All You Need To Know About Ahmadu Bello University Distance Learning Form, Courses & School Fees

The ABU distance learning or DLC is a program that allows students to study from anywhere in the world. It’s idle for people who can’t attend physical classes due to their Schedules. With The ABU Distance Learning centre students can study from their comfort zone and obtain a degree from One of the prestigious universities in Nigeria.

The DLC is primarily Online, students receive lectures and materials Online from their ABU DLC portal. However, Exams are written at any of the ABU-accredited centres.

The Ahmadu Bello University Distance Learning has a centre in all six geopolitical zones in Nigeria to make it easy for all its students to write their Exams.

Guess what? The DLC also has Centres in London, Dubai and Gambia, the ABU distance learning is made global so it can be accessible by anyone irrespective of where they live.

Courses/Programmes offered by ABU Distance learning centre

Programmes or Courses offered include:

ABU DLC Undergraduate Programmes

  • Business Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Nursing Science
  • Political Science
  • International Studies
  • Sociology
  • Computer Science

ABU DLC Post Graduate programmes

  • Master in Business administration (MBA)
  • Master international affairs and Diplomacy (MAD)
  • Master in Public Health
  • Master in Law enforcement and Criminal Justice (MLCJ)
  • Master in Information Management (MIM)
  • Master in public Administration (MPA)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Distance Learning centre School Fees

ABU DLC school fees vary by program, and fees are paid based on courses offered.

For undergraduates #10,000 per course,

That’s to say if you are offering 10 courses you’ll pay #100,000, For a Master, the school fee is #20,000

Other fees include Exam Fee which is #20,000 for both Master’s and BSc. BNSc students will have to pay an Additional #5,000

 ABU Distance Learning Form 2023

This is to inform the General public that the application for the ABU DLC program for the year 2023 is Open. To Apply kindly Visit Application is Online, No need for a candidate to visit the school for the application.

ABU distance Learning Form 2023
Picture showing ABU distance Learning advert

Frequent ask questions about ABU DLC

Is ABU’s distance Learning Result different from On Campus results?

The answer is No. Result is the Same as the Physical class/On-Campus result.

What’s the duration of ABU distance learning programmes

For BSc, it usually takes 3 years to complete to programme. In case of a strike, The Distance Learning centre doesn’t go on strike.

Is the ABU DLC exam Online?

The exam is Offline you’ll have to go to One of their centres spread out across Nigeria to write the exam, you can go to the One nearest to You. You don’t have to stress yourself going to Zaria. But what if you are not in Nigeria? well if You stay in UAE, the UK or Gambia you can apply as the Distance learning centre have a presence in those countries.


This is all we’ve to gather at the ABU distance learning centre. If you have any questions Kindly drop them in the comment section as we try our best to answer you

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