Beautiful betrayal episode 10


CHAPTER TEN (final).

I was now back to the living room to collect fresh air, seriously I had forgotten how long I had stayed up in the restroom doing nothing other than reminicing and crying. I just couldn’t wait for him to come back and face me. After all these years? 40 years and still counting, all my life I had been a loyal and a devoted lover to him regardless of the condition we found ourselves.

My step sister was still outside alone with our new wife, Nneka, because those women who were with us earlier had left to chuch for their christian mother meeting. Mercy couldn’t go because she was at that time not to well to be moving up and down.

From a distance, they could see Emeka m back from the farm with his bag hanging over his neck and a cutlass in his hand. Seems as if Emeka had caught a very huge grasscutter from the bush. Mercy was fast as alseep when Emeka and his pregnant supposed wife went inside to this compound. Abd as being very unfortunately would have it, she lost the child one day without even doing anything to cozt such kind of accident.

Emeka was really down but I cared less, my friend had seriously adviced me not to think of going to his house and condolized with them. And that was what I did, I relaxed back at home for them to continue with their mourning.

Days later and then boom! Emeka was in my compound telling me how incómpetent and irresponsible the girl was but I paid him less attention. Not until he wanted to use his innocent face on me but luckily for me, it didn’t work out for him.

Maybe Emeka was failing to realize that people weren’t meant to be f00lish forever, I had swallowed a lot of hàteful speechs, cut ties with most of my friends. Scarified my own needs abd demand just to meet up with his. This man knelt down to pléad but my mind has been made up. His family members were only forcing him to get married to one woman but the thing in between his legs was getting wedded to a lot of them.

Seeing him in my compound only infruaited me the more, gently I asked him to leave my room and returned back home. And then I warned him not to ever try stepping his foot into our compound. But Emeka kept pleading, and I kept my face somewhere else so that I won’t see him. Without me being aware this man held me tightly and shoved his lips into mine. I was trying to struggle and get out of his grip but my body was failing me.

Gradually, from kissing, it was now leading to another thing. His hands had slowly moved up to my blossom and I stood their like a pillar of salt, moaning as he was drawing circles around them. My senses were being toyed with, I suddenly the came back to my real sense. I went straight into the bedroom being something else happens. While I was on trying to catch my breath, Emeka came inside to with his phone in his hands, stood by the door side and threatened to release my núdés both video and pictures to the entire public if I don’t let him have his way.

“ And what is the meaning of thar? You want to blackmail me simply because I told you how uninterested I’m in you? You must be joking?” I asked him without restraining a single breath back.

“ Do I look like I’m joking to you? You have two choices here. It’s either you allow me havw way now or you get publicized.” He said bluntly rendering two options.

With the kind of face he wore I became scared and ashamed of myself. The Emeka I knew wàs a kind, gentle and loving person, but this one here was simply obsessed about me and I loved it so. But not to this extent, this has gone far beyond what I imagined, I blames myself for everything because I had been warned by my brothers a long time ago to leave Emeka and the village alone and come stay with them but I ignored the invites and continued with Emeka.

I watched as he came closer and continued from where he stopped, this time around he intensified his movements but I wasn’t finding it pleasure able anymore. I just couldn’t wait for him to leave my house. I looked at him with disgust as he wore back his clothes and whispered to my ears how I belong to him and that he known me.

But not for long, I watched as he went home and I quickly called one of my uncles whom from the onset of me and Emeka hàted our relationship. He gave me no reasons to ask why but now I didn’t a stoohsayer to tell why I shouldn’t hate him. Funny how life can be at times, this was the same Emeka that made not to go to the higher field of knowledge because he felt I would cheat on him. So because of that, I cancelled school out of my way and became a full-time supposed wife to him.

I had sat at home for hours waiting for my uncle to strike as he said he would, while waiting for fhat. I took an unpaid trip into my memories. Memories of those times we spent together, laughed and gist. Those times when he was seriously broke and needed money or what does time he was lacking behind in terms of some requirements needed by him so as to become a cheif in the village.

“I really liked that Samsung Galaxy S10, just wished I could get one for myself.” He wished out loudly to my hearing.

“Don’t worry, honey God will provide.” I assuredly told him as we entered the keke napep that was taking us home as we left the market.

We reached and then he left but I wasn’t myself throughout that day, the person I was dating wanted something and me as his wife ro be couldn’t provide it. So I called one of my friends whose son sold the phone to inquire about the price. I shouted out loud immediately when I heard the price. 99,000 naira was no child’s play. I reasoned about the money for a very long time before I finally resolved within me to go and get him the phone at all cost. Besides, if I could get him a motorcycle worth almost 300,000 naira, then what is a phone except the problem was that I was not in cash as of that Time. Still I had to go and borrow the money from the house meeting where I belonged.

