Edmond and his dead wife episode 9


Having established their relationship as blood brothers, Edmond and Austin set out to find out the truth about the MD.

Edmond’s late wife, Rukiyat, bore a total resemblance of Austin’s ex-wife – Rukiat.

Confused on what to do, they both headed to my place. It was dead in the night, and I had switched off my phone. I head a knock on my door.

Having recognized the voice as Edmond’s, I tiptoed to the window to have a closer view. With him was a man I would later find out to be Austin.

“Oga Ezek, please open up. I have tried your number and it’s off. I know it’s late, but this issue cannot wait till morning. We have to plan on what to do. We want to meet her as early as possible. That is why we are here. I don’t have any other person I can trust. Please! Please!”

I was still watching them from the window unoticed.

As they were about to leave, I opened the door.

“I don’t know what you really want from me,” I began.

“Things have really become messy. I have just discovered…”

“Follow me,” I interrupted Edmond as I held his hand to the backyard. “That we started job the same day does not make us friends. Bringing another demon to my house by this time of the night is the worst thing you could do to me. What if he keeps coming here after you leave? You see this thing you are…”

“I don’t know why you reason like this. That’s my brother. That’s Austin my brother. My mother told me I had a twin brother who was given out to a wealthy man as an appreciation for taking care of the cost of separating us. I don’t have time for detailed explanation. It is fate that brought us together. I… ”

“Which fate?” I interrupted. “Guy, I have time. You woke me up from sleep to listen to your tales and you’re telling me you don’t have time? You must have time ooo. You better start talking or you leave my compound.”

“Fine!” Edmond continued. “Austin please come.”

“I didn’t say he should come.” I then turned to Austin and added: “Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop there, don’t come any closer.”

“Remember when you asked how I got this scar on my head and I told you it was an accident? I lied. It wasn’t an accident. I got it from the operation that was done to separate my brother and I. We were joined on the head. My parents told me so. We are very identical. Flash your torch light on his face and confirm our resemblance.”

I flashed my light and confirmed the look. I was startled. I had never seen twins as identical as they were.

“Bros come closer,” I beckoned on Austin.

“My mother told me that we both have white scrotums as white patches is synonymous with our family. See!”

Edmond pulled down his trouser to reveal his white scrotum, and so did Austin. I needed no soothsayer to tell me they were twins. It was too obvious.

Edmond took time to explain everything to me.

“So what next? What are you going to do now?” I asked.

“That is why we are here. You told me her name is Rukiyat, right?”

I nodded.

“Good. That was my late wife’s name, but my brother here said her name is Rukiat. According to him, she was his wife. In fact, let him speak for himself.”

He gestured for Austin to speak.

“Bros, thanks for letting us into your compound by this time of the night,” Austin began. “I am Austin Donwell. The CEO of Donwell Group of Companies, which EWEE Oil & Gas is one of them. I have properties all over Asia and the Caribbean. I flew into Nigeria to…”

“Errmmmm! Bros forget that side. We will come to that later. Tell us your connection with our MD, and make it brief,” I cautioned.

“Ok. EWEE Oil & Gas was given to me by my father as a wedding gift the day I married Rukiat. Our union was blessed with 2 kids – a boy and a girl. At a point, my wife accused me of infidelity, domestic violence and everything unbefitting of a gentleman. She then field for a divorce. After months of legal battle, we got divorced. She got costudy of the kids. The court ruled that I gave her some of my properties. That was why EWEE Oil & Gas was handed over to her. However, I’m surprised that she is the MD, instead of being the CEO. You can as well take a look at our photos here in my phone.”

He brought out his phone and showed me their pictures.

“The property she stays is the only property I have here in Uyo. I went there last evening to check on my kids before they return to school. That was when I ran into Edmond. I also have something to say concerning our paternity, but not now. I’ll say that much later,” Austin concluded.

“Interesting. Very interesting, and I believe you,” I assured. “So what next? What do we do?”

“Both of us have her pictures in our phones,” Edmond began, “I think we should confront her in the office this morning. She must explain why she was so obsessed with me the very moment she saw me. She must tell us how and why she married both of us. She has a lot to explain, and if she doesn’t want to talk, we involve the media. I think the MD of EWEE Oil & Gas will not want to watch the media drag her company.”

“That’s a good idea. I support it. We should be at the company around 9am. I think that will be fine. I’ll call my lawyers to be on alert incase she wants to play smart,” Austin suggested.

“I think I’m fine with that,” I agreed. “Let’s confront her. However, I will advice we tread with caution. Demons don’t have human sympathy. I’m saying this just incase. Errrrmm, by my time, it’s 4:27am already. Go and prepare. Pick me up here by 8:30am. Please come with your phones. We will need those photos.”

Everyone accepted.

© Ezekiel Umoren

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