Beautiful Betrayal episode 3


With the way engulfed me when I heard the knock, I began wondering who it would be and then I whispered to Emeka to hasten up with his clothes. After I saw Emeka was done, I tied my wrapper around my chest and went out to get the door. On opening the door, I saw his wife’s little sister. I knew this was her handiwork and no one else’s.

“My Aunty is looking for Uncle Emeka and she said I should check him here.” The little girl said while trying to peep inside my room.

“Awwn my dear, sorry! I haven’t seen your Uncle for some days now.” I lied sheepishly, stretching my hands and behaving like someone who just woke up from sleep.

“But Anuty, is that not my Uncle’s singlet and his black footwear here.” She said after she had sighted some of his belongings.

I became alarmed and began thinking of a better way to lie but I just couldn’t reason well at that point, before one would know what was happening this girl began screaming her aunt’s name like her life depended on it. Should I say they planned it together because immediately the little girl called her name twice and she landed with a wrapper tied around her waist like someone who’s going for a cultural dance presentation in the village square.

And inside the wrapper she tied like all these cultural choreographers, she still went ahead wearing black and tight trousers. With the way this woman looked, one could simply dieceper that she had not come for peace but war. I knew she had gotten an air of what was happening and after seeing her husband’s footwear there in front of my door confirmed her suspicions.

“Madam, if you know what’s good for you. Please, can you tell my husband to come out now. So this is the work he said he’s going for, right?” She asked as her hands rested on her waist, standing at a kimbo and legs shaking uncontrollably.

As I was trying to explain, this woman dràgged me by the hair from the doórsstand where I was standing outside. I was in pàin and I was using my hands to massage my head and when I brought my hand down what I saw was blóód. I got annoyed and followed her inside, she had already jacked her husband and gave him some few pounces that she thought would help reset his braiñ.

Because of how angry I was, I raised her up from his body and began dragging her by the hand outside so that we could finish what she started. Before we could reach outside, this woman had used her teeth to decorate my hand like her life depended on it. She wanted to become a vampire in my flesh. When I saw that it was becoming too much, I had on other choice than to give her a heavy knock. And Viola, that didn’t work.

We got outside and by then began the main fíght, you know how women’s fight could be some time. The normal tearing of one another’s clothes and trying to pull your opponents hair out of their skulls.

We fought, but this lady came fully prepared and she béàt the héll out of me that day. Before people would run to our aids, this lady had succeeded in changing the color of my skin to blue and black and yellow. I pited myself because I refused to touch.

According to what Emeka told me, she was pregnant and he didn’t want anything to hàrm her so that she could deliver safely. That day that he was saying those things, I left hurt because I felt he was indirectly referring to me at some point. But I don’t blame him because the pressure to get a child by his brothers is heavy on him.

Many family members aboard called and advised me to tread with caution around while others suggested I leave him alone. I was asked by my senior brother to come over to his place but I turned down the offer without a second thought after Emeka advised me not to. After all said and done, we all forgot about all that happened and continued with our normal lives.

Seven months later, Queen– who was Emeka’s wife, had successfully given birth to a bouncing baby girl. I heard about it and went to share their joy. When I reached the clinic where she gave birth they complained of not having enough supplies to stop the blood flow and I suggested that I lend them my costly hollandaise wrappers so that they could use it to stop the flow.

By the time her husband arrived, she had been cleaned and was resting with the baby by my side. I wasn’t sure she knew I was the one who lended her everything they needed, the powder, the soap and everything. When the husband came back from the farm and Heard about his wife’s delivery, he rushed to the clinic and met us. Seeing Emeka’s mood now was a shock to me. The last time I saw him happy like this was when I bought him a bike, so having a child was very important to him and I was happy.

Three days later, the baby was named Precious. She was the first child that the Queen gave him and during that period, I had to avoid them. Even Emeka distance himself from me and sincerely speaking, I left his absence greatly. What would I do? Then suddenly, one day I couldn’t stay at home and then I finally decided to summon courage and go and greet them and congratulate them.

“What are you doing here?” She asked as she gave her little sister the baby to hold for her and then she blocked the door.

“I came to see you and the baby.” I answered her while trying to go and carry the baby from the little girl.

