Asoebi Girls episode 19

The Aseobi Girls. .

Episode 19.

Everything was ready. They were all positioned. Only Chioma was at home with Joy when the call entered.

“My Daniel? Accident?? When?? How?? Where??”

It was a man’s voice. He called to tell her about the accident and told her to quickly rush to an address that will be sent to her. In few minutes, her phone beeped and there was the address.
She hasn’t been to the place before but she had Google map to her aid. Chioma suggested an uber to take them to the place. Chioma booked an uber as Joy kept pacing around the sitting room till the uber arrived.

The place wasn’t looking like a hospital. No signboard to show that it was a hospital. It looked like someone’s house. She got in and met a man pacing about with a worried expression and immediately, Bella runs out, crying.

“What is going on here?” Joy asked.

“Quickly, let’s go to the hospital.”

“Why didn’t you send the address of the hospital directly than bringing me here.” Joy yells.

The man didn’t respond. He quickly opens his car as they all entered and he drove away.

“This man was the one who took Daniel to the hospital.” Bella explains.

“Oh. I’m sorry for shouting initially, sir.” Joy apologies

“I understand your plight. You’re just worried about your husband.”

“He’s her boyfriend.” Chioma corrected as Bella slaps her on her lap.

“Ouchh!!” Chioma screams as Bella adds “but he’ll be her husband in the future. Can we drive quickly please. I hope nothing bad happens to him”

Joy was already sobbing quietly.

The man stops in front of an event centre.
Bella avoids eye contact with Joy.
“Sir, where is the hospital?” Joy asked impatiently.

The man runs out of the car. Bella follows suit. Chioma was about to run when Joy drags her back.
“Where are you people going to?”

“I don’t know o. I’m just following them. Come, let’s follow them.” Chioma urges Joy as they both follows suit.

Chioma ran faster than Joy and ran through the door as a hand covered her eyes and mouth, and dragged her into a dark corner. The hall on it’s own was already dark. The curtains were covered and the lights were turned off.

Joy finally enters inside and saw how dark the hall was.

“Where are these girls? What’s with all the play? I just hope they’re not playing with me.”
She tries to bring out her phone to call the girls and Daniel but someone dragged the bag from her. She couldn’t see anyone or anything but she felt the person’s presence and hands.
She tries to run back to the door when she heard a loud slam.
“This is not funny. What is going on here?”

She tries screaming out Chioma’s name and Bella but she only heard her echo.

She begins to scream but a loud music begins to play. Just then, she felt a tap on hee shoulder and the music stopped and changed into a slow romantic background instrumental.

“Who are you?” Joy asks moving backward.
She felt another man grab her hands and ties it to her back, putting a tape to her mouth and blind folding her.
She felt them lead her to another room or something. She couldn’t see. She couldn’t talk as her mouth was taped.
She heard another close and her blindfold was removed.


“Oh yes, Joy. It’s me. You think you can have Daniel to yourself?”

“What’s this all about?” Joy asked looking at the men all wearing black and wearing black sunshades.

“Don’t act oblivious, darling. I couldn’t watch Daniel be with another woman other than me. I love Daniel so much and I’m ready to do anything to have him.”
“But he doesn’t love you, Hannah. Why will you do this? God will bring the right man for you one who you wouldn’t have to force yourself on.” Joy didn’t say it to sound as an insult. She was really hoping Hannah won’t hurt her because she and Hannah have never been on a good page despite being neighbors. Not that they have had a quarrel or something, Joy just tried to avoid her.

“You think Daniel loves you?” Hannah says as she draws close to Joy and raises hee chin up.
“But what did he see in you that I don’t have?” Hannah asks as she signals the men to untie her hands and lock her in the rest room.


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