Beautiful Betrayal episode 2


I couldn’t bear it again and then I went to confront her and this time around she picked an offense again and we began fighting and tearing one another’s clothes. Then the women in the compound came to our aid and separated us from devouring and tearing ourselves to threads.

This lady I was having fire and thunder with was just his junior sister and I was thinking maybe his older siblings will call and apologize for their sister’s unruly behavior, but I was proved wrong. None of them called nor cared except for Emeka, who always came in the night to our house because like I said his house and mine was just a walk from each other.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him furiously while he entered inside and sat on the chair near to me.

Because of the way we had been close to each other, I’ve grown to forget that I was his senior with a three year gap. I never allowed our age difference to come between us. Not everyone knows about it except for his siblings. From the onset of our relationship, most people thought he was the older one because of how matured he looked and all that.

“I heard what happened! I’m sorry you had to go through that. ” He said emotionally and hurt.

I could sense how depressed and how sad and disappointed he was and at the time when me and his sister were tasting our bones, Emeka had gone to the farm. So with that I believed his apologies and forgave him. I just couldn’t imagine getting angry at him. I was foolish anytime I was around him and loved him to a fault.

So that day, as we all know, in the village we have what they called contribution money. It’s a kind of savings both men and women do. We meet, save a particular amount of money and then share it at the beginning of the 12th month. We all who played shared ours that day and then I went to the town to get one or two things, on reaching the big town. I got myself a television and a standing fan with some other things I had been wishing to have for long.

Then while browsing around the market, I came to a stop around the corner where they sold motorcycles. As I was about to leave, The words of Grace hit me suddenly and then I headed to where the bikes were being sold and purchased one for my Emeka.

I reached home and then Grace wasn’t at home, so I called Emeka on the phone asking him to come to our house that I needed to tell him something quite important, one thing I loved about my Emeka was that once I put a call to him whether what I called him for was truth or not, he always come through for me.

“You sounded alarmed, what’s the problem?”He inquired, concerned with his hands checking my body to know whether I sustained an injury or something.

“Aren’t you going to sit down?” I asked, chuckling, still wearing a serious face.

“I am not sitting down until I know what’s wrong. Come Zarachi, you got me tense up.” He added, with a sad expression on his cute face.

“I won’t say a word unless you sit down.” I told him plainly.

Since he saw how serious I was about him having a sit, he had to sit and kept staring at me confused about the whole thing that was happening currently. I then asked him to close his eyes and stretch out his hands which he did and then I placed the motorcycle’s key in his hands and then I asked him to open his eyes only for him to see a brand new jichane machine right before him.

“Tell me this is not real?” Emeka screamed out in surprise and carried the cartoon where the whole parts of the motorcycle was.

He shrinked with joy and hugged me tightly. This man hugged me till I couldn’t feel my legs on the ground àgain. I was happy my man was happy. There’s this satisfaction that comes over you when your boyfriend is very happy because you got something nice and something he had always wanted. I watched with joy as he began mantling the bike and then called the mechanic to come and fix the motorcycle parts.

Immediately the motorcycle was fixed, he carried the Cycle and drove around the whole village telling everyone that he had gotten a bike, people from the village began questioning and praising and he became proud of himself and me.

His sister, Grace asked and he told her that I was the one who got him the bike. Even though she wasn’t on good terms with me, she still came to thank me for it. I thought we were on good terms now because of how we rapond with each other. We began talking and doing things together until one day when the both of them shocked me to my bones.

Since, I lost a pregnancy for Emeka at our early stage of our relationship. I was at the 8th of my pregnancy when I was almost a child. I knew it broke Emeka’s heart but what he didn’t know was that I was more heartbroken than him. I comforted myself with the fact of me getting pregnant soon and now I’m clocking 39, still no fruit of the womb forthcoming.

I was at home that day when Emeka came to beg me to help him do something, I was ever ready to help as long as it concerned him. So I asked him what was the problem and this man told me that his family members came together and since I couldn’t give birth to a child for him, that they came to the conclusion that he should get married to another woman.

And that it was that same day that they were supposed to bring his wife home, I was confused and looked at him in utter disappointment and shame. So after all these years that I wasted with Emeka, how could he just throw away like they never were an us . I was literally hurt and heartbroken, it wasn’t my fault that i couldn’t get pregnant, besides I’ve started taking drugs so that my womb could be more fertile.

