Comparism between the strongest dog breed The Kangal and The Wolf

Well, let’s see how one of the largest, most powerful dog breeds, the Kangal, compares to one of the largest gray wolf subspecies.


Kangals typically grow to 120lbs, which is the same size as an average gray wolf in most places, but it would not be fair to compare the largest dogs to average wolves. The Mackenzie Valley Wolf averages 135lbs.


Kangals are faster than most humans and able to reach 30mph. Wolves are much faster however and can get from 35mph-43mph.

-Bite Force-

Kangals have the strongest bite force of any dog at 750Psi. Wolves have been measured only once and they are said to have a bite force of 400Psi, but it was an improper test on a small wolf. More up-to-date research places the wolf’s bite force to be up to or over 1,000Psi.


Wolves have some of the best endurance on the planet over long distances. They can maintain their top speed for over 2 minutes . In comparison, kangals can run for about 30 seconds non-stop.


Wolves obviously have much more fighting experience than any dog. They kill thousand pound moose and bison and also fight cougars and bears. On the other side, Kangals are fed by their owners and don’t train much if at all.

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