Esther (chapter 1)

I was having a misunderstanding with my wife because of the way she raised her voice at me in the grocery store.

I was infuriated but I had to keep my cool as I left the store.

On our way home, we were silent. Nobody spoke to each other. Esther, my wife was the kind of woman who would never apologize no matter what.

In our two years of marriage, I had been the one doing the apologizing even when she was wrong or when I was wrong.

I felt somehow but I had to do it so that peace would reign in our marriage.

I married Esy as I fondly called her because she was extremely beautiful, kind, smart and hardworking. Infact, she complimented me in an amazing way.

During our courtship days, I was always the one to apologise whenever there was problem between us. Esy strongly believed that a woman should never beg a man.

I knew that it was her weakness but I was willing to marry her while hoping that her other good qualities would paper over the cracks.

I guess I was wrong. I had never seen her apologize for the past 3 years we got married.

On our way home that night, we drove home like strangers. She didn’t speak to me and I didn’t speak to her either.

I swore that it was the last straw. I will never apologize to her no matter what.

We got home that night and I took my bath alone for the first time in 3 years. I slept as I cuddled myself with the pillow since there was intense cold that night.

We became strangers in my own house. We made sure we avoided each other and I also made sure that each time I was coming back from work, I would branch into an eatery close to my office and eat very well.

I noticed that she always prepared my food and served it on the dinning table for me each day but I didn’t touch the food she made for me.

Esther on her own part refused to apologise. Her pride was out of this world. I knew she was húrt but her pride wouldn’t allow her to apologise to me.

I was hurtïng too but….

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