Beautiful betrayal episode 9



“What have we done?” Emeka asked that diviner as he pointed at the stool for us to sit.

The diviner looked at both of us and then he nodded his head in pity, I was sure the head was for me but I don’t know what actually he was being pitiful for. Even if I knew I don’t think I am ready for anything shocking other than the one I had already received.

The “sins of my past” as some called it in the comments was opened right before me, I knew I didn’t try by using his hard earned money because of the feeling of affection he had for me and all that. Maybe the mistake I made was after telling him off, I still went with open arms and full conscience to request for money again. Just tell me? Who does what I did to him? I’ve wrong him but how could I find him, someone that had already left the village the next week after I turned him down for the second time.

I remembered myself going to his house the next day after our supposed relationship crashed, when I got there the kind of mood his pull up for me was not so welcoming. Maybe their son had told them what I did to him and they weren’t happy about especially his mother who was very fond of me, just pretended as if she didn’t even see me at all.see

“What are you doing here?” Mama Chidi inquired while standing up from the stool she was sitting to make her woven basket.

“Mama, good afternoon.” I greeted not minding the attitude she was putting up.

“Ehh.. What’s good about the afternoon?” She questioned, coming closer to where I stood.

I too was getting angry but she was my Senior and as such I had to respect her, and as the case maybe I was the culprit here and any form of misconduct could intensify the already problem that was still pending.

“Is Chidi?” I asked again not minding what the question she asked.

“No, he’s not! In Fact he has traveled. I’m just happy that you didn’t ask him to k!lol himself for you. You ungrateful soul.” She informed and went back to her seat.

Instead of giving me a positive response, she just kept answering me as if me and her had issues before. Then I calmed down and left, I knew that before God and man I had come to do the needful by apologizing to him for breaking his heart.

I was deeply lost in thought not until I heard the metal bells colliding into one another, the sound was so bizarre that I could feel my ears almost coming out from my head at that point. The diviner chanted for a while before he asked me whether I wanted him to re-send the cursé laid on by Chidi. But I refused, paying back evil with evil wasn’t my kind of thing. Thén the man brought a native soap and directed me on how to apply it.

So with that, Emeka and I left the shrine and returned home without informing anyone about it. Emeka made sure I used the soap as required because the man said failure not to adhere to it may worsen my condition and I’m sure both he and I didn’t want that kind of thing to happen to me.

Years later, probably around that “Mber ” period, I can’t quite remember the date and day fresh again but It was very late that night and by then we were all already fast asleep. And then from my room I could hear loud thuds, as if someone just jumped inside the compound. I had this kind of feeling like I should go and check who that was but I restrained myself from going out. And luckily, I didn’t because that night would have been my last.

The person who jumped in opened the gate for the remaining people who were outside. And then we began hearing “M. B. S”. With that alone I could easily predict that it was those wayward youths who have decided not to make their lives meaningful by parading and calling themselves “Cultists”. Such a pity I felt for them with the way they fancied the cultism. Sometimes if those youths put that kind of energy they used on their so-called society in their academics, I’m definitely sure they would have become something relevant by now.

But no, most of them were school dropouts, drug addicts and thugs to those politicians who needed their enemies out of the way or wanted to cause unnecessary distractions during elections. What were these boys doing in our compound and then I realized that they were my step sister’s son, Solomon and Moses members. I also remembered Okeke was the confraternity name given to him but since he didn’t come and also we had their rival in our house, they angrily took the tools in like a small axé, cutlàsses and small pistols.

Out of frasturston, they began breaking the windows of Solomon and his brother–Moses who had been waiting for him to return home since morning. Moses was a bag full of troubles, why don’t blame him was because of dhis mother who had given them so much leverage to do as they pleased. So they grew up to be so spoiled till the point of her sister returning them home after she took them to her place for holiday. This woman couldn’t condone their insolent behavior and then had to deport them back to their mother before she diéd of a heart attack.

