” I muttered.

“Before you think you can have my captive I will destroy all of you!.” She said and smashed the calabash on the floor.

I screamed from where I was and spinnned around holding my head and that’s all I could remember.

To be continued.

For Better For Worse 💘


Temmy ran around displaying madness scattering her body saying gibberish.

“The Lord God will take control.” The pastor said.

“Take control in what I have already done hahaha hahahaha you better start your count down because it remains the husband and I to join her.” Sewa said.

“I command you by the name of Jesus that any charms, calamity you have brought into this house should be destroyyyyyy! I decree freedom into this home! Carry your cross by yourself right now in Jesus name!.

They were all praying moving around peter and Temmy continuously while speaking in tongues. Temmy stopped and regain her sanity looking everywhere in shocked. Her husband fell down and di.ed instantly and she ran to him shaking him and crying at the same time.

“Honey please wake up, I’m very sorry please wake up!.” She cried.

“Yeh! How come?.” Sewa shouted and suddenly spinnned around and screamed and started laughing as She runs m@d.

“in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

“Amen!.” They all chorused.

“pastor! My husband! Please my husband, he is not moving.” She cried pleading.

“The Lord has rescued you and you should be grateful.

“What sort of grateful is that pastor when my husband is lying lifeless here and you said I should be grateful haaaaaa yehhhh .” She screamed dragging her husband body.

“My dear this is not time to be crying, the young lady here has made a covenant on your husband.

She jumped on Sewa who is already displaying madness and hit her body angrily.

“Give me an antidote to wake my husband you foolish girl! Give me an antidoteeeee!.

“You think you’re wise abi hehehehe see, I have drank animal blo.od on behalf of your husband and he must surely di.e!.

“Heeyyyy mààmiiiii see what I have done to myself haa! My life is ruined! I have destroy my home!.

“The baba said I should break the calabash if you tried taking a step ahead of me that once it break that you will run m@d hahahaha but you see now that I’m the one you sent it back to. How can you do this to me you silly girl. I have leave your husband ooo you can have him to yourself I don’t want him again.

“Then wake him up! Wake him!!!.

“Sprinkle salt on him and he will sneeze and wake up.” She answered laughing crazily.

“Go and bring the salt fast!.” The pastor said while the rest continue to pray.

“You mean I should bring what she said??.

“Get up and go bring it!.” Her mother shouted at her and she speedily ran into the kitchen and return back with their salt. The pastor collected it from her and quote some bible verse in it and sprinkled it all over his body. Sewa continues to laugh at them pointing her hands to peter body.

“He is not waking up pastor.” Temmy said again fidgeting. when it didn’t work, the pastor and others round peter and began to blast in tongue fervently for revival of soul.

Peter sneeze out loudly three times and opened his eyes along the line and Temmy pulled him up to her body and continues to sob rubbing his body.

“Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!!!.” She cried.

“What happened sweetheart?.” He asked looking around and wonder why he is sitting on the floor.

“The lord is good.

“All the time!.” Temmy mother shouted responding loudly.

“Madam, I say a big congratulations to you and this should be a great lesson to you.

“Great lesson as how?.” Peter asked confusedly.

“Thank you so much pastor, I’m really grateful that you even honoured me by coming may God bless you.” Temmy mother said kneeling down for him.

“What happened to your friend?.” Peter asked as he stand up.

The pastor prayed again for them and as they were about going Sewa ran out of the house putting her sleepers in her mouth as if chewing stick.

“She is gone and will never return to your home in Jesus name.

“Ameeeenn!.” She shouted loudly.

The pastor left and Temmy, her mother and her husband returned inside.

“Look at what just happened, what if she didn’t tell us what we can use to revive your husband? And even with that it didn’t work. God is not a fool neither did he not know when to showcase his power. He divert the madness she rendered you back to her because he wanted to give you a second chance. You better go down on your knees and begged your husband.

“So Temmy, your friend has been using charm on me in my house, in my own house!.

“I am sorry honey, please forgive me. I regretted not listening to you. I allowed my friendship trust ruined my home but I’m glad that God has restored it. Please forgive me pleaseeeeeee!.

“I warned you! I really warned you Temmy but you allowed her in because you want to help. I don’t think I can tolerate staying with a wife that doesn’t listen to her husband because of friendship. What if I had d.ied because of your stupidity? So I will just like that ha!.

“Màbinu ókómi (sorry my dear) I know she has also learned her lesson and she won’t even dare it again in her life. Some friends can be deceitful because of what they envy about you. They can crawl for you by showing kindness physically but within them their mind is full of hatred. It’s not like you shouldn’t help but doing it without your husband full consent is bad and moreover a female friend in your home is never advisable. So please my dear son (she kneel down) I’m begging on her behalf that you should forgive her and I pray that no man or woman will ever put asunder in your marriage. Please my dear, forgive her.

“haaahhh.” Peter cried bitterly shedding tears.

That was how my story comes to an end, my husband might forgive me but I know he will never forget what I had done to him in the past. Really there are friends and there are some friends. Sewa is the reference to the some friends because she has taught me a great lesson I will never forget. Everyday of my life I always make sure my husband doesn’t have any reason to get angry with me to the extent of reminding me of my wrong past. I was glad that he didn’t chased me away and he said he only forgo everything because of how I was really committed to him doing our courtship days and his love for me.

Sewa is nowhere to be found and I don’t even care to know about her whereabouts because she deserved what she got. I love my husband and my husband loves me and I’m ready to continually walked with him till the end of time. In three months time I will be giving birth to our first child and our joy will surely be more than ever. I know you must have learned one or two things from my story and you should never behave stupid like me. This act if forgiveness from my husband really prove his promised of being with me in good and bad, which is for better For Worse.



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