I turned him down after he pleaded that I followed the people going to escort his new wife home. Emeka was almost in tears but I was very hurt and didn’t even reason that at all because I felt used and belittled. So he could marry another and not me, after being with him for almost 30 years and still counting, this was not something I could forgive easily.

He began talking and pursuing me to follow and prove them wrong that I wasn’t angry or jealous that he was marrying a wife for the first time. I then began seeing reasons with or so I thought at first. I told him to alert me when they would be going to bring her home and when the time arrived, I followed them and danced all the way till we arrived home with her. I at some point overdid myself by removing my wrapper and laying it on the ground for her to step on it.

So she reached home, settled down and we began cooperating together as if we knew each other for a long time, even though we vibed together. My best friend, Mercy, had warned me to stay away from them and allowed Emeka to join his marriage. I was tired but it wasn’t working. At some point I had to warn Emeka to stay away from me but he wouldn’t. Emeka kept coming and staying more frequently than he stayed with his wife. Although at first his new wife didn’t take it to heart.

The time she took it serious was the time when those gossipers in the compound began to tell her about me and Emeka, they began spreading both false and lies about me. They told her that I had padlock Emeka from looking elsewhere and there a particular name they called the charm I used “Kayamata”. Before you knew it , the woman’s behavior towards me changed once and she began avoiding me and picking unnecessarily flights.

“What are you doing here?” She asked standing up from where she was cooking.

“I came to see you.” I answered while sitting down on the bench.

“What for? Can’t you respect the fact that I’m married,ehh! See leave Emeka alone. I and Emeka are expecting our first child very soon.” She fired at me without caring to know whether it hurt or not.

“I’ve done nothing wrong. If I have, please forgive me.” I pleaded.

Instead of accepting my explanations, she refused and began calling me a husband snatcher and other things. She went further to ask me why I couldn’t give birth to him, she told me that she had taken in for him and would soon bear him a child. I looked at her and nodded my head in self-pity. The main reason why I was that calm was because of Emeka, the man had begged to tolerate anything that would come my way for him and that was what I was trying to do.

While trying to control my anger this woman began pushing me outside of their compound and warned me never to lose again. I told her to stop but she wouldn’t and it pained to the point where I was almost exploding into infestinal pieces. She called me a barren old cargo who wouldn’t let people’s husbands enjoy their marriage.

The issue resulted in a fíght but most people blamed me for the fight because I was hovering around someone else’s husband. I was never as embarrassed in my life as I was now. I bowed my head in shame and thanked God that the fight we had was in the evening time, when most people went to their various places of work.

Emeka came and I related the issue to him, he wasn’t happy when he heard about it and then he apologized to me and left. I was boiling with anger before he came but he had a way of using his sweet tongue to twist my head and get me to do what he wanted. So with the apologies and everything, I forgave him.

“Zarachi, when will you stop disgracing yourself over a man that doesn’t like. Haba, this one is not good again oo!” Mercy, my friend complained.

“I’m trying. Honestly, it hasn’t been easy for me at all. I will soon get over it.” I assured her, sadly.

I was at home that very day and Emeka’s wife had gone to see her parents in her own place. According to Emeka, she had gone for two days and wouldn’t be returning anytime soon. So I was inside my room doing what I know how to do best and that was tailoring. Before I knew it , he began calling my name from outside. And then I answered absent minded, I watched him from the mirror as he came and held me by the waist. I tried resisting but it wasn’t working.

Before I knew what was happening, he had begun doing some funny stuff and he seriously seemed in the mood, and then I thought I remembered what his wife said. So the spirit of proving her wrong came strongly on me and I fell into the temptation and we began striping ourselves. I had missed the love of my life, for sure I had missed him, we were almost at the verge of allowing the snake to enter the bush before we heard his wife’s voice from out.

This woman was literally screaming Emeka’s name like her life depended on it, I became alarmed because very soon she would soon send somebody to come and check if he was in our house and I know what would be the outcome, so I pushed Emeka off my body and told wear his clothes and before he could stand up, we heard a knock on our door… … .


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