Baby husband Episode 5

Baby Husband 😏


I stared at my mother in-law in disbeliefand the way my husband is calm about it scare me.
“Let’s sit” My husband said calmly and it seems I heard wrongly
“Omo mhi, I know you will like her… She will be pregnant in three weeks time” My mother in-law said and My husband smiled

“Why are you smiling?” I asked him and blinked back my tears
“Calm down na” He mumbled and I breath in and out
“Mom, I want to ask you a question” He said
“Oyaa, Moungbo e (Am listening)” My mother in-law said with a smirk
“When you and my father got married, Did your mother in-law comes to visit you often?” He asked

“Not at all, It ws only me and my husband even when I gave birth t you and your sister, She will come to spend three days and leave” She explained
“Did your mother in-law frustrate or order you arnd?” My husband asked
“No, She’s not living with us so it ain’t possible” She said and I smiled
“Did your mother in-law gave my dad another wife to marry?” He asked again
“No, She didn’t” She replied

“Ewo gan ni(What’s it)?” My mother in-law cut him off
“Why are you questioning me?” She raised her voice
“Bcos I don’t want to see you here again” He said and I gasped
“Ehhn?” My mother in-law’s eyes widened
“I don’t want to see you here again, Act the way your mother in-law did and stop complicating my marriage, I can handle my home… Am nt a baby” He gritted
“Haaa, Ur wife jazz u to send me away abi?” She cried out and I was tongue-tied
“Nobody jazz me, You’ve made her suffer emotionally”
“You can’t do this to me, I gave birth to u” she said
“Don’t use that on me, Ko le work” He said
“If u love and respect me as your son u will leave, I will be be checking on you”

“Take your wife along,You can give it to dad as a gift” He said harshly
“That’s harsh” I said and he shrugged
“Bby, Let’s go inside”He lifted me up
“I promise I won’t let anybody come btwn us again”He said and kissed me
“I love u”
“I love you more than u do” He said
“That’s a lie jor” I giggled


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