Cursed episode 4


Episode 4️⃣

You have been sitting like this for a long time, what is bothering you? Odinaka’s wife asked him.

Odinaka didn’t respond to his wife’s question. He only sat and was looking at the roof.

If you are sick you better say let Okwudili go to Doc’s chemist and buy typhoid and malaria drugs for you. His wife continues asking him.

Odinaka still did not answer his wife who cares to know what is happening to him.

Ehe, you said you will be taking a cooler of moi-moi to Iboko market to be selling. Have you gone to check for a space where you will be selling or are you not selling again?

Ebele pass na! Pass. You want to make sure you distract me from what I’m planning on head. Just go I’m fine. I’m the one that told you I want to join you and start selling moi-moi. Any time I’m ready I will let you know. For now, just leave me and let me think. Odinaka responded.

Sorry sir oh… His wife said and entered the kitchen.

The next day he went to Ndudi’s shop and narrated everything the woman of God told him and how she instructed him to return on Friday.

Hey!! Ndudi screams and snaps his fingers. I knew something is wrong with that compound. Right from the beginning I never liked that place you are living. I said it! So, the portion from the Bible she gave you to read have you and your wife started reading it? Ndu asked.

Is just yesterday she gave me a place to read. Let me wait until after tomorrow she asked me to return so I will know if another version will be added we will start reading them together. Odinaka said.

What do you mean by saying another version will be added for you to start reading them together? Odi, you are meant to start reading the Bible verses she gave you immediately with your wife. Ndudi said.

Well, I don’t have a Bible yet. Odika said.

But your wife has? Ndudi asked.

As a man, I need to read from my own Bible. Thou says the Lord. Odinaka said.

Thou says which Lord Odinaka? Do you go to church? Since when did God say a man shouldn’t share a Bible with his wife or family? Ndudi asked.

The fact I don’t go to church doesn’t mean I don’t know what God says or don’t know the right thing to do. Hahaha! But that quotation fits my mouth oh. I don’t know where and when God said it. I heard it from the woman of God yesterday. Odinaka said laughing.

I don’t know when you started joking about serious issues like this. Ndudi said and put his hand in his pocket and brought out three thousand naira and handed it to Odinaka to get a new Bible.

Ego gini bu ihéa (what money is this) Odinaka asked.

Money for Bible. Buy King James today since you don’t want to share your wife’s own. Ndudi said.

Thanks, man. But this fight is my fight. This Bible should be bought with my money. I mean the money I labored for not the money I was dashed. Anyways, thanks for this money it will serve as my transport fare tomorrow. Odinaka said and put the money in his pocket.

Odinaka, this is not you speaking. Something is speaking through you. The Odinaka I know hates jokes and he is serious about the things that concern his life. Odinaka, please that money is for your new Bible not for any other thing. Ndudi pleaded with Odinaka.

No, I’m not the one speaking it is you that is speaking through me. Look, I’m a spiritual man oh. Just take what I told you. If I buy this Bible with your money it won’t work for me. God will see me as an unserious person. Cool down I will buy a Bible with the money I worked for. Odinaka insisted.

With which money you worked for? Do you work and how do you intend to make magic overnight and get work that will pay you before tomorrow and buy a Bible? Nà you get yourself sha do whatever that pleases you. By what time will you be going to see the woman of God tomorrow? Ndu asked.

Before 10 am I’ve gone. Why did you ask are you coming with me? Odinaka asked.

No, I asked to know. Ndu responded.

Stay in your shop alone I’m going to my house to sleep. Odinaka told Ndudi as he stood up and was cleaning his buttocks with his two hands.

I reject it for you that can never be your house. Cursed House! Ndudi said.

Be careful. Odinaka said and left.

Ndudi stood and watched Odinaka while he walks home to know if he stagers because he talks like someone under the influence of alcohol but he wasn’t staggering.

He doesn’t stager. I know Odinaka doesn’t take alcohol that can control him. Why is he joking about matters like this or is he so excited that he has gotten the solution to his problems? I’m not sure. By 10 am tomorrow, I will be at his house to know if he went or not cause he acts strange. Ndudi talks to himself.

Odinaka got home and met his son in his school uniform at about 11 am.

Why are you not in school Okwudili? Odinaka asked his son.

Our waec registration will be closing on Wednesday. Our principal said we are not part of the school anymore only the ones that have paid are students and he sent us that have not paid home. Okwudili explained bitterly.

How many of you were sent home? Odinaka asked.

Five of us but the rest of the four have already registered in another school I’m just the only one who has no center. Okwudili said.

Odinaka hesitated… But the school authority will still take you back if you bring the money before Wednesday? Odinaka asked.

Yes, Dad, they will take me back.

One hundred and twenty thousand right? Odinaka asked.

Yes, Dad.

It’s okay. Go and take off your clothes I will see what I can do before Wednesday.

Okwudili became happy and walked into the room.

God, I don’t know how but you will do it. I sacrificed my education just to give my children the best quality of education. Please intervene. Odinaka silently cried to God and stepped outside.

To be continued…

Written by Amaka Ember

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