Pant Saga

Pant Saga Episode 3

PANT SAGA 3 I was shocked to get such a question from my wife. Her voice was already heard throughout the compound. Since my wife is a tigress when it comes to fight, I had to maintain a reasonable distance to avoid being hurt. In fact, I had to advance closer to the entrance door, […]

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Pant Saga Episode 2

PANT SAGA 2 Immediately I left the school, I placed a call to my wife. I told her how her son packed her pants to school. I even told her about my perception of the little girl I met at the office. I made jest about the whole matter. In all of these, my wife […]

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Pant Saga (complete story

While at work this morning, I got a call from my son’s school asking me to come to the school as soon as possible. “Is Junior alright?” I asked out of curiosity. “He’s very ok. But you just have to hurry,” the caller advised. “Can I speak with him please?” I enquired. “Please calm down […]

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