Street girl

Street girl episode 4

STREET GIRL last Episode I ran after Onome as she led me aimlessly towards the motor park , the road was very busy , it was a Monday morning , travellers justling up and down to their various destinations. Onome meandered through a busy road an okada man who dodge her fell into a gutter […]

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Street girl episode 3

STREET GIRL EPISODE THREE I was tired of mama’s constant nagging about me not being man enough to provide for her like my mates in town . And of her and papa fighting everyday because of Ejiro . Also my girlfriend got pregnant for me so I had to move her far from my family. […]

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Street Girl (short story

STREET GIRL Episode 1 My mum had started again shouting at my dad . “Useless idiot man! Na one five your mate the give them wife make them take cook food for family of five ? I nor blame you ,I blame my papa when God go punish for him grave ! If nor bi […]

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