Caught on my wedding day episode 3



When Kelvin didn’t call after two days, I had to overcome my pride and send him a message that said,

Hi kel, I truly apologize for all the harm I have caused you.

You are a nice person, I understand that you are unhappy with me, and I am also unhappy with the way I treated you. therefore I ask for your forgiveness.

I waited until the end of that day for Kelvin to respond to my message, but he didn’t, which scared me a lot.

The next day, as I was contemplating, my phone began to blink.

Oh God, please , let it be him.

I quickly checked the message, but what I found infuriated me.

For a better network experience, please upgrade your sim to a G4 network.

I sigh furiously.

Stup!d Mtn I said.

Anyway, I said, “I have done my part. Let him respond if he likes.”

I was beginning to get angry,but at the same time, I really need to be calm.

Due to the situation I was in, I didn’t go to work for two days.

And my father has begun to notice.

Kate, he called,

Dad,” I answered,

What actually is happening?

Do you have anything to withhold from me?

Not at all, Dad, I said.

Why don’t you go to work?

Dad I just don’t feel like ,

It’s okay, but understand that I love you and wouldn’t exchange you for anything.he said and left my room.

I felt horrible for not telling my father the truth as I stared at him in such intensity.

“Something is really hurting me, and I’m lying , what’s my problem? I asked myself.

Maybe I would tell him later ,I concluded.


I almost took my mind out of Kelvin, and thought maybe he has found a new love,

Before I knew, he called, i immediately pick without wasting time,

Oh my God, Kelvin “I was waiting for your call,” I said with excitement.

Seriously? He answered,

I believe he was very taken aback by how nice I had become.

In contrast to before, when I wouldn’t even answer his calls,

Anyway, that’s life, and as the saying goes, the only thing that is constant is change, I thought with a smile.

though we had a lengthy conversation that ended with “I love you,”

Honestly I have fallen for Immediately.

My relationship with Kelvin has begun to blossom,

Just as I was getting back into the swing of things,

Ungrateful Mandy called,

Hello Kate,

He spoke without even giving me a chance to respond.

So you believe you could possibly leave me due to your fictitious father and wed someone else?

In anyways, check your WhatsApp because I just sent you a video.

Oh my God, it was my nude video when I looked.

Mandy are you crazy? I asked…..

His phone went dead…

Written by V.I.C

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