Edmond and his dead wife episode 3


I hurriedly returned to my office and began working on the details of all the staff of the company, especially that of Edmond as instructed.

At a point, I Remembered that I did ask Edmond to wait for me at the beer parlor opposite the company, so I picked up my phone and dialed his number to intimate him of the demand of our MD.

Forgetting that I was with his phone, his phone rang in my pocket instead.

I dropped the phones, entered the restroom and washed my face.

I came back and sat on the system, but my mind was unstable.

I reached out to Victor via call, but he could not show up. After a few minutes of work, I paused to call my wife.

I told her all that happend, but from her tonation, she was not bothered at all.

“You know you like getting yourself into trouble. Do what you’re asked to do and come back home. Don’t go looking for what is not looking for you,” she advised and dropped the call.

“Are you done?” asked the MD.

I turned immediately and with all the strength I had, I shouted “Jesus!”

Frightened, she asked: “What’s that for?”

“You startled me ma’am. Sorry, I am startled… I was startled. I didn’t know you where standing here. I’m sorry. That was my wife.”

“I didn’t ask you who that was. Are you done with what I asked you to do?” she fired.

“I’m on it ma’am. I’ve sent all the files for printing. I’ll bring them as soon as I’m done.”

For how long she had stood there unnoticed, I did not know, but I knew I deserved to be sacked for revealing what happened in the company to a third party.

However, that did not bother me because I had already made up my mind to resign voluntarily the next day.

Having spent about 5 hours working on the project, it was time to submit. I summoned courage and went to her office. I was determined to know her name too.

“These are our data. Everybody. This other file is Edmond’s.”

“Good! You may go.”

“Excuse me madam. Don’t be angry please. I don’t know your name. I mean, you didn’t do the introduction that morning. Can I atleast know your name?”

She smiled, revealing her perfect dentition and diastema (gap tooth), same as what I saw in the phone.

“You’ve been acting weird since you came here the first time, and even now. I can’t believe you still have the nerves to ask of my name.”

“I’m sorry ma’am.”

“No, it’s ok. I like your boldness. Well, my name is Rukiyat Bo…”

“Ruki what?” I interrupted almost immediately.

“Rukiyat Bola. Any other question?”

“No ma’am. Just one question.”

She folded her arms and looked at me in awe.

“Go on.”

“Are…are…are you married?”

She smiled again and clapped her hands in bewilderment.

“Men! Men! Men! Why do you ask? You want to marry me?”

“No no no no no madam. I don’t want to marry you. I have a wife and a 4 year old son. I just want to know your name. Just that. Don’t be offended please.”

“It’s ok. I was, but now I’m single and I’m not searching. Thanks for your time. You may go now because as a matter of fact, you’re the only staff left in this premises besids the security men and my driver. It’s already past 5pm.”

Just then, it seemed as if the entire building was on my head. I could not move. Goosebumps took over my entire body. My legs became heavy.

I cleaned my eyes with the back of my hand to maintain a clear vision.

“Go home and rest, young man. You’re really tired. See you tomorrow.”

Then as a man, I gathered strength to lift my feet out of her office.

However, I was glad to gather 2 facts – her name and her marital status.

I headed straight to meet Edmond at the beer parlor.

© Ezekiel Umoren

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