Ada my child episode 8

Ada My Child

Episode 8

But there was this case that was brought to her court—the case that will change everything!

Do you remember Mrs. Esther having a kid named James? Yes, James grew up as an arm robber; he started following bad friends, and he later became an arm robber.

James had carried out so many evil operations, like the robbery of banks and also robbing people in cars on the highway.

But the last operation he went to with his gang didn’t go well.

At the time of the operation, James and his gang were busy robbing a bank in a small village.

While they were carrying out this operation, the community police were informed immediately.

The community police arrived, and they started battling with the robbers.

After so many shootings, a police officer was killed, and three of the robbers were also killed, but two escaped.

But James was caught while trying to escape from the scene.

He was the only robber who was caught. The police took him away and dropped him in their custody.

The police finally agreed that James would face death penance because he has a lot of bad records.

When Mrs. Esther heard that the police were going to kill her son,

She started screaming and crying in pain. She quickly hurried to the police station.

She started pleading with the officers not to kill her son.

Madam, I am sorry there is nothing we can do. Your son has a very long record of killing and stealing; he deserves to die. The DPO replied

No, sir, just punish him instead.

Madam, I am sorry, it is not my own order.

Then I will have to take this case to court; I can’t lose my son. Esther said it in tears.

After that day, Esther forwarded the case to the court.

She tried to bribe a lot of lawyers so her son would not be sentenced to death.

But when the day of the case finally arrived,

Everyone was sitting down, waiting for the judge to come in.

Immediately, the judge walked into the courtroom, and everyone stood up and sat down.

Esther was surprised at who she saw.

Ada ! She said to herself in her mind, So Ada is the judge.

Oh, my goodness I don’t think I will ever win this case, Esther said to herself.

Immediately after Ada saw Mrs. Esther, she was also shocked.

She turned Around her eyes, she glanced at John and also at James.

Then she started laughing in her mind. Is this how life works? She asked herself

But Ada was ready to forgive Esther, she remembered what her late mother told her when she was a kid. ALWAYS FORGIVE.

Esther thought Ada was going to sentence James to death, but unfortunately, Ada didn’t do so.

Instead, Ada was a kind person, even though Mrs. Esther had maltreated her before; she still had pity for her.

She didn’t sentence James to death or life imprisonment; instead, she sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment of hard labour.

Ten years was big enough, but it was better than death. Mrs. Esther never believed Ada would ever forgive her.

And ever since that day, peace has rained between Ada and Esther’s family.

The End

Moral: Try to forgive one another, no matter how hard it is.

No one knows tomorrow, so always help people with what you can.

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