Edmond and his dead wife episode 5


I watched as Edmond went out of sight and it was time to go home.

It was dark already, so I hurriedly boarded a taxi home.

After telling my wife how hectic my day was, I went to bed.

At around 2am, my phone rang. It was Edmond.

My wife was the first to wake up.

“Who’s that calling by this time?” she asked.

“It’s Edmond. I told him not to follow that woman.”

“Then answer him. Maybe he needs your assistance, but you’re not leaving this house until morning.”

“Hello,” I began talking on the phone, “what’s the issue?”

“Bros, I’ve found where she stays,” he responded in whispers. “She didn’t go home straight. It’s now that she entered her compound.”

“Ok? So where are you now?”

“I’m outside her compound. I’m hiding behind the flowers. I’ll stay here till morning.”

“How is the place like? Is that where you rented for her?”

“You’re so daft! Rented what? I’ve told you my story severally. Are you mocking me?”

“No sir! Sorry for the mockery. So what are you going to do now? Will you go in?”

“Go in to where?”

“Into the compound nah!”

“Bros listen. She went to a hotel since that evening. She knows so many people in this city. It’s like she has been here for long a time. All ladies. They were drinking, eating and discussing.”

“Do you know any of those ladies?”


“Did she see you?”

“No! She didn’t. I was careful not to be spotted.”

“Let me tell you bros, she saw you. You know she’s a demon, and demons see very far. They can even see through walls that bullets cannot go through.”

“How do you know?”

“Stay there and be asking me ‘how do I know?’ By the time you are caught, you will know that demons don’t have mercy like humans. Please allow me to continue my rest. Let me in peace, I mean sleep in peace. Just be careful out there.” The call ended.

Before 7:30am, the MD was already in the office, but Edmond was still hiding behind the flowers outside the compound, waiting for anyone who would come out from the compound. He was determined to get answers to his numerous questions.

Mosquito bites, cold and hunger were nothing compared to the mystery he was set to unravel.

Time went by, but no one opened the gate, neither was he able to see the compound since the fence was very tall.

By 12 noon, he was already tired, hungry, thirsty and exhausted.

Before 2pm, he was already with neither shirt nor singlet.

All the money he had on him was used to pay the Uber he hired the previous night. He was without a dime.

By 4pm, he had removed his shoes too and moved out to sit on the other side of the road, opposite the house.

Every passers by mistook him for a mentally deranged man.

Poor boy!

By few minutes past 5pm, an exotic car stopped by the gate.

As the driver blew the horn for the gate to be thrown open, Edmond, having gathered all the strength he had left in him, waved for the driver to wait while he struggled to cross over to the car.

As he approached the car, one of the back windows went down, revealing someone Edmond could never imagined of – his identical twin brother.

How is he related to Rukiyat, the MD/Edmond’s late wife?

The next episode will reveal.

© Ezekiel Umoren

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