Asoebi Girls episode 8


Episode 8.

Joy wakes up sweating profusely. She looks out from her window, it was already dark. She was still in the dress she wore out.

She had yet the same dream again.
She tries to stand up from the cushion as Chioma’s call comes in.


“I said Anita’s cousin just had an abortion and lost her life in the process.”. Chioma repeated.

“The same Anita who got pregnant at Bella’s work place?”

“Yes. You remember her aunt didn’t want her back into the house claiming her kids were saints at least Anita kept the child but her daughter wanted to kill an innocent baby and lost her life. Life is indeed funny.”

“Is Bella aware?” Joy asked.

“How would I get to know if Bella didn’t tell me.” Chioma replied contemplating if to tell Joy about Ben and Bella. Not yet.
“Where are you?” Joy asks.

“Bella dragged us here. Do you know that Ben…” Chiima stopped half way seeing that she was saying too much already.

“You were saying something, Chi. What about Ben.”
“Do you know that Ben is Anita’s elder brother and he is here too.”

“Oh.” That was all Joy said though she was surprised. She remembers the call in the car. He said he had somewhere important to be anyway.

“You should call him.” Chioma suggested.

“I won’t.” Joy protested explaining what transpired in the car to Chioma.
“I don’t really understand Ben. Do you think we should call Bella to order?”

“Oh no. We’re adults. Ben knows what he wants. I just have to cut any intimate conversation with him. See him as every normal guy too. I truly wish them the best.” Joy concludes as she gets off the call with Chioma.

She quickly changes into her towel and had a quick bath before stepping out to pick up her clothes she had washed earlier.
She used that opportunity to look around the house for the last time since she had only few days before she relocates. The gate opens as Daniel steps in wearing his Suit as usual and his glasses. There’s something about guys who wear glasses. You must have noticed too. There seem to be a force of attraction, like that of unlike charges in chemistry.

Guys on glasses tend to have beautiful eyes and smile. Just like her neighbour, Daniel.
They have been on good terms since he packed into the other apartment, adjacent to Joy’s. He leaves for work early in the morning as everyone else and returns in the evening. There are about 4 apartments in the compound. Joy had a room self contain, Daniel was occupying two rooms self contain.

There was another lady who shared the other two room self contain with her friend. Then the last one was occupied by a family of 4.
“Uncle banker, welcome.” Joy greets.
He responds with his always jovial voice not without dropping a compliment.

“See how you’re fighting for attention with the moon this night with your glow.”

“Uncle banker leave me alone jor. How was work today?” She asked.

“I’m not holding you o but now that you mentioned it, I will like to hold you really.”

Joy didn’t know what to make from his statement. Didn’t know if it was a joke or a serious statement.
He can’t be serious, can he?

Joy has to quickly say something.

“I just wanted to inform you that I’ll ne relocating in few days times. As my good neighbor, I thought I should let you know.” Joy finally said.

“So if I was a bad neighbor, you wouldn’t have told me bah? I would just come back one day and realise that the light of the world has left us with darkness.”

Now that’s one thing about Daniel. He knew how to choose his words.

“I have been wanting to have a conversation with you but. . . I don’t know how you would take it. This one you’re relocating, I don’t know when we’ll be able to talk about it.” Daniel said loosening his neck tie.

Joy watched him remove his glasses abit as he cleans his eyes with one hand and puts the glasses back on.

“We can always chat on WhatsApp or Facebook.” Joy replies.

“Can I quickly tell you what it’s all about. I would prefer we talk about it face to face.” Daniel replies trying hard not to look or sound nervous.

To be continued. . .

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