Best Practices For Enhancing React Native App Performance

In today’s competitive mobile app market, delivering high-performance and user-friendly applications is crucial for success. React Native, a popular framework for cross-platform app development, provides developers with a powerful tool set to create efficient and visually appealing apps. However, ensuring optimal performance in React Native apps requires careful planning, implementation, and optimization. In this article, […]

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25 Job Sites for Finding Your First Developer Job As a Nigerian

  Are you dying for your first job as a web developer? Or maybe you want to make the switch from freelance to full-time? Trust me: I know how overwhelming searching for entry level developer jobs can be. Especially when you’re new to an industry, and quite possibly making the biggest career shift of your […]

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Facts about Africa you may not know

Algeria Algeria has some of the awesome ruins in the World. Algeria is the largest country in Africa. Angola Luanda, the capital city of Angola is among the most expensive cities in the World for expatriates and for some time it held the top position. Benin Benin is the birthplace of voodoo. The country also […]

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