We woke up the next day to see shattered particulars of glass all over the house, the car glass too weren’t being spared as they broke everything to pieces as well as deflating the car tyres. Our brothers became paranoid with all the boys in the house that were around during the incident and without informing any of us, they went behind our backs and called the police on the boys. I was m@d at them because James, who was living with me and another boy, Odeh, who was with my sister, Mercy, were innocent.

But our brothers wouldn’t have it, I watched as the four of them were being bundled to the police station where they would be seriously dealt with. Me and my sister began calling and begging on behalf of them to temper justice with mercy. Immediately that incident happened, me and Mercy had no choice than to start talking with each other again without even caring to apportion faults on each other. We took all that had happened behind, buried it and faced reality.

And fortunately enough for them, they were released the following day after they had been tortured very well by the police officers. They came with some scars on their body. In just one night that they spent, they were able to design them like this. Then if they were to stay until the further notice our big brother gave, that means we would be getting déád bodies back instead of humans.

With all that being said and done and settled we all resumed back with our normal lives but the boys became enemies in the house. But that wasn’t my concern neither was it Mercy’s own. As long as we wouldn’t be pestered again by those jobless hóôdlums, their secrets are well saved. No one would ever find out about it.

I met with Solomon, Moses and James who I

Mercy, three of her friends and I were sitting out our gate, having this normal kind of chitchat women do have. So while we were chatting, we saw a heavily pregnant woman with her protruding belly entering Emeka’s compound. She looked like she was about to draw the heavens and earth under her feet. I and everyone there had never seen her face before and I’m guessing neither had she, after looking up and down for him within his compound.

She called his name and tried opening the door but it was locked and painfully his father’s sister, Aunty Veronica wasn’t at home at that time. After the fruitless search, she finally agreed to come and ask us the whereabouts of Emeka and then we told her that he had gone to the farm. So she then asked us if she could wait here for him and we agreed.

From our talks, she opened up and told us about how Emeka and his people came to see her some couple of years ago. And according to them, they were going to come back for the final rites but unknown to everyone. She and Emeka had started seeing each other. Emeka kept coming back and forth but as of that time they were using protection not until one day when he went for a visit and then something led to something and something occurred leading to pregnancy.

Suddenly the stool I was sitting was gradually becoming too hot for me, I felt my stomach and all the intestine I had in me squeezing themselves together very tight. I had to compose my mood and was beaming with smiles just so that the rest wouldn’t think I was being jealous or envious.

How on earth could someone whom I trusted so much go behind my back and get another person pregnant, he should have informed me than me knowing like this. I had always supported and stood by him through thick and thin, no matter what he did and always made sure he was happy no matter what I had to go through. I was trying really hard not to believe that Emeka was responsible for her pregnancy. She should be joking, but maybe she has mistaken my Emeka for another man.

I felt like throwing up and using the restroom at the same time, I took the excuse and then I quickly went inside. My mood had been scattered throughout that day, I sat in the toilet for only God knows when. Before one would know what was happening, I had already begun crying like a baby whom her mother refused to breastfeed.

“What have I done to deserve this?” I asked myself rhetorically beneath my voice.

I thought Emeka was going to marry after the diviner gave me the soap to use, or was he waiting for the soap to impregnate me. I reminisce on how unfairly life has treated me, seriously I’m not joking, this is the third woman he should be bringing home now and caring to know how I would feel about it.

Those times when I had tried to travel to stay with my brother when I and Grace usually used to have our misunderstanding, he would be the one to change my mind from going. I had because Emeka canceled almost 5 trips to see my brothers and my other siblings who were now rich and a little influential. He was always poisoning my mind from going and I did as he wished because he used the word “If you leave me, the next thing you would hear is that I have committed süicidé”.

Only those words made me scared and stayed back, this was the third woman for goodness sake. Emeka has a lot of explaining to do, his second wife left after the necklace incident and I could remember him coming back to me and promising me not to follow anyone again even though it meant him cutting ties with his siblings.

I was filled with joy as I heard him confessing those words from his mouth. I believed him because maybe to me as I thought he was probably fed up with the not lasting marriages he had been forced into by his brothers. But this case was different and I desperately needed answers.

Maybe she was lying about it?

Or was she telling the truth?

What do you think I should do?




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