I went to the market the following week and purchased the phone, and was smiling effortlessly as I imagined the kind of happiness that Emeka would express today. Before going to the market I had prepared his favorite meal of Egusi and pounded yam so as to make the celebration go well. And with everything set in place, I was returning back home but unfortunately he wasn’t home that time so I had to wait for him to return so that I could show him what I got for him.

It wasn’t after 6pm had passed with some minutes before he came back from where he went since morning. I pretended to be angry at him so he apologized. Honestly I loved seeing him begging me like his life would be at stake if I didn’t accept his apologies. So I told him to stand up and then he sat. I went inside to get his food and a bowl where he would wash his hands and eat and while eating I went inside and brought out the phone he had long desired.

“Is that what I think it is?” He asked the swallow he held in his hands down without even washing his hands, Emeka stood up from the chair and came to where I was and repeated the same question.

“Yes, it is. A brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 for you.” I answered as I presented the phone to him.

I watched him with so much joy and enthusiasm as he opened the phone and began taking photos of himself, before I knew what was happening, he dragged me by the waist and then we began taking photos together. From that day onwards, Emeka held me in high esteem and treated me like a queen. He was with me 24/7, doing errands and other things that I can’t remember sending him.

So eventually my uncle came and then I related everything that occurred to him and the threats Emeka gave me, my Uncle shocked his head in pity and then flared at me for causing it to myself. If not for the sake of respect, I wasn’t a child that he should be scolding like that for goodness sake. But I was in a helpless condition and his help would be very useful at that point.

My uncle came closer and told how he would go about it, yes I prefer that method. My Uncle, Mr Ken was a lawyer and I know the case going to court would resolve into another thing. So it’s better he was caught abi na kidnapped by those boys of his and then we would collect the phone from him. And according to the plan we got Emeka caught by some of my Uncle’s boys and made sure they had béâten the hell out of him.

He was stripped of everything he had on him and the phone was being collected by those boys, while the hackers cracked the password and checked for the video so as to be sure he had it no where else. And yes, they found it there. Instead of deleting alone the video. They wiped the entire phone. After doing that, they allowed him go with a strict warning and promised to be watching him.

Before Emeka would reach home the next day, I was already at home nursing my broken heart. And then one of my sister’s house help came to inform me that Emeka had returned from where they had taken him. With a lot of injuries on his body. Unknown to her and everyone else, I knew about it. Eversince Emeka threatened to blackmail me, my feelings for him just went under the drain.

The next morning, everyone was woken up by Emeka and his new wife. These two people literally almost tore down the house and everybody’s ears, but I refused to go there so as not to draw unnecessary attention to myself. After their voices subsided that was when I discovered the main reason for the quarrel.

His new wife had been suspecting her husband of seeing another woman. I remembered those times when she would sit down and tell us what she will do to the person if she eventually finds out. The day she found out about me and Emeka from his father’s sister. The whole thing nearly ended. With all the íñsults they must have taught she didn’t even think or hesitate about lavishing them on me.

But this time around it wasn’t about me but another person but what she failed to know was that on that day he slept outside because he had been abducted by my uncle. Maybe it was because he might probably be scared to tell her that’s why they had the argument. Honestly, I was less interested as I gently minded my business and threaded on my own path.

Suddenly, Emeka began sending gifts and other things to apologize but instead of collecting. I would make sure I had it returned back. Once he noticed that the gift pattern wasn’t working like he thought, he deployed another strategy and that was stalking me at all points, places and corners. Gradually he was trying to make me forgive me but luckily for me, my brother had me picked from the village because he knew I wouldn’t come if I were to be informed.

With thàt I left the village for good, I never thought of returning because in that place I’ve buríed memories that I don’t need to remember again. Not too long after I went, Emeka was involved in a car accident and lost the use of his legs, his wife seeing his condition ran away leaving him to his own peril. Even his daughter wasn’t allowed to come see him, infact how would she when she doesn’t know much about her father?

Thàt was the life for Emeka, he had no help from anyone and as if he committed a crime, his own blood sisters refused to visit him. Rather they would just send him money for treatments and his upkeep. Honestly, when my sis told me about his condition I really felt for him. And prayed he gets better and agile, hw had a lot of talent and being married to a wheelchair wasn’t the way out.

I was BEAUTIFULLY BETRAYED by someone I loved with all my heart. But that’s in the past, currently I’m now married to the love of my life, my medicine and remedy.
Mr Kingsley Oluwabu Ajayi, a multimillionaire. Miracles do happen because I was able to conceive at the age of 49 and miraculously I delivered a beautiful set of triplets. Shey miracle dey tire Jesus ni?

Hey! Hope you learned something from my experience. You’re permitted to fall in love with someone but not foolishly in love.

Let’s END the story there, I’m Zarachi and this is my story.




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