Beautiful betrayal episode 7


We stopped with what we were doing and looked at the girls who where panting like màd dogs. They were seriously sweating from head to toe, hadn’t it been in the evening, one would say that they just had their bath and were coming out of the bathroom.

The king regained his composure and then asked them to speak up since they came rushing in, the girls had finally caught their breath and then they decided to talk. The girls suddenly began having a small fizzle among themselves and that only slightly got the chief and his cabinet annoyed, as everyone there. Most especially me, I was already getting worned out as a result of the puñishmént I was being subjected to.

The village Chief got angry and then asked them to step back and return to their they were coming from. Lot of people had already straightened their hands trying to launch their missilés on them but the girls weren’t going back at all because they had finally agreed to talk.

The first talks about how they overheard Grace and her sisters –Lucy, who was now a married woman with 4 kids and Felicia, also married with 5 children. They were talking about how they would make sure they embarrass me so that I would leave their brother alone.

Then Lucy suggested that since Chima had no idea of who I was, it’s better they make sure I and her weren’t in good condition or their brother would start behaving foolishly around me because his wife was now a friend of mine. They continued by saying how they all had warned and advised him to leave me alone.

“Sometimes, I just dey wonder who do who dey do am sef.” Felicia expressed with her face a little bit dim and out of the weather.

So they later came to a conclusion that they should get something that belongs to Chima and frame me up for it, also the first who was a living witness told the entire people who were standing there how the three ladies were able to deceive Emeka to make him come and plead with me to help them in the kitchen, Emeka sàw reasons with their suggestions and then he decided to help them come and talk to me about because he knew that there was no way I would say no to him.

He planned his game without using the name of any of his sisters to lure me, vividly he knew that there was no way I would agree to such a thing, so I made sure I used the exact words used on me by my own sisters on her. They really played their trick well if I must say. And with that, they were happy that they were finally able to set their plans into motion. So my helping day came and we all greeted, I mean they all came to greet me.

With the way we acted one would think I and them had no bééf of any such. They talked, cooked and even ate together. So then, while eating I noticed that the food was a bit pepperish and I decided to go inside and get the chill one from the fridge. And I could come back. They had succeeded in putting Chima’s jewelry box inside my purse. I looked at his sisters bewildered, even though I had finally succeeded in getting my name free from the wagging tongues of these village people, especially the women.

The three sisters bowed their heads in shame, the whole people were shocked and angry at those women who perpetrated the évil act. Emeka was visibly angry at the both of them, and then we sat and all watched as the cheif instructed the youth to parade them and then tied them up at the village square for three days without food and water.

I was then released and when I was going home. I quickly went to where those girls were and thanked them like my life depended on it. Luckily those girls were kind of related to Chima, who also thanked them and came to apologize to me. We talked for a while and then we all returned home leaving the three sisters of Emeka to their peril.

The next day, Emeka came to my house to see. Just on sighting him the anger I had for him just increased to the brim, I was not happy with him because he wasn’t able to defend me in time of my troubles. I thought he said he was going to be by my side through thick and thin, then why did not stand by me and try at least to prove my innocence in front of everyone or what ashamed of me and what people would say or call him.

Seeing him brought many thoughts to my already fully loaded head and it was helping at all. Instead of saying things that would cause us issues or retaliate into another thing it’s better I chased him out in peace. And that was what I did and he understood me and left in peace without trying to force his way against my wish. He knew I was in my elastic reach and I could cut loose at any time.

The last time we had such an issue was when he traveled against my wish. That day, Emeka came back from his site work. As of then he was always at my house. If you weren’t told, you would think that he was living with me. That’s where the title “Husband and wife ” came from and ever since then it became a common name for everyone.

So that day when he came back from work, went to his house and took his shower and then came back to my house to eat. We ate together and then entered into our normal chit chat and it was at that time that he informed me that he had a business trip he had to attend to and that it required him traveling at night for almost two days or so.

Immediately he brought out the news about his trip and then I bluntly refused before he could say another word, I shut him up that instant.

“You are not going anywhere and thats final.” I said hastily as I stamped my foot on the floor and left for inside.

Emeka kept asking me for my reasons but I didn’t give him any positive response, I had my reasons and one of them was traveling at night, not with all these things that are happening. Kidnapping and a lot more, it was too scary just to allow him to travel at night. This and more were my reasons but telling him would make him feel as if I was a bit over protective.

So stubbornly without informing me, he traveled for the business trip. I was àngry when I got to hear about it. I tried calling him for the entire three days that he went. I became restless and worried about the whole thing. My negative thoughts were pumping in and out of my head as if they were infusing all of them inside my head.

He later came back and used his sweet tongue on me and then that one went down the drain. So after some days, probably weeks, because I wasn’t counting his wife for me, seeing that Emeka and I were inseparable she just left like that without even trying to cause a fuss about the whole thing. I was kind of judging myself for making her leave and so was everyone but I paid deaf ears to the whole thing.

I was at home, resting as usual before Emeka came in. He told me that he heard his former wife, Queen, was seeing another man and that he couldn’t let another man tàke ownership of his child while he was still alive. I couldn’t be against him so I had no choice than to support his ideas and then he said he was going the following day and then I wished him luck as he was about to embark on the child saving journey of his.

That same day after he left, I was at home when I overheard my step sister roasting me out with one of her friends, unknown to them while I was inside I felt a bit hot and had to go and lay outside to collect fresh air and then I spread my mat near her window, I was trying to sleep before I began hearing my name.

The name calling repeatedly became so alarming that I had to wake up and lean beside the window to hear them clearly. Gossiping about me was fine but saying things I didn’t do wasn’t and even though an outsider did gossip it wouldn’t have hurt me much like how it was coming from my step sister, I listened with rapt attention and then I became paranoid and went to confront them as much as possible.

They were shocked seeing and the face I wore inside meant no good, I began lashing them back with the same words they used on me. Right from the beginning to the end. I was so disappointed in my sister who couldn’t have my back. Someone whom I had to wrestlé with a woman just because she accused her son of being a cultist, I had never told her, I did that with good intentions and I thought maybe she too would one day stand by me.

And today she just proved me wrong. Even the woman who came to visit her began apologizing immediately. They knew I had caught them red-handed, but my sister was still forming a hard woman for me and it was getting me pissed and from that it resulted into a huge and loud squabble.

The neighbors had to come and settle our issue, her mother who happened to be the only surviving wife of my father made things worse by defending her daughter without caring to know what and how it happened.

The case was resolved and we instantly became silent enemies from that day onwards. She refused to greet me the next morning and I didn’t mind, rather I would just hiss and pass her and her mother. Forget the fact that I was now an orphan, as far as they weren’t the ones feeding me and the one taking care of me, they had no right over my life.

Mercy didn’t just stop there; she went as far as reportíng our small issue to almost literally all of our family members far and near and even the meetings I was among. There was no woman in that village who was her friend that didn’t know about it, but still I wasn’t moved by it. Both my own siblings and step siblings called me and advised me on how to live peacefully with my sister.

They always ended up the case that I was the senior and wasn’t supposed to be having malice with my sister and step mother. I tried to explain myself but it wasn’t needed because I failed to act as the senior they acclaimed me to be.

Emeka and my step sister, Mercy also weren’t on talking terms for a while now. So he didn’t go to meet her. He came to ask what happened because he actually believed my sister could be so many things, she was just very unpredictable and devious.

I told him not to worry about me and Mercy and I assured him that we would soon reconcile and then I helped out with his preparation for his trip the next day. I told some things that he should get for his baby and warned to take caution or else his journey would be a total waste of time.

He went only for the family of the girl to show him what we called “Shege”.


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