Who will save me

Who will save me episode 4&5

WHO Will SAVE ME – EPISODE 4 “I’m doomed” I said in fear “Don’t be scared! Your husband sent me to you”. I Know of the fact that this man is telling lies. If my husband sent him to me,he should have informed me earlier about it. “You said my husband sent you to me?” […]

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Who will save me episode 2&3

WHO WILL SAVE ME- EPISODE 2b I could feel some sharp pains in my head,and a rope tied to my wrist, while trying to get up from where I layed. “Is somebody there” I screamed in a loud voice. Just then it occurred to me the incident I saw an hour ago,and I begin to […]

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Who will save me (short story

“I’m sorry Ma,we lost your child,he couldn’t make it,The Doctor announced. “No,my son isn’t dead he is alive,I heard is cries when he was delivered”I let out my tears. How can the Doctor say my son is gone,I wondered in thoughts while in the hospital bed. I had heard his cries few minutes ago,but I […]

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