Nursing My Mother In Law

Nursing My Mother In Law episode 3

Nursing my mother inlaw 3 My husband started doing the things I refused doing for his mum, he was angry with me and wasn’t talking to me for days, I didn’t give a dam cause I was seriously tired of how they made me feel. One early morning I heard my husband murmuring inside Mama’s […]

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Nursing My Mother In Law episode 2

Nursing my mother in law 2 I got a notification on my phone and I checked it was a text from my sister in-law who had called twice but I refused to pick up ” you this thing I don’t even know where my brother brought from, you see this nons*nse you are doing pray […]

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Nursing My Mother In Law (short story

Nursing my mother inlaw 1 So my mother inlaw came to stay with us cause she’s not feeling fine and needed care, mama is diabetic and as we all know Mama’s food should be specially made to avoid too much salt,oil and other things that is not good for her health condition, this was the […]

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