“As per what? Her mother or grandmother? Are you here to kíll my child too?” She fired multiple questions without giving any of them chances.

I stared at her in awe, this was the same person I had not seen for too long. This woman was despicable and very ungrateful. I was boiling in shame and wanted to answer and then I had to bow my head in shame and then leave for my house.

So one day, I was in my compound, cooking precisely. I wasn’t absent minded from everything. I was just thinking about my life and how I’m ending up without my Emeka and all the shame and humiliations I had passed through. And then someone tickled me from behind, I jumped up and then mistakenly, I hugged the person who tickled me.
“Why did you do that?” I asked slightly, frowning my face.

“Don’t you like it? Come on, smile for me naw.” He pleaded, behaving like a child whose mother denied him bréast milk.

“See we have to stop this thing, your wife will soon notice your absence. I don’t want a problem.” I complained, behaving like a naive person.

He held me closer to his arms and began telling me how he missed me and all that stuff. I was blushing from cheeks, left right and center. But I summoned all the whole courage I had and told him to let me be. Honestly I loved this man but it wasn’t possible àgain. As if he was using a charm on me, I became weak and suddenly all the fires that were burning inside quenched. Me that had made up my mind to tell him off, now I was finding my tongue because I had suddenly lost the use of my tongue.

So I finished cooking and dished the food for all of us to eat, we ate and he went home to his wife and kids. And then sister Grace came home to visit and met them in good condition. During that period that Grace returned, Emeka warned me not to come close to their house because his wife, Queen had reported me to Grace and the both of them had planned to deal with me the next time I would repeat it again.

David, a neighbor of mine, came back from aboard. This was very extremely rich and influential, this man was a very good friend of mine and when he came back despite all the fame he had, David visited me and we gist for a long while. And then it was at this point that he began telling of how he had been interested in me for a long time and hadn’t had the mind to tell since but now that his back, he’s ready and capable to hold me for the rest of my life.

I told him that I wanted to think about it and then he should at least give me two to three days to get back to him, I waited anxiously for Emeka to come around so that I could relate what David prospal to him. And eventually he came back and then I told him about my encounter and the prospal I had with David.

“I don’t like him.” He said bluntly without blinking an eye.

“Oga, why don’t you like him?” I inquired curiously, raising one eye to look at him.

“I heard the man is involved in blood money and rituàls.” Emeka said looking around as if there was someone coming to get him for what he just said.

I believed him and began avoiding David and by the time he came for an answer, I didn’t reply to him in a good manner, I just told the man that I wasn’t interested in him and then I warned him to leave my way. He was surprised but I held him to no explanation. But after three days of leaving him to swallow in heartbreak, I began noticing Grace around him. But then I didn’t take it seriously and to heart because I thought maybe it was just a day kind of thing and nothing more.

Not until I began seeing them visiting each other very constantly and then I realized something must be wrong somewhere and somehow, the thing became more serious by the time I saw David coming into their compound with palm wine and other traditional items required for going to see a wife.

I wasn’t overjoyed nor excited to hear about it at all and it hurts a lot, I would have sticked to this man for years and how that he wasn’t into me or should I said married to another, I was trying to see reasons why I shouldn’t I get wedded to but all the doctors I had visited with Emeka didn’t say I was barren then why wasn’t incapable of giving birth.

Emeka had taken me to various native homes and hospitals and Luckily now I had successfully succeeded in having a full Chemist to myself. Both native herbs and foreign drugs that were prescribed for me weren’t working at all, but I didn’t give up on taking them. I believed miracles do happen.

Until one day when I woke up from sleep and when I tried to stand up from the bed, I couldn’t feel my left legs. They suddenly became light as a feathers because I couldn’t raise it at all. And then I became alarmed and when I tried standing on my toes. I fell down and as if that wasn’t enough my left hand joined the drying up session that I was experiencing.

And then I began shouting “I déäd oo, somebody help me!” and then my step sister rushed in and only met me in a horrible condition. Within the distance of 30 minutes my leg and head had dried up and an entire me that was chubby in nature had suddenly got limb.

The news of me having a partial stroke spread like wildfire but the surprising thing about the whole issue was that after my sudden illness, Grace and Queen killéd a hen and threw a small celebration and then….


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