Esther episode 3


Esther(Chapter 3)

I gazed at her for some minutes because it was tempting but I had to summon courage to resist the temptation.

I went straight to the wardrobe where I removed my clothes and headed straight to the door.

I was about to leave the room when I noticed that she adjusted herself and laid down in a way that exposed her huge behind.

I was about to give in until I remembered my resolve. I sighed loudly and banged the door after me.

I knew she was surprised because immediately I left the room, I peeped through the tiny hole on the door and noticed how she baffled she was.

She never imagined that I would be able to leave the room without trying to get intimate with her.

I went to the parlour and slept that night.

Gradually, we started living in the house like total strangers. We would come back from work and leave for work each day without saying a word to one another.

After two months, it became so evident that Esy’s pride would never allow her to apologise for what she did.

When I noticed that it had gotten to another level was the day I was about to leave for work.

My only daughter, Abigail ran up to me and said,
“Dad, what’s happening between you and mummy. Are you fighting with mummy? When last did you hug or kíss mum before leaving for work”, she asked inquisitively with tears in her eyes.

“Eeeerm My daughter, you won’t understand but I promise to buy your favorite doll when coming back from work today”, I stuttered as I tried to make her forget what she said.

I was in awe as to how my little girl was able to notice all these things.

Her words kept ringing in my heart as I left for work that day.

My marriage was in shambles and since my wife doesn’t want to apologise nicely, I will make her apologize by all means.

I had done everything to make our marriage to work but this time around, I will take drastic measures to see that my wife changes for good.

I need to save my marriage by all means.

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