Ada my child episode 7

Ada My Child

Episode 7

Am sorry, madam, your husband died a few minutes ago in a car accident, the caller said, and hang up the call.

Whaaaaat !!

This must be a dream, two bad news at the same time, Esther cried.

This cannot be happening; I need my husband back, Esther said sadly.

Ada kept walking on the street; she had nowhere to go. At least she wasn’t living with Mrs. Esther again.

She continued walking till she got tired and began to feel hungry. What do I do now? she asked herself.

I am feeling hungry already, and night is falling already. I need to find something to eat and somewhere to sleep, Ada said.

She finally came to an environment where people were plentiful; there was also a restaurant there.

Ada was a brave girl and a very hardworking one again. So she walked up to the restaurant, and she saw a woman standing at the restaurant. “This must be the owner of the restaurant, Ada said to herself.

Good evening, ma. Ada greeted the woman she saw at the restaurant.

Good evening, little kid. How may I help you? the woman answered.

I am feeling very hungry, ma; is there any work I can do for you? So you will give me food in return? Ada asked.

The woman was shocked to see a little girl like Ada in that condition.

But we’re your parents?
Why are you walking alone on the streets looking for food? the woman asked.

It’s a long story, ma; maybe I will tell you if I can see something to eat, Ada replied.

There is no work you can do for me now; I am also closed for today, but I am still going to give you the remaining food I have, the woman said politely.

Thank you, ma; I really appreciate it. Ada said

The woman gave Ada a lot of food to eat. Ada was very happy and sad at the same time.

After eating, the woman sat closer to Ada and began to ask her some questions.

Where are your parents? She asked

My father died not long after I was born, and my mother died months ago.

Ada told the woman all her story and problems; tears rolled down her eyes immediately.

Hey, stop crying, the woman said as she kept tapping Ada on her back.

It also happened to me, the woman said. I have four children and a caring husband, but death took them away on the same day. My husband and kids were coming back from a vacation, and they had a deadly accident on their way, and they all died, the woman said in tears.

Immediately, Ada felt pity for the woman and also began to cry with her.

You can come to stay with me if you want, the woman said. Ada was happy that she finally found a place to stay.

Things began to go well with Ada. Mrs. Gloria also registered Ada at a new school.

Ada began like her own child; they were leaving happily together.

Ada kept leaving with Mrs. Gloria till she grew up and began her secondary school education.

She wrote her letter and passed it out in
flying colours

She proceeded to the university and went further to study law.

Ada finished university when she was 22 years old.

A taxi car drove into the Mrs. Gloria compound. Ada came out of the taxi and paid the driver.

Mrs. Gloria was very happy to see Ada.

You are welcome, my child; you have grown big already. Mrs. Gloria said

Mama, it’s been a long time since I saw you. I hope you are doing well, Ada said happily.

Mama, I am done with school. I have finished my NYSC, and guess what? Ada said I was offered a job by the government as a lawyer.

That good news, my child, is that your dream of becoming a lawyer has finally come true, Mrs. Gloria said.

That night, Ada was scrolling through Facebook when she came across John, Mr. Peter’s son.

Sadly, John told Ada about the death of their father long ago.

Ada felt sad to find out that Mr. Peter died just because of her.

As time went on, Ada finally became employed as a lawyer.

She was loved by everyone in her workplace, and due to her kindness, she received a lot of promotion, and that was how she was promoted to judge.

Now Ada is a judge and also takes judgement on cases.

But there was this case that was brought to her court—the case that will change everything!

Watch out for the next episode.

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