Cursed episode 6


Episode 6️⃣

Procrastination kills. I will do it today, I will do it tomorrow what if you did make it to see tomorrow come? If you are waiting for help to come help is not coming anytime soon. I know you must have been wondering why people you helped turned their back on you. Well, don’t blame them too much because it is not their fault. The memory of you is blank in their head. They don’t remember anything about you or you either. Even the ones you are close to will always suffer setbacks because of you. Forces Odinaka. Well, you are yet to understand but I will open your eye soon. Woman of God said.

Odinaka who was body present and absent-minded suddenly came up with an idea.

Woman of God, what if I decided to relocate to the North alone without my family tomorrow and start my life all over again? I know where I can squat for now. Odinaka asked.

Hahaha, you seem not to understand what forces are all about. You can’t run away from them if part of you is connected to them. If you wish to travel you can. But as long as your family remains in the compound it will still have a way to drag you back to the same compound and still do to you what it wants. Give me your hands Odinaka. The woman of God said to him and they both stretches their hands and held each other.

Amos 3:3 says: Two can not walk together unless they agree. Odinaka, I can’t do this alone without your faith and with you not agreeing with what I’m telling you. What I want from you is to accept you can pack out from that compound soonest with or without money. Agree with faith now. The woman of God said looking at Odinaka and waiting for him to accept.

Yes, I will move out as soon as possible. Odinaka said like a strong believer.

Good! That’s the spirit. I like that. Woman of God happily said

But woman of God, there’s what confuses me. There’s a man in the compound, he’s also an old tenant just like us. But up till now, he’s still doing well in his businesses. At first, I thought he was the one using our stars but the story changed when I arrived here. Woman of God why is he not affected? Odinaka asked.

What is his name? The woman of God asked.

His name is Echezona. Zonal Electronics is his business name. Odinaka responded.

The woman of God hesitated and came up with an answer.

The person you speak of has an altar of his own. He seeks the face of his god daily but none of you seek for the face of your God. Woman of God said.

Ma, the person I told you don’t go to church. Odinaka said.

Odinaka, focus more on the solution to your problem, not another man’s own. Bow your head let me pray for you. The woman God said and she prayed for him.

Make sure you worship with us on Sunday. I want my members to do fundraising for you. Whatever they come up with I will add the little I have to it so you can be able to leave the compound. The woman of God said.

Odinaka was so excited and wanted to scream but the woman of God stopped him so he would not draw the attention of people. Odinaka headed home happy after the counseling.

Dad, Uncle Ndudi came here in the morning to see you. Okwudili told his father.

What did he say is the problem? Odinaka ask.

He didn’t say but he said he will be back again. Okwudili said.

If he comes back again tell him I’m not around. I want to rest. Tell your siblings that too. Odinaka instructed him and turned his cell phone off.

Okay, Dad. Okwudili said and continues with what he was doing.

Fast forward to Sunday. Odinaka attended a church service.

After the services, the woman of God sent for Odinaka and Odinaka went to see her.

How was the service? I hope you enjoyed it. The woman of God asked Odinaka.

Yes, sure I did. Honestly, I didn’t know I’d been missing a lot in Church. Odinaka confessed.

I’m glad you are beginning to realize this by yourself. Where is your Bible, didn’t you come with one? The woman of God asked.

Eerm, I was in a haste and I forgot it behind. Odinaka lied.

It’s okay, but that should be the first thing that should be on your mind whenever you are going to church. Here, the woman of God brought out an envelope. You saw how the fundraising went. Members were able to raise a hundred thousand naira. I added fifty thousand naira. Have it. She handed it over to Odinaka. I believe it will go a long way for you. Whatever preparation you are making let it start today. May God be with you and I will also back you up with prayers.

Odinaka couldn’t hold himself. He kneeled and started apologizing and begging the woman.

Ma, if only you knew I spoke ill of you the first time I came here you wouldn’t have done what you did today. Please have mercy on me for calling you fake. Please have mercy and thank you so much for helping a total stranger like me. Thank you, mama.

Stand up Odinaka. It’s all in the past you have been forgiven. God has done his part using me and my members. The rest is up to you. If you think you and your wife can’t do the prayers I gave you. You can come over to the church with her and let my prayer warriors assist you with the prayers. All you need to do is to buy snacks or food for them after the prayers but that is only if you both can’t do it alone.

We can ma. We are already on it. God bless you ma. Odinaka said.

And bless you more Onyé égó dî nà àkà. I’m hoping to hear from you this week to come and tell me you have gotten a new apartment. You can go now and let me attend to others. I wish you good luck.

I will ma and once again I’m grateful. I can never forget this. Odinaka said and stood up.

Odinaka don’t forget what I told you. Procrastination kills and in everything always remember obedience is better than sacrifice. Woman of God reminds him.

Odinaka nodded his head in agreement and left.

Odinaka’s wife and the children who attended early morning mass came home and didn’t meet Odinaka. It wasn’t up to an hour before Odinaka returned home from church.

I was asking the children where you might have gone this Sunday because I know you hardly leave home by this time on Sundays. Odinaka’s wife asked.

I went to church. Said Odinaka.

Ewoooh! So this change Buhari promised us finally started from my family when he has already left aso rock. Odi’s wife jokingly said and started dancing.

Do I have your time? Please where is Okwudili? Odinaka asked.

He’s in the room. Okwudilichukwu! Your father is asking of you. Odinaka’s wife called at the top of her voice.

Yes, Dad. You called me.

Yes, Odinaka put his hand in his pocket and brought the money that was given to him by the woman of God and counted one hundred and twenty thousand out of it and gave okwudili to pay for his waec fees the next day.

The wife was surprised that Odinaka could still afford such an amount. She couldn’t hold back her question.

Odinaka, is there anything I need to know you have not told me? Where did you get such an amount of money from? Odinaka’s wife asked.

God did it! Odinaka responded.

To be continued…

Written by Amaka Ember.

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