My Stepmother’s Daughter

My Stepmother’s Daughter episode 3

Final episode A Very Short Story 😢 After the pool incident, I noticed that Amanda suddenly became scared of me. Any time she sees me approaching, she either runs back, crying or hugs anybody around her, very tight. But I still did not care. I even saw it as an advantage, because she never comes […]

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My Stepmother’s Daughter episode 2

Episode 2 A very Short Story 😢 That evening, I was in my room, doing my assignment over a bottle of coke When I felt like having something. Since I have been banned from taking snacks, I left for the kitchen to get some food, placing the bottle on the table beside the book. I […]

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My StepMother’s Daughter

A Very Short Story😢 I don’t like my step mom. From the first day she visited the house, I have always despised her. What beats my imagination was how she was able to get my dad to marry her barely a year after mom passed on, considering the fact that he has always been a […]

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