Cursed episode 7


Episode 7️⃣

On a Monday morning, everyone had left the house only Odinaka was left at home. He was seated on the sofa and was lost in his thought.

I’m I making a mistake? No, no! I don’t think I am. I asked God to send me a helper before Wednesday that will bless us with Okwy’s waec fee and yesterday woman of God gave me one hundred and fifty thousand for house rent. I think God used her. Waec is coming up in two months and my birthday is coming up in nine months before then I will still pray to God to send me another helper that will prove rent money for me. But what will I tell the woman of God since she said she will be waiting for me this week to give her feedback on the apartment? God ooh! Well, I will avoid going to church for now until I get the complete money and rent a house.

Odinaka was still contemplating his phone rang. It was Ndudi. He answered the call and informed him he will be coming to his shop. Immediately after the call, he dashed out to Ndudi’s shop.

That’s how it all happened. Ndudi please you need to help me here. I still have a balance of thirty thousand naira remaining. You have to look for a way and complete it to one hundred and fifty thousand for me. Odinaka pleaded with Ndudi.

Look at what remains in my account, four thousand seven hundred. Ndudi brought out his phone and showed Odinaka his account balance. I ordered goods on Saturday and it has not arrived yet. But I’m not saying I won’t give you the money. I will but let’s leave it till the end of this month. I have a lot of people who are owning me and some will be paying me by the end of the month so in case I didn’t make sales of such an amount by then I will give you the ones I realize from my debtors. Is your wife aware of all this that is happening? Ndudi asked.

Mehn, I was going to tell her before the issue of Okwy’s waec came up I had to sort it out so he won’t miss the exam. Odinaka explains

Ha! Odii, you would have told your wife all this. Who knows she would have paid for Okwudili’s fees while you used the money for what the woman of God gave it to you for. Ndu said.

I know my wife too well. If she had the money she would have paid for Okwy’s fees. She doesn’t waste time on what concerns our children’s school fees and even if I still tell her about the whole thing she will not allow me to pay for the fee and Okwy will miss his exams as well. Odinaka says.

Listen to your excuse Odinaka. If your wife refuses you from paying the waec fee that means she knows you are making a mistake. What is waéc to compare to your life? Waec will always come every year. If he missed it this year next year is still there for him but if you lose your life today, my brother you are gone forever. Okay, what if he seats for the exam and didn’t make the papers but God forbid! What will you do? Ndudi asked.

You are right. I didn’t think of any of the things. But let’s leave it to God. Odinaka said.

It is only a tree that heard it will be kîlled and still stands…

You are beginning to sound like the woman of God. Please I’m not in the mood to hear any Proverbs. Odinaka interrupted Ndudi.

Okay sir, so have you started reading where the woman of God asked you and your wife to be reading? Ndudi asked

All of them are what is bothering me right now. I didn’t buy the bible that last week you gave me the money but once I get home, I will take from the money remaining and buy the Bible and start the prayers immediately. Odinaka said.

Seriously, Odinaka I didn’t know you to be this unserious. If anyone had told me you won’t take this prophecy seriously I wouldn’t have believed the person. Ndudi sounded so disappointed.

I’ve made the mistake already but I believe nothing has spoilt yet. Don’t be disappointed brother I will meet up. While I wait for your money by the end of the month, I will start going to market with my wife to assist in selling moi-moi. By God’s mercy, I will save some money. Everything just dawned now. Even the woman of God is waiting for me this week to give her feedback on the house she gave me money for. Ndu, I won’t lie to you deserve to be flogged honestly. Odinaka regrets his actions.

It’s okay bro but with or without buying a new Bible, start the prayers with your wife that’s the most important thing. If you had started the prayers before now you wouldn’t have given the money because God would have directed you. I believe that what you did was done with an ordinary eye. I know your wife Ebele. She will never fight you if you told her everything you told me here. She should have been the first person to know all this before me. I won’t lie to you there is nothing I don’t tell my wife. She knows people that are owing me, the waybill I sent money for she knows who is delivering it and how much I sent. All this is just because of tomorrow if anything goes wrong. So tell your wife. She will only be angry for a while but she will still do the prayers with you. Ndudi advised.

You mean you tell Oluchi your wife everything? Odinaka asked.

Guy, don’t divert from what I’m telling you. Yes, I do. Ndudi answered.

You are trying oh don’t worry if I get home I will look for a way and discuss this with my wife. Odinaka said.

Hours later, Odinaka got home and told his wife he was ready to be selling moi-moi with her and the children.

Since you insist I will not stop you. A least is better than going to your fellow man’s shop to sit from morning till night. You said you will be taking it to Iboko market. Odinaka’s wife asked.

I will be taken it where. Let me just start first. Odinaka said.

Two weeks later, Odinaka’s wife refuses to prepare moi-moi for Odinaka to sell because of the loss from Odinaka and it’s almost brought her moi-moi business down. But already Odinaka has saved forty thousand from the moi-moi business he did.

Odinaka called Ndudi to know if the money he promised to give him is ready. He told him he has seventy thousand ready and what he needs is eighty thousand to complete the money. Ndudi promised to give him the remaining balance the next day.

The next morning, Odinaka’s wife was about to go to the market when she noticed Odinaka is still sleeping. She went to tell him she was about to leave for the market. When she got there she touched Odinaka but he was not moving or breathing. She quickly called Ndudi on the phone and Ndudi arrived without hesitation. They took him to the hospital and the hospital confirmed he was still alive but a deposit of fifty thousand will be made. Ndudi made the deposit immediately and they commenced treatment.

Not up to an hour a doctor came and checked Odinaka. Ndudi was seated next to his bed.

Sir, who are you to Mr. Odinaka? The doctor asked Ndudi.

I’m his friend. More like his family friend. Ndudi answered.

Is there no relative of his around at the moment? Doctor asked.

There is… The wife just stepped outside. Let me get her on the phone. Ndudi said.

Please do. Said the doctor.

Ndudi called Odinaka’s wife and she walked in immediately.

Madam, are you the wife of Mr. Odinaka? Doctor asked.

Yes, sir, I’m his wife. Odinaka’s wife answered.

Well, madam, we did all we could do to save him but I’m sorry we still lost him.

To be continued…

Written by Amaka Ember.

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