For Better For Worse episode 11&12

For Better For Worse

Episode 11

“Temmy are you listening to me at all?.

I step down from the bed and face her, pretending to be remorseful.

“Then why will my husband suddenly change at me Sewa? You know I trusted you really so well and you’re the only person I can count on doing our service Year, and you definitely know me very well and…and infact everything about my husband and I.

“You are right.

“I am sorry if truly I was only being too forward and thinking otherwise about you by fighting you. But it’s because of what you said that actually triggered my impatient and angered at you.

“What did I say? Can you remind me?.

“When you said you have been longing to have my husband right from when you knew he has money.

“ohh oh, I was only joking Temmy, I said that just to pull your legs.

“You should have been truthful to me if not I won’t have been fighting you unnecessary. I’m sorry then. “Sorry my foot!(in my mind).

“It is okay.” She spread her hands for a hug and I hugged her.

For Better For Worse 💘

That was how I began my pretence with Sewa and whenever my husband return from work she is the only one that always dictate when and how he would sleep in our room. I know that I have to play fool to capture a fool. It’s the Bat weakness that someone can use to catch a Bat. So i just have to be patient and play along with everything. Whenever she asked my husband to come sleep in my room at night, I won’t sleep but always pray over him throughout the night fervently. I continuously do it persistently for more than three weeks until One morning he woke up in my room and looked at me strangely.

“Good morning honey.” I greeted as I prepared to go to the kitchen to cook for all of us.

“Why are you looking so unkept?.” He asked looking at me and I smiled.

“I am okay honey.

“What do you mean by you are okay? Look at how you are looking. When last did you go out to make your hair?.” He asked looking serious and he suddenly fell back on the bed and slept again. I ran to him and touched him calling him to wake up and he didn’t answer. I shouted Sewa and she ran inside fearfully by the way I screamed her name.

“What happened?.” She asked.

“He woke up not quite long and suddenly fall back asleep and…and he won’t answer me.

“What then happen?.” She asked touching his body. “it is getting cold ooo.

“Cold ke?.” I shouted scattering my head around. “To the hospital, let carry him to the hospital!.”

“Wait let me quickly call someone. I will come back now.” She said and ran out.

She returned some minutes later but I have already dragged my husband down and have pulled him to the entrance before she came. She looked really disturb and frightening, her body expression is so obvious that something is truly happening to her. She joined me and we carried him outside. It feels like I just came out from the darkness after a very long time, coming outside for the first time really made me happy. She entered the driver sit and I had to sit at the back beside my husband as she drives out to the hospital.

When we arrived there he was admitted immediately but my mind was not at rest at all. I asked her to give me his phone so that I can inform his family but she refused that I should just calm down. I wanted to dragged it with her at that moment but my mind keeps telling to calm down and not to cause trouble in the hospital premises. I keep calm and the doctor came out and ask who his wife is.

“I am the one!.” We both echoed and the doctor was confused.

“Here is my ring.” I showed it to him and he looked at Sewa who looked away. “So tell me, what is the problem?.

“Follow me madam.” He said and I followed immediately leaving Sewa behind.


“Why didn’t you bring him on time?.

His question almost gave me heart attack as I looked at him fretting all over.

“what…wha..t happened doctor??.” I asked.

“Calm down madam, don’t give yourself hypertension please just calm down.

“I am calmed now doctor, just tell me what happened.

“But you haven’t answered my question?.

“it was because I didn’t realized he has fainted for long and by the time I will end up bringing him we tried our best as fast as we can. So tell me what happened?.

“Nothing happened.

“ha, Thank God. Thank God, you almost really gave me hypertension doctor.

“And that was why I said you should calm down.

“So what happened to my husband?.

“He has Oneirophobia.


“yes, I detected that he has the fear and anxiety of dreaming. He passed out due to the dream he had.

“Huh! But it has never happened before.

“Maybe you haven’t noticed him all these while.

“But how is he now?.

“He is fine, at least he should be awake by now.

“Ha thank God! Can I go see him please.

“Why not.

“Ehm, but please doctor can you do me a favour?.

“And what is the ma.

“Is there a way you can get my husband phone from the lady that followed me?

He smirked.

“How will I go to her and request for your husband phone, is it not for your husband? Can’t you collect it yourself ma?.

“Don’t worry, I understand you. But you won’t understand me.

“I hope all is well?.

“yes, all is well.” I answered and he write out some drugs I will need to get and then gave it to me. I stood up to go and think what else I can do because I don’t want Sewa to know anything about what happened to my husband or even knowing that he might be awake now.

“Can you do me a favour sir.” I asked politely and he looked at me as if tired of my request for favour.

“What favour is it again ma?.

I went down on my knees.

“Please doctor can you send that girl to get the drugs and probably tell me in her present that I should call my relatives or my husband relative please I beg you in the name of God.

“madam please get up, is that why you’re kneeling down for me. Please get up. But firstly who is the lady to you? Is she not your relative?.

“She is not oo doctor. There is more than what you’re seeing, at least you saw how she also claimed to be my husband wife.

“I was confused and surprised at the same time also. If not for the ring I saw on you I wouldn’t have believed you either.

“God bless you for not listening to her. So please just do as I said.

I left his office after he has accepted to do as I said. He must have knew that something is going on for him to volunteer to do so. I returned to the waiting room and Sewa stood up immediately she saw me and asked what happened.

“Please give her the drugs to get it for you.” The doctor said and she collected it faster.

“Where will I get all these?.

“There is a pharmacy store behind this building, that’s where you can get them.

“Okay sir.” She turns to go and the doctor said that I should call my husband relative that he is in critical condition.

“Jesus! Critical condition doctor!.” She asked in shocked.

