EFETOBORE episode 3



Where are you taking me to. Mona leave me Abeg I won go house. Please I don’t even know how I got here in the first place. The last thing I could recall was me sleeping in my house… And then…. And then…. I.., I.., I…”

“Will you shût up! Instead of you to thank your God that I saved your life you’re here running your mouth like parrot.” One of them shouted, slapping him across his face and he quickly remained silent till they drove him to an unknown location.

They infiltrated the compound, and a group of men, around the same age as Efe, gathered in the small shade inside the compound that one could find it difficult to notice. However, some were considerably older than him, but the majority of them were armed with guns and topless with skins filled with stretch marks and tattoos. They resembled a notorious gang, likely associated with a secretive organization that remained hidden from public knowledge. Efe, witnessing the dire circumstances, instantly realized that his life was in grave danger. Overwhelmed with fear, he started pleading for their assistance, fully aware that he had never encountered such heavily armed individuals before.

“You’re already part of us, and there’s no turning back now. I saved your life for a purpose,” the man that drove the car stated, removing his glasses and instructing Efe to address him as “Oga.” Efe nodded frightfully.

“Rex, bring the boy inside and do what’s necessary,” Oga reiterated. “Yes, sir,” one of them responded, temporarily discarding his firearm and fórcefully hauling him indoors. The remaining gangs continued to rough up Efe, striking his back and ripping his shirt with a knife until they successfully dragged him to the midst of others.

It appeared as though were having a large gathering inside and they were all sitting down on some expensive and golden chairs forming a circle, the man hauled Efe in their middle and they quickly remained silent fixing their gaze on me. They were eagerly smoking and taking some hard drugs/alcohol

“Waeti be your name!” One chubby muscular one questioned, belching directly on my face. As he kept giggling and sipping the alcohol on his left hand.

“Efe. My—My, My—My, name is Efe.”
“How many years you dey?”
“I’m—I’m, 21yrs.”

“You Sabi shoot gun? You Sabi kîll person?”
Efe remained silent, the question alone was making his whole body to vibrate coursing through his veins as he grappled with the question. The tension in the house was suffocating

He slapped him and questioned him again “You Sabi shôot gun?”

“Abeg. Abeg.. I won go house abeg. Please I don’t know how I got here. Please to be sincere I don’t know one thing that you people are talking about. Please..”

The man’s eyes bore into Efe’s, a mix of impatience and amusement evident on his face. Without warning, he delivered another harsh sláp across Efe’s cheek, causing his head to snap sideways.

“I asked you a question, boy! Can you shoot a gun?” the man bellowed, his voice echoing through the air.

Efe winced from the pain, his cheek stinging from the impact, with saliva dripping from his mouth. Summoning his courage, he met the man’s gaze and fórced himself to speak with more conviction. “Yes, yes, yes sir, I know how to handle a gun.”

A murmur rippled through the room as the assembled members exchanged intrigued glances. Efe’s response seemed to spark some interest among them.

The man said, a hint of satisfaction in his voice. “It appears you might be of some use to us after all. This week will tell.”

Relief washed over Efe, knowing that his answer had bought him a chance, albeit a precarious one. He couldn’t help but wonder what kind of dangerous path he had just set foot upon. The gang seemed to be a fôrce to be reckoned with, and now he found himself reluctantly entangled within their web of power and control.

As the members of The Society continued their deliberation, Efe’s mind raced, trying to formulate a plan to navigate the treacherous situation. They dragged him inside one of their rooms and threw some rice that was neatly tied in a small nylon at him and locked the door.

That was how they locked him there like an animal for three days tossing some meager stuffs like groundnut, oranges and banana of which kept him alive. The fourth day they released him and prepared him for battle, informing him that they had a family that they intend to rob at night.

Efe continued to struggle in comprehending the intentions of The Society, until the appointed time arrived. Five members were provided with individual guns and masks, each assigned a specific task. Recognizing Efe’s relative inexperience in this dangerous game, they informed him that he would receive instructions when the time came. They entered Inside one particular dark car and drove to the man’s compound.

Sadly the gate was locked because it’s late, so the five of them organized themselves and climbed the fence. Efe’s mind was clearly not in their stupîd mission but clearly looking for numerous ways to escape but how could he do that when all their eyes were on him and his gun was not even loaded. One beautiful young lady was sighted outside, tossed away some water and began heading back inside. Our commander instructed the four of us to trail her.

Written by Nicholas Stephen✍🏽✍🏽

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