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Jeff cried until he couldn’t shed any more tears. Then he calmed down and explained everything to Tricia, who felt very sorry for him.

“It’s okay Jeff. I’m glad everything worked out for your good. At least you have me by your side now. To love and cherish you for as long as you live.” She said, holding his hand in hers with a bright smile on her lips. “Jeff, you don’t have to feel bad about what happened. I expect you to be thankful to God for saving you from the devil’s hand and for redirecting you to the right path as well. Because in the end, it’s not your loss, it’s Kemi’s who decided to turn your beautiful heart against you.” Tricia said, rubbing her palm against his cheek.

Jeff took her hand and said:

“Thank you for standing by my side through the storm. Thank you for coming into my life when you did. Honestly, Tricia, you might not have been my first love, but you were the love that made all other loves irrelevant. I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you. I wasn’t looking for anything when I found you and it kind of made me question what I wanted. I was like, was I even ready for love?. But right now, I don’t think anyone is ever ready. But if someone makes you feel alive again, then, it’s kind of worth the risk.” he said, smiling sadly at Tricia, whose eyes were filled with tears.

“Isn’t life so unpredictable?” she asked, placing her palm on Jeff’s cheek while her eyes stared deep into his. “It’s quite funny how you meet someone unexpectedly and have no idea how much they would mean to you in the future. How the paths of two strangers crossed and how it changed and influenced your life in such a way. And like a random collision of worlds, was the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to you. Sometimes you meet a person and you just click. You feel comfortable with him and don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything around him. That’s the kind of person I found in you Jeff. Thank you for loving this crazy, thoughtless, dramatic and annoying girl the way you do.” She said, smiling at him.

“You know, sometimes when you meet someone, there’s a click. I seriously don’t believe in love at first sight because I would have fallen in love with you the first day we met. But I firmly believe in this click. Because there aren’t many people to just click with. But when you find that person, you don’t want to just let them walk away from you. You know, when I kissed you for the first time, the day I gave you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation at Mr. Akin’s Resort, I was so scared to love you. But now that I love you, I’m even more scared of losing you. That brings me to the question.” Jeff said, kneeling in front of Tricia who couldn’t believe her eyes.

He took her left hand and removed her wedding ring. Then he looked at it and said:

“When I gave you this ring, I wasn’t sure what life had in store for us. But right now I am very sure that with you by my side I can climb the highest mountains and swim in the deepest ocean because you will always be there to have my back.” He said as he struggled with the Tears.

“Oh come on Jeff….. you’re making me cry a lot today,” Tricia said, trying so hard to keep the tears from streaming down her cheeks.

“Tricia. Would you please do me the honor of truly being my wife? Jeff said smiling with tears in his eyes.

“Did you forget?. It’s me the crazy, thoughtless, dramatic,c and annoying actress. Would you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who likes to throw you out of bed at night?” Tricia asked smiling.

“Yes Tricia. I’m OK with being with this crazy, thoughtless, dramatic and annoying actress. Who wipes her nose with my shirt when she’s drunk. This crazy girl who leaves her room scattered. This annoying girl who kicks me out of the bed while she’s sound asleep not knowing what she has done. This dramatic girl who sleeps like a log.” He said and they both burst out laughing.

“Now you’re insulting me, Jeff,” Tricia said, laughing.

Then Jeff continued in a serious tone.

“I will love you, Tricia. I will love you from your weakest moments to your strongest. I will love you when you are happy and I will still love you most when you are sad. I will be here with you until death do us part. I want to love every part of you. I want you with your imperfections as much as I want you for you. And I will always want you. I will always be here loving you with everything in me. So Tricia, let’s make this a forever deal. really let me be your husband I want to father your unborn children. Please Tricia will you make me your man?” asked Jeff with sincerity in his eyes.

Tricia nodded in agreement, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Yes, I will, Jeff. I will truly be your wife. Sharing your joy and your pain. I will always be a shoulder to cry on and an arm to lean on when you are feeling down and confused. I love you Jeff.” Tricia answered and held out her left hand.

And without further hesitation, Jeff hastily slipped the ring back onto Tricia’s ring finger and they both embraced warmly.

Then Tricia whispered in Jeff’s ear.

“Isn’t that the part where we can actually kiss?” she asked.

Hearing this, Jeff broke free of her embrace. Then he looked her in the eye and said:

“The problem is,” he said, leaning forward. “If I kiss you today, I don’t think I can stop halfway. Because I doubt If i can control my urges today.” He said, giving her a lustful look.

Then Tricia wrapped her hands around his neck and pressed her forehead against his. Then she said with a smile on her face:

“And who’s asking you to stop halfway? I won’t hold myself today either. So feel free to ignite the fire in me. she said with a seductive smile.

Jeff, who had longed and waited for such a day, quickly pressed his lips to Tricia’s. He kissed her passionately like it would be his last. Tricia hands wrapped around his neck, slowly ran her hand through his hair, fueling his urges even more.

