Asoebi Girls episode 17

The Aseobi Girls. .

Episode 17.

If you’re not being told, you could think they’re all sisters.
Indeed, there are friends who stick closer than a brother.
How time flies.

“God, when o. Now now, you’re almost 6 months with Daniel. Love is sweet o.” You guessed right. It was Bella who made this statement.
“Joy answer me na. Which colour do you prefer?” Chioma kept disturbing Joy to choose a colour for the Aseobi.

“Somebody that has not proposed you’re already choosing and planning aseobi clothe. You’re not okay o, Chioma.”

“Have you forgotten my dream? All my dream use to come to pass o. Don’t try me.” Chioma defended as Bella excused herself to pick her call.

“No, she’s not aware.”

“. . .”

“Let’s use the other idea. She won’t suspect anything.”

“. . .”

“Alright. Bye.”

“Who was that?” Joy asks Bella.

“Errm, it’s. .”
“It’s Ben abi?” Chioma cuts her short.

“Godforbid. Ben kor. Don’t mention that man’s name here.”

“But he’s your paddy na. I thought things would work out between you guys.” Joy said.
“Things can never work out for me and a man that doesn’t know what he wants.”

Bella was thankful that Chioma had stopped her abruptly because she hadn’t thought about a lie to tell.

“Nancy, you’re not saying anything. I have told you to cheer up. Forget that Joshua of a guy. So useless.”

“To think that he arouse my feelings again only to dash them like this.” Nancy said as she begins to cry again.
She has been crying since Joshua’s fiancee embarrassed her in a restaurant she had visited with Joshua. Joshua had been engaged all these while as he flirt around with Nancy. She felt used and broken.

“The right man will come.” Joy consoled her.

“There’s no right man anywhere o.”

“Bella, just shut up if you have nothing to say.”

“Let me tell you the truth, there’s no right man anywhere. Me, I’m looking for the left man to drag him to the right. Find a man and name him Mr right. ” Bella supported her statement.

“Why haven’t you found any man yet?” Chioma asked sarcastically

“Because even the left man is scare.”

They all started laughing, including Nancy.
Bella succeeded in lightening up Nancy’s mood as Bella corners Nancy into one room to discuss business with her.


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