Asoebi Girls episode 15

The Asoebi Girls..

Episode 15.

Oh. It’s fine. I didn’t really come to see Joy. I came to see you.” Ben says as he places one hand on the door post.

Chioma didn’t like the sound of that. She’s the only one at home and has never been free talking with a guy in a quiet environment, not after what happened 10 years back. It was still fresh in her memory as ever.

She still blame herself for everything. If only she had agreed to follow her mum to the market that day, brother Ifeanyi wouldn’t have seen her to ask her prepare indomie for him.
This was not really the first time she was preparing indomie for him.

She had quite excellent cooking skill that people advised her to start selling cooked indomie in front of her house. A carpenter could construct a little shade for her, but she felt there were already so many indomie vendors around and her mother didn’t really support the idea.

She still cooked for some guys in the compound who in return gave her money which she’ll use in refilling their gas cooker.

That day, 10 years ago, before she finished cooking the indomie, brother Ifeanyi came into the Parlour and asked if her mum had gone to the market.

He insisted on eating the indomie in her house. Chioma was glad because she won’t have to go to his room to collect the plates not after brother Saheed a quiet looking guy tried to touch her when she went to collect the plates. She didn’t tell her mum.

Chioma remembered how brother Ifeanyi had forced her to sit beside him as he fed her with the indomie. Chioma had stood up to clear the plates when he spanked her on her butt.

“What is it, brother Ifeanyi. . .” You turned and said as you saw him standing up and walking to the door. He bolts your door.
It all happened quickly.

He sprawled at her and forced his lips on hers. She bites him hard on his lips as he slaps her so hard on your cheek. The plates fell off her hands and chattered on the rug.
She tried to scream but he held his firm palm on her mouth as he had his way with her, there on her father’s couch. In her father’s house.

He threatened her not to tell anyone else he would kill her but her mother noticed anyway.
Her mother had stepped on a broken piece from the plate not only that. The way she sat moodily when she returned and how she leaped to welcome her father.
That night, Chioma was forced to talk and brother Ifeanyi was arrested but she never felt the same. Her parents had to relocate. She has tried to forget that past but today, standing at this door with Adekunle running his eyes over her, the memories seem to resurface.

“Me?? Why would you want to see me.”

“I was hoping we could talk at a restaurant. Seeing that you won’t let me in, can we go some where nice to talk?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t think I’m the one you have in mind.”

“Are you not Bella?”

“No, I’m not.” Chioma replies as she tries to shut the door.

“Hold on, Angel. Why the rush?: I don’t bite.”
Adekunle replies obstructing the door from closing.

“You’re beautiful, Chioma.”

“You don’t walk around the street of Lagos telling every lady you see how beautiful she is. Please leave. I’ll tell Joy you dropped by.”

“I’m just admiring the Lord’s creation and please, don’t tell Joy I came by. Looking forward to see you some other time.”

“Godforbid.” Chioma mutters as she closes the door and momentarily does a cross sign feeling pained again as the memories from 10 years ago floods in.

To be continued. . .

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