“Please hurry immediately to get the medicine sister.” The doctor said to her.

“Please give me my husband phone.” I said it immediately in the presence of the doctor before she will go. She knew she can’t pretend not to have it at that moment because I will definitely make her bring it out.

“Take.” She gave it to me reluctantly and she go out. She returned some minutes back and told me that his password to unlock his phone is 77885566, she has even know and uses password to unlock his phone 📱 Chai I don suffer for Sewa hand. She left and I asked the nurse where their restroom is and I was directed there.

I entered and unlock the phone with the password she called and flipped down his contact list and called my mother instead.

To be continued.

For better For Worse 💘

“Heloo my dear.

“This is Temmy maami.

“Ha, okómí how are you? i called…”

“Mother, I’m not fine, I’m seriously not fine. How can you get to my house today or tomorrow.

“ I don’t understand you my dear, you’re not fine as how? What of your husband?

“In the hospital Mààmí he is seriously sick.

“Ehn! Égbàmi what happened to him??.

“Just make sure to come and don’t call this number unless I call you.” I ended the call and deleted the last number. I then go outside pretending to be looking for his family contact or let me just say I was going through his contact list.

“Have you called them?.” Sewa asked as I get to where she’s .

“Their numbers are not going, I don’t know why .” I lied.

“You don’t need to call them again if they don’t pick.

“I think I should just let them be truly.” I locked his phone and hold it.

As we were waiting to be called one of the nurse came out and said I should follow her, I sprang up immediately and go after her.

“What about me? Should I still wait?.” Sewa asked behind me but non of the nurse answered her. I entered where my husband is and the nurse said I should stay with him incase he might need anything. “Thank you nurse.

“you are welcome ma .” She answered and left.

I looked at my husband, his innocent face and the ugly face the fóól now want to take away from me. I touched his palm and rub it gently and didn’t know when I started crying silently. I don’t know what might trigger the condition the doctor said he had. He has never experienced such before and I don’t know why it’s now happening to him but my joy there is that he is now fine. He was able to recover from it. If my mother should come tomorrow or today, the best thing to do is just to follow her and go see any pastor concerning this issue or perhaps I should call the police on Sewa. But will the police even solve it? Someone that is controlling my husband, what if she controls him to go against anything the police might say. Well, don’t let me jumped into conclusion yet until my mother arrived. I lay my head on his side and thinking about what to do.

“Sweetheart.” He called and I raised my help up immediately.

“Honey, are you awake? Oh, you’re awake. How are you? Are you okay now?.

“I am hungry.

“huh, you’re hungry? I’m coming let me go and prepare you something.” I answered happily standing up to go.


“yes honey.” I answered.

“Why are you crying? Is something wrong?.

“I am okay honey, just give me some minutes to bring you food.

“Don’t worry, don’t go. I prefer you to stay.

“But why? You said you’re hungry.

“I just don’t want you to go.

“I will stay with you.” Sewa said from the entrance as she walked in.

I quickly sit down back beside my husband.

“And why will you stay with me?.” He asked and I was surprised.

“So that she can go and bring whatever you want her to bring.

“And did you know what I wanted to bring for him?.” I asked.

“Whatever you intend to do for him.” She rolled her eyes.

“Can you excuse us.” My husband said and I was kind of surprised more to be sure he’s the one talking to her like that.

“If that’s what you want sir.

“Sir,”. I muttered hoping it’s what I actually heard.

“Did you just call my husband Sir Sewa?.” I asked her but she left without saying a word.

“Why are you surprised by that?.” My husband asked.

“Honey, are you sure you’re really okay?.

“Why asking me such? Have I not been okay before?. He giggled.

“I am just kind of confused and surprised about what is going on.

“And what exactly is going on then?.

“Don’t worry let me just keep it within me”. I smiled and poke him playfully.

“I think I’m better now.

“Not now until the doctor confirms it.

“What really happened to me?.

“Just forget about it and let just thank God for your life that he didn’t allow me become a widow all of a sudden.
In the evening I went home to prepare food for him and Sewa didn’t talk to me or say anything concerning my husband, I also didn’t care about her wanting to know about his wellness. As I was about carrying the bag I put the food someone knocked the door and I go to the door along with the bag and open the door.

“Mààmí!.” I called.

She entered looking so worried, I told her that I’m on my way to the hospital and I will be glad if she follows me.

“Oya oya let us go. How is he feeling now? Immediately you called me in the morning I just quickly make arrangements with what I have to do today and started coming.

Sewa entered the sitting room chewing gum loudly and ignored my mother.

“Who is she?.” My mother asked.

“Don’t worry mààmi let just go to the hospital. Sewa I’m going.

“uhm.” She grumbled In a low voice and a surly manner.

My mother looked back again and I had to hurry out of the house in other not to ask me more questions. We got to the hospital and I entered my husband ward, my mother followed and I gave my mother the single chair to sit while I stand to attend to him.

“Pélé my dear.

“Thank you ma.” He answered as I assisted him to sit upright on the wall. “You suddenly showed up ma, I hope all is well?.” He asked and I signal to my mother with my eyes.

“All is well my dear. Actually, I came for a naming ceremony of one of my friend along Amen Estate and I said toh, since my daughter house is closed by that I should just come to say hello. It was when I came not quite long that she then told me that you’re not feeling fine. How are you feeling now?.

“Thank you for checking on us ma and I’m already fine.” He smiled.

Two hours later my mother and I go out after he slept and she took her wrapper from her bag so that she will use it to cover her body. We sat on the long chair in the hospital waiting arena as we began our discussion. I told her everything that happened and how foolish and stupid I was to have trusted my friend. My mother listened attentively and when I finished my narration the first word that comes out of her mouth was

“You are a big fool!.

To be continued.

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