Jeff lowered his lips to her neck and kissed her passionately like his life depended on it. His heartbeat quickened as he returned to her lips and kissed her passionately. With his hand he slowly rubbed her inner thighs. Tricia couldn’t explain the sexual excitement she felt in her body at that moment. She bit her lip silently, trying so hard not to moan.

Jeff, completely inflamed, quickly grabbed her zipper and unzipped her dress. She didn’t hesitate to unbutton his shirt, revealing his bare chest. As Jeff kissed her, she slowly fingered his nipple.

Jeff quickly carried her in his arms and kissed her as he carried her to his room and laid her on his bed. Every thrust he gave Tricia that day left her wanting more. He wasn’t just visually perfect. He was a pro at handling a woman in bed.

When they were done, Jeff dozed off peacefully like a baby. Meanwhile, the movie director called Tricia, who got up and took the call.

“Hello sir.” She said.

“Tricia, where in God’s name did you run off to? We’ve been waiting for you here.” He got into an argument.

“I’m sorry sir. I don’t think I could come back today.” She said.

“What?. But why?” he asked totally confused.

“I’m currently enjoying my honeymoon as we speak, sir,” Tricia said.

“And what honeymoon are you talking about?” he asked totally confused.

“My honeymoon, sir. I got married again today. See you tomorrow.” She said and ended the call.

“What in God’s name is she talking about?” the director wondered confused.

Tricia dropped her phone and kissed Jeff on the forehead. Then she slowly laid back in his arms and enjoyed the peace she felt with him.

Two days later, Jeff and Tricia met up with Precious and Leo, whose relationship had taken a new turn.

They both appreciated Leo and Precious for their kind acts and for helping them uncover Kemi’s secrets. And also announced their forthcoming church wedding. Which took place a month later.

Tricia’s film was a hit. She was so excited to be recognized and awarded for her great acting skills. Along with Williams, whom she thanked for his words of wisdom and advice that helped keep her marriage going.

5 years later.

Khloe (4 years) and Bernard (2 years) ran through the living room where Tricia and Jeff’s enlarged wedding portrait was hanging on the wall.

“Would you two stop running around like that?. Khloe, why are you chasing your brother across the room?” Tricia shouted from the dining room where she was serving their dinner.

“Mom, Bernard called me a big head,” Khloe complained, feeling bad that she couldn’t hit him before her mom stopped her.

“Bernard…..!.” shouted Tricia.

“Yes, Mom,” Bernard replied, knowing what was coming.

“Do you want me to spank you?” Tricia asked, glaring at him.

“No mom,” Bernard replied, fumbling with his hands.

“Then apologize to your sister before I mug you,” Tricia yelled.

“I’m sorry Khloe.” Bernard reluctantly apologized and felt sad.

“Now you two should come and have your dinner,” Tricia instructed.

Just as they were about to go to eat, the door swung open and Jeff walked in looking exhausted, his jacket hanging from his arm and his suitcase in his other hand.

“Dad……!.” Bernard and Khloe shouted and ran to Jeff, who threw his suitcase and jacket on the couch and carried his two small pumpkins in his arms and kissed them on their forehead.

“How are my two little pumpkins?” he asked and smiled brightly at them.

“Good dad.” Both recited.

“Honey. Welcome home.” Tricia said walking up to Jeff who kissed her on the forehead.

“How are you honey?.” he asked, lowering Khloe and Bernard.

“I’m fine,” Tricia said, rubbing her hand on his back.

“Guess what honey,” Jeff said, looking excited.

“What’s the good news?” Tricia asked curiously.

“Leo and Precious just had their second child,” Jeff revealed.

“Oh my God!. This is good news. Wow…I’m so excited and happy for her. But why didn’t precious inform me about it?.” Tricia asked, crossing her arms.

“Are you jealous that I had to find out before you?” Jeff teased, tickling her.

“Of course. She’s supposed to be my friend, remember?” Tricia asked jealously.

“But that’s your business with Precious. Don’t take your aggression out on me, o.” Jeff said, kissing her forehead quickly.

Then he walked away and went to his room. Tricia picked up his jacket and suitcase and followed him inside.

A few moments later they were all sitting in the dining room happily eating their dinner when Tricia’s phone rang on the living room couch. She quickly apologized and went to pick up her phone. It was a call from Precious.

They were both talking and when she was done, Tricia was about to join her family back in the dining room when she stopped to admire the beautiful creatures in front of her.

She looked from Jeff to her two precious pumpkins, she told herself.

“Being able to find someone you click with so naturally, is the best feeling ever.” Then she went to Jeff and kissed him on the cheek. Then she went back and sat in her seat across from him. She kept smiling while staring helplessly at Jeff. Then she continued.

“You feel like you’ve been best friends your entire life. It feels like you’re coming home. You feel comfortable with them. Maybe that’s what a soul mate is. Sometimes, it’s not someone who shares every single thing in common with you, but someone who feels like home.” she said, smiling brightly at her children and handsome husband.

THE END!!!!🥰

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